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#277119 - 10/14/07 03:21 PM My cross
Black_Core Offline

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This has been bothering me for a few weeks now:
When I did my second communion (I think that's the english for it) it's a custom here that we wear a small wooden cross all day. I did it and after that day I hang it above my bed. It's been there for 7 years now. Also by the time I started checking up on Satanism. I never paid much attention to the cross anymore but a few weeks ago when coming home drunk from a late night party I noticed it was still there even though I consider myself a Satanist. And now I see it every night when I go to bed but I don't remove it. I still have respect for Christianity, is that the reason it's still there? But yet I want to remove it but I don't. Why do thinkg that is? Should I remove it?

#277120 - 10/14/07 03:32 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
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Do whatever you want to with it. Why do you think we would care?
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#277121 - 10/14/07 03:35 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
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Should I remove it?

That's entirely up to you. If there's some kind of aesthetic value, some sort of nostalgic affect, then I'd say keep it around, what can it hurt?

But you're the one that has to decide whether or not you want symbols you don't agree with hanging on your walls.

All of that aside, however, I promise that you won't spontaneously combust for keeping it around. There's no Satanic 'cross police' itching to come bursting into your home to take it down and bring you up on charges of apostasy.

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#277133 - 10/14/07 05:21 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
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It's very important to do things sober that you think of doing when you're drunk.

It shows that you have good follow-through.

#277147 - 10/14/07 07:27 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
CatlikeJoe Offline

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Well it's supposed to represent the death of Jesus or something along the line. Sounds pretty antichristian to me, I always wondered how it got into people's minds that meat on a stick would make a good religious symbol. It would be like flying a giant stingray kite at Steve Irwin's funeral. (No offense to Steve, I loved the fellow)

You can always just pretend it's a lowercase "t".

#277148 - 10/14/07 07:30 PM Re: My cross [Re: RandomStranger]
Evil Jack Offline

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If you were such a "good" xtian, why did you convert to Satanism? Secondly, I couldn't care less what you do with it. It's a matter of what would bring you more pleasure; leave it up, or take it down. It's not going to change a thing.

#277149 - 10/14/07 07:36 PM Re: My cross [Re: Evil Jack]
Sigurthr Offline

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If the cross it self has sentimental or aesthetic value then by all means leave it up.

If it bothers you that it is a xtian artifact then simply invert it and you get to keep the sentimental value and remove the xtian symbolism behind it.
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#277167 - 10/14/07 09:03 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
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Partying, drinking, and hanging crosses? Holly Molly! \:o
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#277180 - 10/14/07 09:52 PM Re: My cross [Re: Evil Jack]
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You have replied to the wrong person. I certainly didn't convert to Satanism and I have never been a Christian.

#277181 - 10/14/07 10:10 PM Re: My cross [Re: RandomStranger]
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No, leave it where it is. You know why it is still there.
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#277190 - 10/14/07 10:52 PM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
Old_Pig Offline

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There is a cross hanging in my room too. It has a sentimental value for my wife, because it was the crucifix her grandmother wore when she was buried, or something like that.

It doesn't bother me. I can say I practically don't see it at all. My wife also have several figurines of other mythological figures like Buddha and Capt. Kirk.

On my side, I have Osiris, Anubis, several nameless Egyptian ushabties, Cthulhu and a Hellraiser puzzle cube and a candle shaped as a gargoyle. So our room is full of religious icons, but we don't look at them as worship objects, but just decoration.

In your case, if that object has a sentimental value, why not keep it? It can't harm you in any way.

But if you feel bothered by it, just take it off the wall and put it in a drawer.
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#277193 - 10/14/07 11:00 PM Re: My cross [Re: LKRice]
StabAvery Offline

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I am so glad dr. Lavey did not have to see this shit.
and coming soon... The Devil's Lab

#277197 - 10/15/07 12:08 AM Re: My cross [Re: StabAvery]
Rory_Rocketpants Offline
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I'm sure, Slvrain, that this type of thing was present during his life, it would just have been presented in letter form, or in person.

I'm sure, though, that he would have dealt with it with the upmost sincerity and thoughtfulness. ;\)

#277226 - 10/15/07 07:45 AM Re: My cross [Re: LKRice]
Black_Core Offline

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 Originally Posted By: LKRice
Why do you think we would care?

I was simply asking for everyone's opinion, I wasn't asking to care.

 Originally Posted By: iron
Well it's supposed to represent the death of Jesus or something along the line.

not really, the cross is more than that to christians. It's supposed to be standing on a mountain of the death and therefor stating that Jesus stands above that.

 Originally Posted By: Evil Jack
If you were such a "good" xtian, why did you convert to Satanism?

I never said I was a good christian. I think I stated in my introduction why I became a Satanist, if I remember correctly.

to everyone else: I don't think it has any sentimental value to me but giving the fact it's still there, maybe subconcious it has.
thanx for your thoughts.

#277228 - 10/15/07 08:00 AM Re: My cross [Re: Black_Core]
Mr Sam Offline

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It has no sentimental value, it is just left there based on the respect you hold for Christianity?

It'll probably more convenient for you to just leave it up.

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