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#285253 - 11/23/07 04:28 AM Cigarette Smoking
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What does the Church of Satan have to say about smoking? Does the Church have something about it? The matter seems to be of some importance, because it appears even at the membership questionnaire. I mean, would it be taken against someone if he or she smokes? My thanks.
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#285272 - 11/23/07 07:53 AM Re: Cigarette Smoking [Re: capistrano]
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I smoke cigars.
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#285315 - 11/23/07 11:46 AM Courtesy question. [Re: capistrano]
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As I recall this was asked in order to better accommodate your needs. For example, if you stated that you had asthma and that the presence of smoking would send you to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, the Church would want to know that. Additionally if you were a chain smoker it would be useful to not place you in the presence of an asthmatic, for example.

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#285438 - 11/23/07 11:55 PM Re: Cigarette Smoking [Re: capistrano]
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I have the occassional cigar. And I mean Occasional - perhaps 3 or 4 times in a year.

A smoking addiction would be your own lookout, don't you think?

It's up to you. We aren't about to start moralising and we do not have a particular stance. Dr LaVey, however, did state he gave up smoking at an early age because he considered it a sign of weakness.
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