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#290343 - 12/13/07 09:10 AM Hypothetical Question
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I have a christian family, live in a christian town, in a christian state, dating a christian girl who cares of my religion while my friends are accepting my Satanic belief. She is trying to turn me into a christian by going to church every other wednesday. I used to like going because some of my friends are there otherwise I would not go. Let's say I join the Church of Satan to satisfy myself and just go to that church so she can be satisfied and therefore, I would have her to myself in the end. Would the church understand of this situation since martyrs aren't required but I am gratifying myself this way?
Since I am in this situation, would there be any more mail from the church just for registered members or is that only for active members and up? It wouldn't hurt me at all if I must hide my allegiance from my family. I have been doing it for some time. My job knows of my belief and I explain to them what we actually believe in so my career is not at stake. Thank you for your time.

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Do whatever serves you best. We do not dictate how our members live their lives; neither will we bother you with correspondence that you do not desire.
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One more time, folks...

Please note that only Moderators and Members of the Priesthood may reply to questions in this forum. All other replies will be deleted.

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