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#27025 - 02/20/04 01:57 PM i am i truly satanic?

i know that many people on this board feel that (in the words of la vey ) 'satanists are born , not made' But i have only just recognized my need for satanism ( or the way of life it commends) yet throughout my life i have given in to the will of others and looking back now i feel disgusted with myself.But since stumbling across this book , something dormant within me has arisen and i am now leading a truly satanic lifestyle
My question is seeing as i was neither 'born' nor 'made' a satanist do i still qualify as one?

#27026 - 02/20/04 02:11 PM Re: i am i truly satanic?
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My question is seeing as i was neither 'born' nor 'made' a satanist do i still qualify as one?

What do you think?

Then again you might have answered to your own question.

But since stumbling across this book , something dormant within me has arisen and i am now leading a truly satanic lifestyle

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If as you say "something dormant" awoke within you then it was there all along.

I personally feel that The Satanic Bible is the catalyst for change in a lot of people. However, as is seemingly so in your case, the substance of Satanism needs to be there in the first place. You either get it or you don't.

If you feel that it resonates with you then I say to you - enjoy the adventure of self-discovery from here on - things will never be the same again. You will feel it in your veins.

If I may make one small critisism, Sir. Please try and use correct grammar when posting, it just makes it easier to read.
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I have found that in my two year experience with Satanism many of us were raised in Christian homes therefore preached to untill our little minds tried to believe. Then we were introduced to Dr. Laveys work and the Satanist who had been put in stasis at an early age awakens.
Some with great rage and hatred for the fools who tryed to make us weak, stupid sheep but our true Satanic nature has taken over and we are not sheep but predators who eat sheep for lunch.

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Sometimes it takes a period of time before a Satanist reaches his realization. We all grow up a little different. Don't worry.

Also, don't worry too much about fitting in with everyone. I don't think you're here to

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Someone can be a Satanist all his life and not knowing it. If you found something awakened inside you when you read the Satanic bible, it may be it.

But that doesn't instantly give you Satanic qualities. If you yourself recognize you were doing things wrong in your life, you have advanced a step. The next step would be to correct those things.

I think a great way to start would be to take a little more care on your spelling and capitalizations (LaVey instead of lavey) Remember image is everything and here the way you write is the way others see you.
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I remember when I first 'stumbled' into Satanism of the advice I was given that: I should reclaim my will which was also my birthrite". It's something worth thinking about.

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thanks for all your input it has been most helpful and sorry about the grammar , i am a new poster here and was desperate to get something out and finally talk to people of reasonable intelligence!I agree with drkmasterprince although i am fortunate to have been born into a relatively open minded family i have friends who are not so lucky.I think it is also the public schools who are to blame for force fedding us christianity and a set of laughable morals since our inception into them.

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I would have to agree with what others here have said. While growing up in a Christian setting, those diabolical impulses and feelings get pushed down in an effort to walk the "Right Hand Path". Hell, at one point, I was a bible reading Xtian! The horror!

Finding and reading the Satanic Bible was quite the revelation for me. At that time I had left the Xtians, since that belief system was inadequate for what I was seeing in everyday life. I despised stupidity, mediocrity, and the hand-fed media hyped existences that so many people fall into.

Then I was introduced to the Church of Satan by a friend. I looked at the sins of the Church, and lo and behold, the first one was stupidity!

I knew, without any doubts at all, I was finally at home.

Hail Satan!


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