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I do have a question concerning artwork, that I am sure belongs here.

I am talented when it comes to various mediums of hanging wall art. I have done some portraits of the "devil" hisself; LaVey.

I want others(if they so desire) to have my work within their homes, but I do not want to cheepen the legacy of what LaVey, and the Church of Satan has accomplished by selling my work on e-bay or any other outlet, save through the Emporium.

I want to convey my distaste at any attempt to use his image as a big buck-maker, as I have fostered a great respect for what LaVey has given me through his work, as well as what the Church of Satan does by continuing it.

My point being, with whom do I speek to, what fire must I cross to have a few bits of my work owned and cherished by those who wish it? (note...I do not envision mass reproductions of my work being sold, just solid originals that may cost a bit more, but are worth every penny.) The cost that I speak of being purely my cut for time and materials, as well as the markup through the Imporium to give the Devil his due(your profit)

Would quality originals interest you?

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Speaking to Reverend Ventrue (CoS Emporium) and showing him samples of your work may be a good idea. You may also post scans of your work in the art section of the board. You may get offers to purchase your work there. We look forward to viewing your artistic talents.
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