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#268878 - 09/03/07 07:51 PM How to respond to christian "proof"
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I was wondering about something. Everytime one engages in a debate against a Christian, usually all they can say is "you got to have faith", or "it's true because the Bible says so."
But what about actual evidence, such as, for example, the prophecies about Jesus's birth, the things that he did, how he died etc. that were made long before his time. (I don't have them memorized, but I know there were such prophecies)
Also, how about the four gospels of his life in the new testament- they all seem to match. Unless all of them were crazy, why is that?
The fact that all of his disciples became martyrs is curious.
Jesus was a real person, and regarding the "resurrection", even the skeptics admit that the tomb was indeed empty. What would be the logical explanation?

I don't think Christianity is valid and am not endorsing it in any way, but I don't want to say "I don't care" when a Christian presents their proofs.

So I was wondering what response can a person who can't go back in time give?
Can you say more than that now is the age of science etc. and miracles simply cannot happen, no matter what?
Or point out that there is no modern day proof that is relevant to us, besides the dubious claims that prayers are answered and some near-death experiences that people have?

#268895 - 09/03/07 09:41 PM Re: How to respond to christian "proof" [Re: fire_vixen]
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You have proof that Jesus was a real person? That he did what they say he did? Please provide the evidence. Show us where this eveidence is so we may corroborate it ourselves.

Why do you want to waste time with zombies? What can you possibly say to a xtian that is meaningful to their closed, brainwashed selves? Perhaps you should take a look at this post. You answered your own question, in a sense. Like the trained parrots that they are, xtians will come back, even when politely confronted with solid evidence against them, with pre-recorded replies: "You need Jesus, the bible says so, etc." But if you still want to preceed....

I would suggest a little reasearch on the First Church Council in Nicea, 325 AD. This is where the xtian bible was put together, a political contrivance.

For more insight on this topic I will encourage you to obtain The Millennium-Aspects From Another Angle by Magister Sprague. In this book you will find ammunition (so to speak) for your incursion into the world of pointless debates with xtians. Available at The COS Emporium.

Witch TrojZyr brought this website up elsewhere; you might want to take a look.

Remember this: arguing or debating with xtians is like trying to teach pigs how to sing. You annoy the pig and completely waste your time.

#269575 - 09/06/07 10:04 PM Re: How to respond to christian "proof" [Re: Phineas]
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I don't argue a lot with christians, maybe just with the ones who have something semi-original, semi-intelligent to say.

That was informative. Thank you.

#270072 - 09/09/07 10:21 PM Re: How to respond to christian "proof" [Re: fire_vixen]
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