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#27652 - 02/23/04 02:29 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Asmedious Offline

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I have a custom made silver and 18K Gold one. Both about 26mm round.

#27653 - 02/23/04 03:22 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
TrojZyr Offline
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On the contrary, I consider your spelling of "colour" to be the right one. My fellow Americans always nag at me for that one.

Oh, and my Baph is black. I also have a purple Baphomet pin.
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#27654 - 02/23/04 07:29 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Foxy_Ramirez Offline

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I got a custom made baphomet made to resemble the head of the Goat of Mendes. It's made out of some sort of plain metal though. It was a series that only sold a few hundred at the most. I got it attached to a bondage collar thingy.
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#27655 - 02/23/04 07:45 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
BurningJayde Offline

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I have the Jayne Pink Baphomet Medallion. It's quite impressive. When I told certain friends which color I was getting, they kind of laughed and thought it odd. But when I showed a picture of it, they changed their tunes immediately. They were impressed as well.

I believe this one has been discontinued though.

#27656 - 02/23/04 07:51 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet? [Re: Ram_Abbalah]
Ram_Abbalah Offline
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Wow........I checked my mail after work today & what was waiting for me? My new Halloween Orange medallion!

It's amazing!
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#27657 - 02/23/04 08:00 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
MementoMori Offline

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While I cannot wait to purchase the new baphomets to which Reverend Lang has referred, my favorite baphomet is my violet colored pin. Being my favorite color, as well as the color of my birthstone, it truly is magnificent!

#27658 - 02/23/04 08:39 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet? [Re: MementoMori]

Im quite fond of this baby. But im fond of the pure purple as well...


#27659 - 02/24/04 04:22 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Ambrosia Offline
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The Emporium has a lovely collection!
I have a silver baphomet pendant that my son gave to me and I wear ALL the time.
I also have a beautiful black pin.. that fits with everything.
My son really likes the green baphomet.. that shall be his first.
and I must say the colors of each are brilliant but I'm lovin' the black best!
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#27660 - 02/24/04 04:33 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Prince_Satanicus Offline
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My wife bought me a black and silver Baphomet rinG. I haven't yet taken it off but then it is actually my first Baphomet jewelry.
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#27661 - 02/24/04 12:09 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Max Rose Offline

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Maybe I am boring, but I got the traditional sliver and black color. I must say though that I couldn't be happier with my choice. These baphomet medallions are absolutely beautifull! I would really like to personally thank the designer for making such a fine peice of jewelry. I think the next one I get will be the white one, that way I will have one for my rituals and one for daily wear. Someone brought up the point that his medallion gives him a feeling of power that he doesnt want to have diminish with daily use which I absolutely agree with.

#27662 - 02/26/04 06:10 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet? [Re: Max Rose]

Yeah the black and silver is classic but i am fond of the purple too. Perhaps ill get a Black, Purple & Purple & Black one so i can change with my moods...

#27663 - 02/26/04 09:24 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?

I think that it is nice that there is such an array of baphomet jewelry and I can see how the differents colors be pleasing depending on ones mood, but I believe that the sigils affect goes no further than aesthetic taste and representation. I believe that the question truly is not what color your baphomet is but how is it a reflection of your spirit.

#27664 - 02/26/04 10:57 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?

Pink with green spots it is...

#27665 - 02/26/04 11:37 AM Re: What colour is your Baphomet?
Wile_E_Quixote Offline
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That would make your spirit Absinthe.

#27666 - 02/26/04 01:31 PM Re: What colour is your Baphomet? [Re: Wile_E_Quixote]

I would question the lucidity of anyone with an absinthe spirit. Some things are not to be taken literally.

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