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#266603 - 08/22/07 06:54 PM The Ghost 6 Announcement
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I am really proud to announce that The Ghost Issue 6 is finalized and will be sell on The Church of Satan Emporium soon.

The Wonderful cover art was done by the very talented artist G.Edwin Taylor who, is now, the main cover artist for The Ghost magazine.

In this Issue, interview with Reverend Bryan Moore who have organized and made THE event 06-06-06 possible. An interview with Reverend Shiva Rodriguez and Reverend Timothy P. Butler, who both discussed about their so many occupations, interests and passion in life. We have a very funny and interesting tag-team interview between artist G. Edwin Taylor and musician Smokey DeVille.

Also, by the always great Magister Sprague, an article in which he remembered An Evening with Dr. LaVey. Finally, Magister Svengali and Discipline Helltower are both offering excellent essay.

The Ghost...It will Haunt You Forever!

Sonny B.


Thanks to Magister Ventrue who allowed me to post this
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#266745 - 08/23/07 02:42 PM Re: The Ghost 6 Announcement [Re: Warlock Bell]
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Great news! Each edition is an improvement and I am proud to have been included in issues past.

Good work Sonny!

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#267589 - 08/27/07 08:59 PM Re: The Ghost 6 Announcement [Re: Warlock Bell]
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Wow, it's rare that I get excited about zines these days.

Damn nice line-up.

I'll be picking up a copy.

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#267787 - 08/28/07 02:42 PM Re: The Ghost 6 Announcement [Re: Warlock Bell]
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I am sincerely looking forward to this!

Thank you for the update. \:\)
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#268165 - 08/30/07 05:18 PM Re: The Ghost 6 Announcement [Re: Warlock Bell]
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#268904 - 09/03/07 10:03 PM Re: The Ghost 6 Announcement [Re: Warlock Bell]
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I'm eagerly awaiting to hold it in my hands!
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