I didn't post this in "Questions about the Church of Satan", as it stated if the topic is on membership, website, officials, etc. So I thought this was general discussion, but then I saw some questions regarding ritual, I apologize for initially putting this in the wrong place.

I understand not all Satanists believe in, or practice greater magic. I have seen some posts on greater magic, not any on "direction", I hope this subject isn't reserved for members only.

One aspect of successful greater magic is "Direction".
Though I am making this more complex than it need be, and showing an active example of not letting go, I would like to know others opinion on "direction".

Say I do a ritual to become a better athlete, or to increase my consistency of practice everyday.

Than a day after the ritual I start worrying about fitting in some time to exercise, purchasing exercise equipment etc...

This isn't what the ritual was about, but am I in action, have moved on, or am still I dwelling on, and not succefuly employed direction.

Now in preparation of a destruction ritual for example I realize, or wonder, about this rule, how can one really let go of the subject if it is an active topic in ones life.

Now I must really be taking away from the effects of my ritual pondering the rule of direction.

Ok that isn't truly a good example. I did a compassion rite, for money. Today I started unintentionally pricing houses in my area, and pondering lottery tickets. To me, these are logical topics to cross ones mind, and am I still dwelling by acting on these curiosities.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I were not wondering about the process the way I am now.