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#292306 - 12/21/07 09:40 AM Marriage Ceremony
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Can members of the clergy perform weddings that are legally recognized in the United States?

I've found many discussions on the subject of ceremonies and marriage in general, but haven't found the answer to this particular question.

Thank you for time and attention.

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#292487 - 12/22/07 07:04 AM Re: Marriage Ceremony [Re: Hixem]
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We get this question often at Central, and supply the following response:


Satanic Weddings by our Priesthood are only available to members of the Church of Satan, and only if there is a member of the Priesthood interested in doing it for the couple within traveling distance (being Satanists, our Priesthood is under no obligation to other members).

Because laws regarding who can legally perform marriages vary locally, at times from county to county, Satanic Weddings are only legal when the Priest/Priestess is registered with the authorities in the county wherein the ceremony takes place (in which the couple resides).

Generally we suggest member couples first legalize their wedding through the local authorities (civil ceremonies are brief and non-religious). Then they may either create their own ceremony or use the one which we use (authored by Magus Peter H. Gilmore and released in "The Satanic Scriptures" -, choosing someone they both respect to be the celebrant. Or they may create a ceremony in which the couple marries themselves, each being co-celebrant).

If a couple wants to perform a marriage ceremony that has no legal ramifications, they can do whatever they like, but they must know that this wedding will not be recognized by their state/nation of residence.

If member couples really do wish to have a member of our Priesthood serve as celebrant, they may contact us regarding the availability of interested local Priests/Priestesses. If there is a willing member of the Priesthood, we will then put him/her in touch with the couple to work out transportation/travel costs and celebrant fee.

The couple will be expected to provide the member of the Priesthood with their proof that they've participated in the proper civil ceremony to legalize their union prior to the performance of the Satanic Wedding Ceremony. The Priest/Priestess will need to examine the original document and be provided with a photocopy for Church records. Additionally, if either or both of the couple have been legally married previously, this must be disclosed to the Priest/Priestess and legal proof of the legal dissolution of this prior marriage must be provided (original documents provided for examination and photocopies provided for our records).

If you have further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

May you both attain happiness, success, and indulgence as your separate paths begin to intertwine into one.
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