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#287891 - 12/03/07 10:24 PM Re: Question about the Satanic Witch [Re: The_Lightning]
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 Originally Posted By: The_Lightning
(from a book I read about beauty: )
"If every woman in America woke up tomorrow and decided she is beautiful as she is, the world's economy would collapse overnight".

Something to think about when you consume beauty products, buy dietetic foods and subscribe to the gym.

It's all a bullshit delusion made to demoralize you into slavery.

Absolutely! I just tell people up front, "I'm hot," and that way there is no question on the subject. I mean, how can you argue with that? Right? After reading TSW I came to the conclusion that Dr. LaVey would agree with me. You can argue with me about THAT if you want to, but not whether I am hot because that is subjective.
"The smartest, most passionate, most beautiful women I've met have been Satanists. I don't mean "beautiful on the inside where it really counts;" I mean gorgeous, vibrant, curvy women." Blanche Barton

"There's no such thing as too many books." Poetaster

#287930 - 12/04/07 04:53 AM Re: Question about the Satanic Witch [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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 Originally Posted By: ConquerOrPerish
For one thing, I'm bisexual and am rarely attractive to fat women. I'm not fat myself but feel like I need to lose about 15 pounds in order to be seductive, especially if I want to appeal to white men.

Wait-who are you trying to appeal to, fat women or white men? You can't be everything to everyone, but you can offer a lot to most people.

 Originally Posted By: ConquerOrPerish
And I'm by nature introverted, analytical, and possibly boring in certain contexts. I feel this seductive ability is something some women are just naturally good at.

I do think confidence is really key here. Those characteristics could describe me as well, and yet I haven't found it a stumbling block. Think of it this way: introverted=mysterious, analytical=intelligent, possibly boring=potentially frustrating(and what's a common way to relieve frustration?) Do what you can to feel fabulous, don't worry about measuring up to some stereotype, and flaunt all the charms and assets you've got!

BTW, I knew a guy-a very BLUNT kind of guy- who actually told me I could be "boring"(because I was much more thoughtful and measured than what he was used to). Yet it was quite obvious from his actions that he had a raging crush on me! What he was describing, I think, was actually a desire to get a strong, passionate reaction out of me. If you think of yourself as a cool-headed intelligent woman with hidden passions, rather than a socially-awkward nerdy type, others will pick up on that perception of yourself and respond in kind.

Practically speaking, you can express your analytical side with a direct gaze that makes a person feel disarmed, as though you have seen to their very core, and your introverted side with elusive gestures which suggest there's much more to be discovered about you. And of course, you're not going to be everyone's "type", but projecting confidence(without arrogance) will generally inspire more favorable reactions!

#289892 - 12/11/07 11:14 AM Re: Question about the Satanic Witch [Re: RottenBonnie]
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it's just a matter of confidently pursuing those goals by using your natural womanly charms

And if you are denied the environment in which those effective charms are most useful?

#289902 - 12/11/07 11:45 AM Re: Question about the Satanic Witch [Re: TheNaturalForce]
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And if you are denied the environment in which those effective charms are most useful?

It helps if you direct your question to the proper poster.

But since it's a snippet from my post, I'll answer.

A woman can be a woman no matter the location.

She just might need to try a little harder.

Word of the Day: Improvise.

#307587 - 02/17/08 09:27 AM Re: Question about the Satanic Witch [Re: Poetaster]
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I see there was a typo in the original post, hence a little confusion. I meant that I am rarely attractED to fat women. Who are you trying to attract, fat women, white men...? LOL

Looking back on this old thread I see that I have evolved dramatically. I would never ask that type of a question today. I also see that I was treated very graciously. I really appreciate the intelligence, strength, and class of the people here. HS!
High hopes faint on a warm hearth stone, she travels the fastest who travels alone.

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