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#28818 - 02/26/04 09:38 PM Disgruntled ex-CoS
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From time to time I've come across the term being used to describe once-members of The Church of Satan who have, for whatever reason, found their way out of the org. Sour grapes, axe-grinders, shit-disturbers and their ilk.
Why the discontent? Granted the reasons may be as varied as the individuals themselves, but are there recurring themes of behaviour that are being observed?
Satanic Sins not withstanding, why do/did these individuals 'feel' slighted or otherwise obligated to leave The Church?
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#28819 - 02/26/04 10:25 PM Re: Disgruntled ex-CoS [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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The reasons as you say are as varied as the persons who leave. Not all ex-members of the Church of Satan are disgruntled.

Note also that not all ex-members left voluntarily. Some were ejected, for the very same traits that eventually led them to publically embarrass themselves in an attempt to undermine the Church of Satan.

Beyond this broad statement, it should simply be noted: Those who need to know details, will know details.
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Satanic Sins not withstanding, why do/did these individuals 'feel' slighted or otherwise obligated to leave The Church?

Incompatibility -- whether mindfully acknowledged or embarassingly redirected towards some "club" or "group" that often wants to be The Church of Satan but can't "cut the mustard." Should be a no-brainer, actually.
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