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#27038 - 02/20/04 04:22 PM just out of interest.......

what are your opinions in regard to communism as relating to satanism ( ie: do you believe that a political movement which advocates equality for all can ever be dubbed satanist?)
Your views would be well appreciated

#27039 - 02/20/04 04:34 PM Re: just out of interest.......
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Well, to my knowledge, their is purportedly some group of people calling themselves the Satanic Reds who claim to be Communist Satanists. I know nothing of it aside from that.

I think for the most part, Communism is unsatanic, simply because of how it removes hierarchies, stratification, and even individuality.

However, I can see how Socialistic and Communistic ideas in isolation could be utilized by the Saatanist for gain. One shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, after all.

For instance, I rather enjoy the idea of a Socialist health care system where the members of the society pay their taxes and receive free health care. It would certainly clean up the more confusing parts of the health care system that bug me, if it was implemented well.

It may also be a good idea to occasionally extend resources to the more impoverished members of a society, not because you like them, but because you want to clean them up a little so they don't spread shit around and engage in rowdy behavior that's related to their station in life. Dealing with crimes committed by people in poverty and seeing the homeless everywhere can be a pain in the ass, at least.
Of course, you shouldn't baby them, either--which is what our present welfare system often seems to do--because then you're using up ample resources on people who will usually squander them.

In any case, you asked, so I answered. This is all theory on my part.
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