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#287337 - 12/01/07 12:16 PM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Fala]
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Well look what just fell out of the dogs ass.

I just finally happened upon this post and must say that I don't feel you are being 100% honest here.

With that being said, there are of course, NUT JOBS everywhere who without provocation will attack.

Had you not been so foolish as to drop that pen at your 'attackers' feet, it would have made a handy weapon.

Your entries smell of an outhouse that hasn't had a single sprinkling of lyme...
Satan LIVES!
If you could....would YOU?

"Our religion does not require martyrs."
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#287339 - 12/01/07 12:24 PM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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 Originally Posted By: Evil_Eve

Had you not been so foolish as to drop that pen at your 'attackers' feet, it would have made a handy weapon.

Ha! Words to remember indeed.

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#287520 - 12/02/07 03:18 PM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Trau]
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Very "hazy" situation - this is a world where the deliberate retarded rule...for sure
Why to play their game if you consider yourself part of a "very special elite"? Why to waste your time with random strangers that at the end "grab you by the hair" because they take the power you give to them "by throwing a pen in their feet"? Remember you are making history every minute of your life, so "they" are doing history too! Think about the consequences!
Do you work in that place? If so, sorry, but you can't follow the stupid games of a costumer or person from the outside, by showing good manners all the time to that unexpected people you are giving them a strong lesson already - you are creating the necesary distance but by entering in their compulsive dynamic you are just acting as uneducated and compulsive like they do!
Next time take a second to put things on perspective.

#287656 - 12/03/07 10:00 AM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Majic]
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My advice.. and you can take this how ever you want. I have lived in slums and hoods in SC over my life & am glad to now be in a safe living environment. I have seen some horrific crimes.

No matter who talks down to you or confronts you with anything. "Never under estimate a that person." you could have wound up with a new smile under your jaw.

If you provoked him you deserved what you got, and the situation could have ended worse..... don't be mad about it "learn" and move on.

#287687 - 12/03/07 11:32 AM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Fagneto]
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I had an interesting encounter at the grocers store last evening.

This....was indeed VERY ODD and the chances of encountering the same person after nearly 7 years is pretty remote Me thinks.

Let's turn the clock back to 9-11 when the United States was under attack.

We lost the World Trade Center, four commercial aircrafts, and the Pentagon was attacked by cowards.

I remember as everyone remembers the days that shortly followed those attacks.

Were We going to be attacked again? The airports were closed, people were fearful to go shopping..... I remember.

I was at a shopping plaza a day or so after the attacks. (Well, whatever day it was where the President declared a National 'Prayer Day'.

I recall hearing him speak because the shopping center put his voice over the PA in place of the crappy lounge music that one would usually hear.

I stopped to listen and I was heavy hearted during this time. Friends lost, uncertainty, etc.

A moment later I began to walk while thinking about the recent tragic events when a rather large blond woman and I brushed shoulders.

Not knowing if it was My fault (probably was) I said something along the lines of "Oh sorry, excuse Me".

To this she responded:

"Why don't you watch where the hell you are going next time!"

I was a bit taken back. We barely touched each other and she made it into something BIG really BIG.

Her husband shifted his feet and looked shamefully at the floor. Clearly, he was embarrassed by her outburst.

I walked AWAY.

Last night....I was in the grocery store doing My thing and trying to get one of those infernal produce bags open that never quite want to open for you. (I call them Virginal bags).

As I was trying to do this I noticed a woman behind My cart. She had plenty of room to get by (and she did without problem). She also could have went around the other way but no.....she was looking for an argument.


I never forget a face.

She walks by and then loudly exclaims: "YOU KNOW YOU COULD MOVE BITCH!"

What did I do?


I find it very unstable when complete strangers have outburst over such insignificant things.

Sometimes, it is simply best to leave a situation (even if you do have a snappy come-back. Even if you ARE IN THE RIGHT).

Sometimes, you can be DEAD right. Screw that.

I imagine that this woman leads a very unproductive and sad life. She takes out her anger on strangers who she feels will not retaliate.

Her husband (once again at her side) looked around the store (anywhere but in My eyes). Sad.

The moral of this story is much like the song that Kenny Rogers sang:

You gotta know when to walk away......know when to run.

Call Me coward of the County, but nobody pulled a gun or a knife on Me last night or My hair.
Satan LIVES!
If you could....would YOU?

"Our religion does not require martyrs."
Magistra Nadramia.

YOU can be a voice for the voiceless.

#287700 - 12/03/07 12:35 PM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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Not quite the same as Evil Eve's story but it reminds me of when I used to work in a book shop - I also never forget a face which is what made me think of it. By the way Evil Eve you're a very sensible woman to keep away from such tards, you just need to breathe funny in their direction (or, maybe, drop a pen at their feet ) to get a face full of fist, and no-one wants that.

There was this guy would come in on Saturdays (you know, the busiest day of the retail week) and queue up with a stack of books. He would ALWAYS get visibly annoyed whilst standing in the queue as it clearly didn't move quickly enough for his liking (which is ridiculous as I always ran my till extremely quickly, many people positively commented as such). And, invariably, he would make a big visually dramatic sign of exasperation and dump the books on the nearest surface before storming out in a huff.

My thoughts whenever I was greeted by this? That freak has poor self control. Oh, and as the person who usually had to collect said books to put them up for restacking I know that he was always buying gay erotic fiction (smirk).

Why is this relevant to the OP? It's not - but who cares?

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#290855 - 12/15/07 10:24 AM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Thom Volkh]
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I apologize for digging up this oldish post and for wasting the few precious minutes of your time, but I feel it to be a necessary evil for myself to clarify a thing or two.

To the point: the original post

I do regret making the posts. Especially on a public forum. I somehow considered it therapeutic in some perverse way at that time. And I guess I was looking for that "Satanic okay."

The main reason the original and the following few posts were somewhat hazy was mostly because I - as well as every party concerned - was in a rather intoxicated state.

But why did I make the original post? Well, after contemplating on my motives for making the post, I believe I was feeling angry, violated and vulnerable. And I felt the need to vent a bit; as I previously mentioned: it felt therapeutic at that time.

The post was not meant as "bait" nor was any part of it fabricated; I do not lie when I do not see it necessary - and here, in the promised land of anonymity: the internet - I see no reason to do so.

If I had seen it necessary, I propably would have told you a glorified fabrication of a battle where I won. But I am no "Internet Warrior," so there was no point in doing so.

More to the matter of what happened and why

The story went as I told it before: after the perpetrator (from my point of view he was just that, a perpetrator: the violator of my physical integrity) was done making queries about me and had refused to accept the item - in this case a promotional pen - which he had asked for before, I saw it fit to display my contempt and drop it at his feet. It obviously frustrated and/or angered him which led him to grab my hair and to roll me around the floor a bit.

As you might already have assumed, I also am not a real-life warrior-type; I have "the soul of a poet," as some would say. I usually manage to stay out of trouble.

Making the original post or my actions in the bar were not in any way Satanic nor were they smart things to do: this I now know and will not repeat my foolish actions - online or offline.

Why make this post now and not then? The matter would require more introspection - most likely it was out of shame. And for good reason I think.

I do hope there still is a small chance of rising myself a bit from the cesspool of idiocy.

I have now said what I had to say and am now ready for the gallows.

Thom Volkh

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#290911 - 12/15/07 04:22 PM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Thom Volkh]
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 Originally Posted By: Thom Volkh
What would you have done?

Being a man of my size and what I know, well I can only promise that the man would not have walked away from that situation. He would have been wheeled away on a stretcher, I have no tolerance for that kind of crap. Once someone has given me a reason to swing I will take it as far as legally justified.

#290932 - 12/15/07 05:50 PM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Faded]
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Being a man of my size and what I know, well I can only promise that the man would not have walked away from that situation. He would have been wheeled away on a stretcher,

"The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain."

#301189 - 01/24/08 05:51 PM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Thom Volkh]
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I'm glad that You are okay.

Because You survived the ordeal, You
now have the opportunity to reflect
about what has happened, and what You
can do differently in the future.

The greatest weapon the human animal
has is the capacity to reason.

I'm sure that You now realize that a
frighteningly large number of "human animals"
simply react without weighing the
consequences of their actions.

That having been said, please ponder the
following statement:
"Nobody ever truly wins an argument."

Best Wishes for the Future,


p.s.: Another trait of the human animal is
the capacity to use "tools".

If You should ever feel that You might be
in danger, again, there are always any number of
"tools" that You might employ.

My suggestion is to always use the tool of Reason, FIRST.
For every action, there is a consequence.
You have the capacity to choose.
May your fields always be full of food
May your dwelling be warm and dry
May your predators be dead or far away
And may your dominant mate always be happy to see you

Meerkat Blessing

#301222 - 01/24/08 11:08 PM Re: I Was Attacked Today [Re: Thom Volkh]
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I've been a martial artist for many years. I'd have beat the shit out of him and then sued him for battery. The more bullshit I put up with the less inclined I am to be lenient.

Edit: I've read further and realized the attack was not entirely unprovoked, but the aggression against you was certainly not in line with the offense. I don't find anything wrong with seeking the opinions of fellow Satanists or asking what they would have done in a similar situation. I've come on here seeking much the same. After all, it's better to seek advice from the elite and comfort from those of similar mind. The only fault I see isn't so much that the initial post was baited as the fact that it was not entirely honest. It seems you've learned that now. For future reference, if you want accurate feedback you have to provide a full and accurate account of the situation you're seeking feedback on. Otherwise, any advice given will be of little help because it will be about a situation other than the one actually encountered.

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#301617 - 01/26/08 03:33 PM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Nemo]
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good point magister, but there could be a different intention here. In my point of view its ok. A person does feel sometimes that he has to express his frustrations to the public in order to get rid of them. its completely normal, and being suspicious of such as these posts doesn't necessarily mean its a bait.

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

-Horace Walpole

#301618 - 01/26/08 03:38 PM Re: What is wrong with this thread? [Re: Rodim]
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On another message board, perhaps. But here, experience tells us otherwise. ;\)
"Consensus is the absence of leadership." Margaret Thatcher

"I'm fascinated with how primitive the human mind still is. It can be misdirected so easily." John Gaughan

"Success is uncommon. Therefore, not to be enjoyed by the common man." Cal Stoll

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