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#28185 - 02/24/04 04:50 AM Would have Satanism been as popular...

...if it hadn't been called "Satanism"? Would have people even bothered to read Dr. Lavey's books if they hadn't been called "Satanic"? Would there be as much Christian propaganda on the subject? I am interested in hearing your views...

#28186 - 02/24/04 05:00 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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Satanism isn't popular. Its not meant to be popular. A Satanist is a type of person that is few and far between. We live in a ocean born of the drooling of so many idiots. Satanism is the boat on that ocean.

"Satanism" on the other hand is just a bunch of devil-related iconography that appeals to the droolings of many of the afformentioned idiots. It appeals to them in a childish and stupid way, thus they reveal their own true character by embracing it.

So, no, "Satanism" wouldn't have been as "popular" if Dr LaVey hadn't have termed it as such. But then again, I suspect you knew that already.

#28187 - 02/24/04 06:06 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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The world is full of endless speculation. Let's not worry about what could have been but what is .

Magus LaVey's place and time in our world is no coincidence. You can make your own application as to what that means.

Besides, there are more names for the Devil other than Satan that could be just as easily employed.
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#28188 - 02/24/04 10:39 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular... [Re: Wile_E_Quixote]
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Well said - I agree 100% - but if Satanism whould not be called "Satanism" then it whould be more popular - there exist a lot of people who like satanism but they dont want to label themselfs - even in the forum exist some of them.
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#28189 - 02/24/04 11:01 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular... [Re: Ringu]
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That's the point. If you can't get past the "Satanic" label your not a Satanist.
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#28190 - 02/24/04 11:03 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular... [Re: Ringu]
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Maybe or maybe not. I have been asked as to why call it Satanism. People inquire why would anyone want such a negative out look upon themselves. To them I have always said, the more it scares the weak off the better off I am. Then there are those who say that the term Satanism has lost it's value, it's fear factor. I simply state that it has not and even if it had who cares. If I benefit and gain results with or without people fearing me than that is all that matters. I had one man tell me that Satanism should have a new name. One that still installs a deeper sense of fear. I asked him (sarcastically) if Terrorism would be a good one to use. Of course he did not find any humor in that.

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#28191 - 02/24/04 11:11 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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Satanism is the only name that describes our philosophy accurately. I don't think it could have been called anything else and still retain the same meaning.

It had to be called Satanism. So why speculate obout could-have-beens?

#28192 - 02/24/04 11:12 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular... [Re: Prince_Satanicus]
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Well i think you're right but on the otherhand i fear that random people who reject the "Satanic" label are more Satanic then the people which like to throw around them with the words "Satan" and "Satanist" - its sad but its true i often saw it.
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#28193 - 02/24/04 11:20 AM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular... [Re: Discipline]
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"Satanism" is the most appropriate title I can think of. Yes, every culture has it's share of devil archetypes. But we live (for better, often worse) in a predominantly Judeo-Christian/Islamic world. These monotheistic mythologies created an archetype known as Satan/Shaitan. Because of this, we are Satanists- Satan represents best what we would seek in a deity if one did exist. Perhaps better put, what we would worship within our SELVES.
My point is this: if we lived in a world dominated by say, Hinduism, we would be calling ourselves Kali-ists or perhaps Shiva-ists. Were it a world dominated by Norse religion, we would be Loki-ists, so on and so forth.
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I happen to like the word "Satan" just for the record!
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#28194 - 02/24/04 12:02 PM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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I think really the only time that I wish that it satanism wasn't called satanism, is when I am thinking of bringing it up to my parents. I know that they will understand once I get past all of the shock value, but I just don't want to have to deal with their immediate reaction. I know that will be an uncomfortable day and I am not really looking forward to it as much as I would like to share that part of my life with them.

Other than that though I think generally I am better off with the rest of the world being afraid of me simply for my religion's title, f*cking idiots...

#28195 - 02/24/04 02:59 PM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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Satanism is an elitist philosophy. Popularity isn't much of an issue.

Plus it is called Satanism for some very good reasons. Naming the philosophy something else would be a bit silly.

#28196 - 02/24/04 03:33 PM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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This is two-fold.

First, look at it from a Lesser Magic point of view. "Satanism" is what will seperate those who want to know from those that want to imagine. The word elicits a reaction. Point made. So would have Dr. LaVey's book sales decreased if it was called something else, maybe. Would word have gotten out about the philosophy of "X" from those that picked it up, read it, and acknowledged it's accuracy? What caused me to buy my first copy was the propaganda against it. I wanted to know what Dr. Lavey had to say, or to get symbolic, I wanted to hear the devil's side of the story.

Second goes on the words "Satan", "Satanic", and "Satanists" as catalysts. Again, a reaction is born from a word. Lucifer is a "bearer of light" upon what was otherwise kept in the dark. Do I dare look into the black oblivion of reality, or do I sugarcoat the world through MTV and HGTV; living vicariously through the lives of those I see as my superior? The latter to me seems utterly pathetic, while the former offers something new, a gaining of knowledge if worked for. I am a Satanist, and am damn proud. Proud because I have accomplished more doing what I see fit to change and better my life instead of waiting for something that it never going to come. "Satanism" reminds me to rattle the cage of my mind, and say "What are you doing now, and how is it working for you?" (no Dr. Phil reference intended) Would this have been different if called by another name? That depends on the perception of the reader. "Satan" gives a stronger response then "Lucifer" in my mind, yet both act a strong symbols of their own under certain circumstances.

So "The Satanic Bible" is effectively named. It's contents are concrete in there application, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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#28197 - 02/24/04 03:35 PM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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I don't know if that would make it any more or less "popular".I would still call myself a Satanist either way. I called myself that before I ever realized what that was, before I ever read The Satanic Bible, because I believed in nature and I always felt that Satan represented everything that was natural.
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#28198 - 02/24/04 04:27 PM A rose by any other name...
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is not a rose.
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#28199 - 02/24/04 11:08 PM Re: Would have Satanism been as popular...
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