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#285425 - 11/23/07 10:02 PM Re: "Nothing Unreal Exists" [Re: Gryphon66]
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 Originally Posted By: Gryphon66
“Nothing unreal exists.”

To avoid any hint of plagiarism, not to mention to conveniently segue to an underlying point of this post, please note that this line (and the title of the post) could refer either (and I beg pardon in advance for this) a partial quote from the first lines of “A Course in Miracles” which is not necessarily distasteful and is even quite humorous if considered for the work of fiction that it is … or from “Kiri-Kin-Tha’s First Law of Metaphysics” (a fictional work cited within a fictional work (movie), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.)


Which came first, then, one might wonder … one might, but the exploration of that question is not necessarily the point of my post.

That is what it is not, this is what it is: What in your experience as Satanists is your philosophic basis of reality? Materialism? Empiricism? What forms the bedrock “givens” in understanding your personal cosmology as a Satanist?

Any time spent upon responses is welcomed and appreciated in advance.

After reading this I can only conclude that you spend too much time inside your head. And slightly to the left.

Poetry has it's place, and as far as your looping manner of questioning left me wanting to untangle your writing so you could simply get to your point without the extra lines of text jumbling up what you had written.

Save the MENSA overlinguistics for some other forum. It's not going to impress anyone here. Unless it happens to actually be a poem about something deserving poetic language.

I'll say this. Materialist objectivism is dead. Doubt me? Go read some recent books on quantum mechanics and entanglement theory and you'll find that all that unravels rather quickly. There are many who are all too eager to take some popular version of atheistic materialism, slap a Baphomet and some horns on it and call it Satanism.

While that is all well and good for those that can make use of it, it does NOT represent Satanism or "real" reality for that matter.

Satanism is simply about what is useful and what is useless.

Discard what is useless, utilise what is useful. Set goals and attain them. Should you fail, re-plan, and/or find more useful tools to get where you want to be.

If materialism gets you where you want to be. Good. But there is no need to call yourself a Satanist, because Satanism entails an acceptance of MORE than just the colored lights that impact the little lumps of goo and meat you call eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you?! Use the right tool for the right job!" ~ Han Solo.
"Many people would sooner die than think - in fact, they do so." ~ Bertrand Russell

"“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” ~ Nikola Tesla

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#285428 - 11/23/07 10:29 PM Pseudo-Intellectuals [Re: Phineas]
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You see, what matters to them is not the answer to their question, but to brag and show off their vocabulary and attempt to demonstrate how superior they are. All those words and twists and turns usually amount to a big hill of nothingness.

I come across Pseudo-Intellectuals in real life all the time. Not only are they annoying, but are also entertaining.

For example, I love when someone tries to impress others with their $6,000,000 vocabulary words and uses the wrong word. I usually wind up giggling out loud, and eventually repeating the mistake to myself over and over to laugh even harder. It makes for some great stories during my family dinners.

#285431 - 11/23/07 10:58 PM Re: "Nothing Unreal Exists" [Re: Gryphon66]
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What in your experience as Satanists is your philosophic basis of reality? Materialism? Empiricism? What forms the bedrock “givens” in understanding your personal cosmology as a Satanist?

I was talking with my sister-in-law this evening about fried plantains. She's Cuban so I thought she might have been exposed to them and didn't assume she actually liked them but it's a cultural thing right? I could have said something like, "Golly, fried plantains really are swell," to try to get a response from her in a feeble attempt at indirect communication. I thought it might be nice to see if she had this food in common with me and maybe even get a few pointers on preparation, if she new how, so I started out by telling her what interested me-- a conversational gambit.

We talked briefly about how they make great desert and I got to mention that there's a fast food joint near where I live that has them on their menu board. It was nice for me to be able to relate to her with similar tastes for a food. I didn't once say to her, "As an American of Cuban Decent, what is our opinion on fried plantains?" Then, we had some scones and coffee. It was a nice visit and I got to tell her about the W. H. Hudson first edition book that I just found (she likes books too).

Oh, before I forget... why does it mater what my basis for reality is? Are you shopping around for one of your own?

#285432 - 11/23/07 10:58 PM Re: "Nothing Unreal Exists" [Re: Gryphon66]
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Any time spent upon responses is welcomed and appreciated in advance.

Clearly, it's not. The vipers have responded, stated their opinion in relation to your article, and now you're complaining because you got bitten.

You seem to have great difficulty comprehending and understanding reality.

Now, since ACIM was originally published ten years before Star Trek IV was made, one has to wonder, did the writers knowingly swipe the partial line, were they paying some sort of backhanded homage, were they honestly repeating what they thought was an original thought?

And? If they were, congratulations to them. They've managed to fool and manipulate, and get the copyright to an article they never had the rights to.

Have you ever thought that the saying may have just coincidently been the same, if not similar?

#285434 - 11/23/07 11:10 PM Re: "Nothing Unreal Exists" [Re: Gryphon66]
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What in your experience as Satanists is your philosophic basis of reality?

I am inseparable from nature. Acquiring anything that contributes to my comfort is my first concern, be it material or symbolic wealth.

I experience "Survival Of The Fittest" and "Might Is Right" on a near constant basis while interacting with others, or just watching. Satanism has pulled me from the midst of it all and allowed me to see it from a distance. This is the basis of my reality. Knowing what is happening while it is happening, while others do not.

What forms the bedrock “givens” in understanding your personal cosmology as a Satanist?

I am an animal. I am never satisfied. I stop at nothing, short of illegal actions, to obtain what I want. I do my best to know what the reach of my powers are and learn to strengthen them.

EDIT: Well, I responded before reading the replies, so I guess I missed the bait boat. I enjoyed responding nonetheless.

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#285453 - 11/24/07 03:27 AM Re: "Nothing Unreal Exists" [Re: TheNaturalForce]
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Abating my "FINIS" briefly:

1. Thanks to those who critiqued my writing style. Gaining objectivity regarding one's own expression is valuable if not always necessarily pleasant.

2. Thanks to those who demonstrated the LTTD cultural gestalt so immediately and completely.

3. Thanks to those who spent time out of your life to post your answers to the questions as posed, meaningless or not.

I always found a strict materialist/empiricist view of existence distinctly as unsatisfying and incomplete as the entirely belief-based bovine systems of any category. There may well be "more in heaven an earth than is dreampt of" and entertaining those thoughts can be interesting at times (though not among you, sheesh), but day-to-day existence and achivement is always more abrupt and must be responded to just as abruptly for maximum profitability.

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