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#293012 - 12/24/07 10:51 AM Merry Satanmas!
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Its that time of the year again and I just want to shout 'Merry Santanmas'to all the dark fellas out there! I wish you all have a wonderful time and all your wildest desires fulfilled in the new year!

Hail to our best friend Satan!!!

From hell (City of London Squadron)

#293036 - 12/24/07 01:56 PM Jesus! [Re: 20121221]
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You're giving away the whole secret conspiracy !

Just wait until the Man Downstairs finds out!


#293053 - 12/24/07 03:41 PM Re: Jesus! [Re: Nemo]
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That's frikkin' hilarious!!

Merry Giftmas!!
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#293524 - 12/26/07 10:46 PM Re: Jesus! [Re: HammerOfDoubt]
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Hail Santa!
Hail Satan!

-Mr. Luthor

#293788 - 12/27/07 09:44 PM Re: Jesus! [Re: Nemo]
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Yes indeed! Merry XXX-mas to all!

Hail Santa!

#294022 - 12/28/07 02:15 PM Re: Jesus! [Re: Nemo]
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That has got to be one of the stupidest websites ever. The level of ignorance is amazing and hilarious. What is funny is that in search of codes for the game Diablo II, I ran into similar stupidity about the game being devil worshipping, ect. In search of more hilarity I put Satan in a search engine and came across The Church of Satan website. It was a good read, which also had comedic value. Maybe someone will come across this site and decide that they want to put a stop to this crap...

#294087 - 12/28/07 06:13 PM Re: Jesus! [Re: Nemo]
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Was that website written by a 4th grader? The parallels between Santa Clause and Jesus Christ were laughable, especially the one about Jesus living in the north (I guess it's relative, but I don't exactly picture Mt. Zion as being north).

I'm SO glad I'm not a religious fanatic. I'll let them stress over Santa/Satan/Jesus while I do whatever makes me happy.
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