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#27915 - 03/08/04 08:29 PM Re: Another MUST READ............. [Re: Svengali]


I would really like to hear what anyone who assumes they have a grasp of Satanism really thinks they find of value in the works of Crowley, Regardie, Waite, the Golden Dawn, etc.

Okay. I'm game.

Having perused some of these texts I guess what I found most valuable was to look further towards the source. A journey that lead to investigate such works as the Kabbalah and the Upanishads and more recently the works of the European UR group. A grand historial and metaphysical romp that has lead me back to the very conclusions made by Anton LaVey in "The Satanic Bible" and convincing me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he very much knew what he was talking about.

#27916 - 03/09/04 12:05 AM Re: Another MUST READ............. [Re: Svengali]
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What is really “amusing” (if amusing is synonymous with ignorant), is people who assume Dr. LaVey, or members of the hierarchy, myself included, are not actually familiar with the material in question.

I understand, if this is the case, but I have read every one of LaVey's books countless times, and I've never read an objective essay on any of these subjects, in the form of what I previously called a "research paper". Magistra Nadramia was nice enough to point out that LaVey simply didn't want to write that style of paper, and that's --- great , as far as I'm concerned. But I must admit that up until now no one involved with the CoS closely enough to really know has told me that LaVey really had his nose in it for a while before formulating his opinions about the occult. I simply didn't know this. I knew what his summarized opinion was, but I have never heard mention of which books he looked at, what he tried to do exactly, or anything real specific, etc., etc..

Sorry to drag out a non-issue, but I felt like I had to say that.


I would really like to hear what anyone who assumes they have a grasp of Satanism really thinks they find of value in the works of Crowley, Regardie, Waite, the Golden Dawn, etc.

What I call the "what if?" factor drags people in, but all in all I was just curious if there was any actual science to it. I wanted to know if it had a justifiable answer to all the claims of supernormal/natural happenings and "psychic" abilities. But I was objective even when I didn't know it...

All I care after my meanderings is: it isn't anything a Satanist can't do, and can probably do with a lot less effort!

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#27917 - 03/09/04 02:57 AM Re: Another MUST READ.............
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That's the ticket. Experiment, test, read, compare. Dr LaVey provides an honest end destination based on his own investigation but a wise Satanist will set off down the road of effort always keeping what LaVey said in mind, rather than flying straight to the end destination without any intervening thought.

#27918 - 03/09/04 08:39 AM Re: Another MUST READ............. [Re: Wile_E_Quixote]
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An actual born, functioning Satanist who is not inclined to persue that material, for whatever reason, is not really missing anything essential.

That is all.
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