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#244180 - 05/21/07 05:31 AM Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring
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It must be about a month or two ago that it arrived, the most exclusive ring I ever came across with. I saw it, I wanted it.
Now that I'm wearing it, as I do every day, I can see people looking at it, it draws their attention without them knowing anything about it. And maybe that's why it draws their attention in the first place. It's a ring that has mystery all around itself, multiple symbols with each a seperate meaning, counting them together as a powerful magical object.

This is me wearing the masterpiece on my left hand.

#244273 - 05/21/07 03:26 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Eihwaz]
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I'm happy you are enjoying it. That ring is very popular in Belgium for some reason and I thank you for your positive review of it.
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#244302 - 05/21/07 07:33 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Eihwaz]
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I agree with you Eihwaz, its a magnificent ring, with a 666 engraving in the inside and it is numbered. Meaningfuly symbolic... great piece! Congratulations Magister Lang!
"Most people are perfectly content ignoring the shadow that hides behind their eyes. They surround themselves with light, pretending that this can chase away even the darkness they carry within. when these people encounter darkness outside of themselves, they hate it and they run from it because it reminds them of the darkness they are hiding from inside themselves. There is never any reolution or balance for these people, because they refuse to accept that the shadow is even part of them." Michelle Belanger

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious" Carl Jung

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#244478 - 05/22/07 02:16 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Eihwaz]
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The ring looks great, very striking!

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#245959 - 05/29/07 03:48 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Eihwaz]
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I usually do not use words like "excited" to describe myself in a post. However, I can honestly say I was excited to open my package containing my Wolf-hook ring and was not disappointed. It is every bit the Masterpeice I had expected and I am proud to own one. I want to thank Magister Lang for a job well done!

#245970 - 05/29/07 06:22 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Magister_Lang]
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I recieved mine last Friday, and almost asaulted the UPS man when he arrived. HaHa!

It is absolutely wonderful, sir.

Thank You!

I truely appreciate your efforts.

#246051 - 05/30/07 06:42 AM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Lupus_Dei]
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I agree completely with all of you. It's really a masterpiece !

Congratulations Magister Lang.
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#248382 - 06/13/07 09:30 AM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Magister_Lang]
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I wish I could wear one... It looks fantastic.
Unfortunately the Wolfsangel is an illegal symbol in Germany.

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#249485 - 06/18/07 11:09 AM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: ochsenschaedel]
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Are you sure? As far as I know the legal position is not quite clear. I heard the context is everything. This symbol was used by the "Junge Front" who was banned in 1982. Because this group used the Wolfsangle this symbol was banned too. In political situations the Wolfsangle is illegal. As the emblem for the city "Bornheim" it is legal. Or take a look who works with the Armanen-Futhork (right wing - I know), they use the Gibor Rune today too. If you go to a Skinhead concert, the Wolfsangle is for sure illegal. In other cases take a look what people are around you. I wouldn`t go to a antifascist meeting with a wolfsangle.
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#284110 - 11/17/07 06:39 PM Re: Magister Lang's Eihwaz Ring [Re: Magister_Lang]
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Magister Lang, I saw the picture of your ring in a post by Magister Ventrue, after the date the post stated it would not be available. Will you be offering it again in future? I would love to wear one opposite my Winged Skull of Ur ring. It appeared, in the picture, to be an exceptional piece.
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