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#267606 - 08/27/07 10:30 PM My Hell
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I am, as of two weeks ago, living on a college campus in South Carolina, in the middle of the Bible Belt. It has a Baptist Ministry on-campus, but they are easy to ignore.

Why, then, is this my Hell on Earth?

First and foremost is the library that houses, among 500,000 volumes (I almost orgasmed when I walked into the building), almost all of the good Doktor's works. I thank the open minded individuals on the campus that made this possible.

Second is the huge, heavily forested campus. At least 20 acres, there is space cut out for the buildings and a few small lakes, and the rest is pure woodland. (Some crazy squirrels, though) There is even a graveyard on campus, out in the woods. My kind of place. You have to walk for 10 minutes between every class. I clock a good 3 miles before lunch every day. (Eventually I'll slim my fat ass down to my ROTC levels before the end of the semester)

Also, we have a decent enclave of, if not Satanic in name, Satanic in philosophy, people around, people with whom I can actually have an intelligent conversation. (Though 90% of the people on campus are decidedly herd-creatures, I try to keep to my own.)

I'm a happy man!

Hail Me!

Hail Satan!

"It is a sin to write this..." - Ayn Rand


"You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance." - Ray Bradbury

#267666 - 08/28/07 08:10 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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Love to see a young mind in a garden it feels good to grow in.

Good luck...abuse your right to all you can...and win.
I am forever in the shadow of my crime, and for that I ask for punishment but only of the level I earned. I ask to not be removed from the place I find truth. I have been a very small creature, and have no excuse.

#267671 - 08/28/07 08:29 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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My campus was right next to a Dominican Sisters retreat. While I never spoke to any of them I was fascinated by the way they scurried about. The grounds and buildings of their property were simply beautiful.

But my usual haunt was the library as well. There is nothing quite as soothing and spooky as being in a huge three story library in the middle of the night when there are only a few people left in the building and the lights are beginning to be turned off.
"What happens in the shadow, in the grey regions, also interests us all that is elusive and fugitive, all that can be said in those beautiful half tones, or in whispers, in deep shade." ~ The Brothers Quay

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#267985 - 08/29/07 03:01 PM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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Sounds like a charming place to study. I have never quite understood the whole campus-idea since my university is spread all around the city. Haven't found any of the Doktor's books in any of the libraries though.
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#268065 - 08/30/07 01:22 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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It sounds like your campus is in a beautiful area. Try to ignore the campus weirdos. If it's any consolation, I had a boarder once who turned out to be really big into Campus Crusade For Christ.

Talk about an odd couple.

It sure paid the bills!

You might want to watch out for the squirrels though. They'll get you when you least expect it.

#269580 - 09/07/07 12:06 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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I am, as of two weeks ago, living on a college campus in South Carolina, in the middle of the Bible Belt. It has a Baptist Ministry on-campus, but they are easy to ignore.

From what I've seen, South Carolina is still under the influence of archaic legislation and ideals set forth by such zealous assholes as Strom Thurmond. Beware of the evil Bob Jones zombies that stalk the Greenville area!

(Some crazy squirrels, though)

Reminds me of a funny t-shirt I saw someone wearing the other day. A picture of a squirrel holding a big stick like a sword, standing on a tree branch with a pile of acorns behind him. It said, "PROTECT YOUR NUTS!"

#269586 - 09/07/07 04:17 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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I know the place.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#270735 - 09/12/07 08:30 PM Re: My Hell [Re: Xaira]
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#271077 - 09/13/07 10:28 PM Re: My Hell [Re: Mile_Highlander]
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Only if the bastard repents of what he has done.

I don't forgive.
"It is a sin to write this..." - Ayn Rand


"You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance." - Ray Bradbury

#271713 - 09/16/07 08:38 PM Re: My Hell [Re: ]
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I am in college. It is a great place to expand a mind that differs. Although, for a campus with as many free thinkers as mine, I have not found any of the Doktor's works. It is a shame how many libraries lack so many titles. I bothers me that places that call themselves "public," and seem to be so one-sided.
Hail Satan!

-Mr. Luthor

#272439 - 09/20/07 09:17 AM Re: My Hell [Re: Mr. Luthor]
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Enjoy college while it lasts.
Live laugh and lust,
It'll be over before you fucking know it.
Stupid time space continuum.

#273109 - 09/22/07 07:36 PM Re: My Hell [Re: Surt]
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Some people dont know how lucky they are, glad to see you arent one

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"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."
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#274090 - 09/27/07 01:18 PM Re: My Hell [Re: shadowraven213]
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I envy you, in the most flattering way.

I moved from Ontario to the south about five years ago. I was shocked to see how different people really are. I mean I knew logically it was going to be different but what I have encountered blew me away.

The close minded people. The racism. The ignorance.

Then again, that's everywhere... but it seems the south is a breeding ground for it.

Lucky for me I have met a few like minded people, who I can bash heads with every once in awhile.. *Grin*


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