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#28445 - 02/25/04 10:52 AM Re: All one [Re: Droog]
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Greater Magic does not need to be rushed into. Do it when you feel it is right. Greater Magic is emotional content after all. I found that making the ritual my own works far better than one that has already been typed out...spontaneous emotional outpourings are some of the most least in my opinion.
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#28446 - 02/25/04 01:28 PM Re: All one [Re: Malin_Wolf]
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Thanks for the great posts everyone!

Although I do desire to see if any results occur, I will not rush into anything.
Jack, your post was especially helpful.
I will read through the Book of Belial once more and wait for the time to feel right.

And of course, I'll still be increasing my knowlege on Satanism in the mean time. I'll probably also become a registered member soon and see where that takes me.

Cheer and Hail Satan (first time I said that to anyone beside meself )

#28447 - 02/25/04 11:04 PM Re: All one [Re: Droog]

Everything has been said thats needs be really, but ill just add that there are two castes of Satanist, the Satanic philopopher and the Satanic magician. If magic is not for you then you are more of a Satanic philosopher.

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