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#294481 - 12/29/07 09:21 PM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: hellbent666]
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 Originally Posted By: hellbent666
There are Fascist and Nationalist Satanists...

A lot of attention spent on garbage! I'd rather go see Tank Girl a dozen times.

"pseudo-Satanic" WTF!

#294484 - 12/29/07 09:25 PM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: xpose]
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 Originally Posted By: xpose
I basicly just came here because I was curious about this weird Neo-Nazi-Satanic sect that I've never heard of before, and which I have recognized as a possible danger to uneducated young people.

There isn't really much to say, then. We clearly write out what Satanism is and what it isn't, in books like The Satanic Bible and essays on See especially the Satanic Bunco Sheet and Satanic Youth Communique in this case.

Thanks for your concern, but we know where we stand! We've been telling it like it is for over 40 years now, ever since the start of the Church of Satan (the first organization of people who publically identified as "Satanists", and first had a real-life applicable religion called "Satanism").

If somebody doesn't agree with us, who cares? To hell with 'em. We're not an evangelical religion. The internet is already brimming with poorly constructed websites posing as "Satanic organizations". We're too well-established as a group, and too busy in the real world as individuals, to concern ourselves.
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#294487 - 12/29/07 09:28 PM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: Ygraine]
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 Originally Posted By: Ygraine
Your arrogance is matched only by your misunderstanding.

We have no authorized minors here, so their protection is moot.

We do not protect the stupid from their own stupidity. Those stupid enough to fall for nonsense deserve to fall for nonsense.

We do not need those who find us "interesting" telling us who isn't us. We are aware of who we are.

We do not give power to our enemies by whining about them and playing victim. That is precisely the sort of attention they want and we don't feed the monkeys.

Now, since your Paul Revere act has been met with contempt, do you have anything else to offer?


How long does it take for you to be accepted into the Church of Satan, after you have submitted your application?
if one can pull aside the curtain of fear and enter the Kingdom of Shadows, the eyes will soon become accustomed and many strange and wonderful TRUTHS will be seen.


#294490 - 12/29/07 09:45 PM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: SinisterSLA6669]
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That all depends on you. From what I hear, it may take awhile. From what I understand, the administration is quite picky these days. Good luck!
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#294499 - 12/29/07 10:33 PM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: Dave_C]
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Fascism, Nationalism, Socialism - they all go against the basic Satanic belief of individuality. Each of those systems require people to be subserviant to the government. I for one believe in freedom of self and freedom of expression. Seems to me like 99% of the people here agree with me. Can you site an example of where Fascism is stated to be okay? I can't find it on the CoS site.
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#294504 - 12/29/07 11:44 PM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: Dave_C]
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To quote myself..."I personally think that it is hard to not remain ignorant when you consider yourself racist and that is usually the common argument when talking to a supremacist." What I meant by that was I don't like ignorance in any form and that's what I consider racists to be. I can't change how others view the planet and people around them and if they want to mindlessly hate others for no good reason then so be it. I'm not racist I hate everyone equally!

The essays that have been written on the topic on the Church of Satans home page have basically said the same thing that Peter Gilmore has been trying to impress on the public and that is "Whatever floats your boat." He goes on to say that Satanism is not a Neo-Nazi movement but that there are members who are Fascists and Nationalists. Don't jump my ass for posting what I read in reply to this persons topic!

This is what Blanche Barton had to say and this is still kinda on topic..."As for the danger of fascism infiltrating the Satanic movement, what are we supposed to be? A bunch of kindergarten babies? Are we supposed to be such self-righteous prigs that we can't stand to see a swastika? By accusing us of fascism, are we supposed to be distracted from the fact that we live in an extremely puritanical, fascistic society? From all reports, Church of Satan members have never been intimidated by swastikas, or any other emotionally-charged symbol. Those who have worn both attest to the greater power of the Baphomet to scare and mystify viewers. We don't need school marms to hover over us with rulers to slap our little hands and say, "naughty, naughty." It seems preposterous to me that such desktop critics think fascism can harm the movement, whereas their advocating rape and incest can do us no end of good."

And this is what Magus Peter Gilmore had to say on the topic..."The Church of Satan is not a NAZI organization. As has been said many times before, one’s politics are up to each individual member, and most of our members are political pragmatists. They support political candidates and movements whose goals reflect their own practical needs and desires. Our members span an amazing political spectrum, which includes but is not limited to: Libertarians, Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Reform Party members, Independents, Capitalists, Socialists, Communists, Stalinists, Leninists, Trotskyites, Maoists, Zionists, Monarchists, Fascists, Anarchists, and just about anything else you could possibly imagine. It is up to each member to apply Satanism and determine what political means will reach his/her ends, and they are each solely responsible for this decision. Freedom and responsibility—must be a novel concept for those who aren’t Satanists. We take it in stride. Members who demand conformity from other members to their particular political fetish are welcomed to depart."

Sorry if I'm the bearer of bad news people but I'm not the one who said these things. These things have been addressed way before I was a member here and maybe even before I was able to grasp these concepts.

I don't advocate Nazi activity and I think they just play dress up Nazi because to them they think it's cool or something to that effect. I don't see these self proclaimed Nazi's sticking babies in ovens or skinning jews tattoos to use them for lamp shades! They just pretend they are so there is no real substance to these people. Plus there is no point to hating people for no reason because all that does is propogate more hate. It is a vicious circle of counter productive emotions or feelings. I thought Satanism was all about productivity?!

One of my Satanic friends is a white supremacist and I don't hate him for his beliefs because like I said it is counter productive and he's a decent person. I might not agree with his beliefs but I genuinely like him as the person he is, take it or leave it sort of thinking.

Blanche Barton doesn't think that Fascism is detrimental and that's what I meant by that. I know the origin of the Swastika and I know what it used to mean.

#294556 - 12/30/07 07:13 AM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: hellbent666]
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 Originally Posted By: hellbent666
"there is no point to hating people for no reason.."

"One of my Satanic friends is a white supremacist.."

So you agree that hate for no reason is stupid yet you have a friend who probably hates everyone who isn't white (never met a "supremacist" that hasn't), well done on the choice of friends it speaks volumes about you.

Its true that not everyone is equal but I am willing to bet there are millions more black people who I would rather talk to than spend 10 minutes with your friend.

From The Satanic Scriptures.
"The mechanism of local politics is employed on the basis of what will bring the most personal benefits to the Satanist and the people and goals he cherishes."

So now what possible benefit would there be to install a racist government? it will probably get you bombed to crap by other nations who wouldn't tolerate you.

Not to mention all the people who really don't like racists, if i was racist (which I most definitely am not) I wouldn't tell ANYONE at all for fear of being killed.

Fascism is about the same thing there isn't much benefit in a government that has a strangle hold over its citizens unless you happen to be in the government.
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."
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#294559 - 12/30/07 07:31 AM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: shadowraven213]
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Deleted for pointless redundancy.

Edited by Phosis (12/30/07 07:35 AM)

#294564 - 12/30/07 07:50 AM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: xpose]
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There are thousand upon thousands of uneducated and besmirching "organisations" out there that are nothing but counter-productive scoundrel pseudo-Satanic idiots. I know for a fact, I was once apart of one until I came to my senses and it nearly cost me a complete year of my life. One year I will never regain.

Let them huddle with the sheep, where they belong.

#294565 - 12/30/07 07:55 AM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: hellbent666]
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The topic in this thread, and the group itself, deserve a large serving of disdain. To attach a title or label onto Satanism sounds mighty politically correct. Not to mention dangerously stupid.

View these “pseudo-Satanic” groups like a flea fucking an elephant, pointless and having no effect on the elephant.

Also, being born a Satanist, its how you apply Satanism to informed choices. Whether you’re a bed-wetting liberal or a jack-booted fascist.

#294598 - 12/30/07 10:35 AM Re: [name of pseudo-Satanic group deleted] [Re: xpose]
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I see this thread has derailed into a discussion about if the Satanist can be also a fascist or if Satanism is contradictory to fascism. So here is what I think.

Satanism is not a political party. Satanism is not one of those religions that tell you who you have to vote for.

Personally, I have found other members of this board who have political views completely and radically opposed to mine. While I have disagreed with them on those particular topics, I don’t think they are less of a Satanist than I am. They are Satanists on a different path than mine. If that path leads them to personal success, I will respect them as individuals.

Satanists have a tradition of using symbols and labels that are taboo for the rest of mankind.

A Satanist will use whatever means he considers appropriated to survive and thrive in life. If at some moment it fits him to use the “fascist” label for his own personal gain, he will. If at some moment he finds a productive use for aesthetic and symbols the rest of the herd shuns as “fascist” he will.

The man with herd mentality will not touch something that has been stereotyped as “evil” by media and folklore. He will reject the taboo topic without even thinking about the reasons.

A Satanist will handle that same taboo with a critical mind.

Any political and economical system contains both useful and worthless ideas. A Satanist will approach fascism in the same way he approaches everything else in life; He will take what he needs and he will discard the rest.
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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#294632 - 12/30/07 12:50 PM Re: "Satanic sects " [Re: xpose]
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 Quote: you look upon such Satanic sects that seem to have a hidden agenda...

They are not Satanic.

#294644 - 12/30/07 01:44 PM Re: "Satanic sects " [Re: Old_Pig]
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Agreed, Pig.

I think Satanism lends itself to picking bits and pieces of various political and philosophical philosophies.

Many of us tend to be fascists in the sense that we uphold high standards of aesthetics and conduct, champion Natural Selection and Social Darwinism, and generally wish for criminals and ne'er-do-wells to be punished appropriately, if not severely. But, beyond that, I think most Satanists would not like to actually live in a fascist state or belong to a fascist organization, because of how rah-rah and obsessed fascists can get about brotherhood and solidarity, the glory of the collective/the group/the government, race issues, "traditional values," self-sacrifice, etc.

So, as usual, truth is rarely found just in one place; you have to be willing to select fruits from different trees, not get too cozy with one group or another, and even be willing to reconcile irreconcilables.
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

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#294678 - 12/30/07 04:25 PM Right wing politics. [Re: TrojZyr]
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I'd be happy living in a fascist state (including and perhaps especially for the reasons you outline) as long as I were the Fuhrer of it ;\)

I have plans for the "People's Republic of Mancunia". It deserves to be an independent city state and one day it will be. Enough ranting for now, though.

In the meantime, if I'm the subject of a government, I like a government that leaves Me alone as much as possible, of course.

Disclaimer for the retarded: Neo-Nazis are crazy because they usually pick up all the bad aspects of the Nazi government of the 30s and 40s (especially sheepishness, thuggishness, and racism), without any of the good aspects (great discipline, organisation, aesthetics, etc).

#294695 - 12/30/07 05:53 PM Re: Thanks for saving us, but... [Re: Dave_C]
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Perhaps you should stop telling people that you consider yourself a might save yourself the headache; unless ofcourse you are into pain?

I'm not into pain especially much no.^^

I am not wearing any clothes that flashes "Satanist" and I absolutly never go looking for trouble.
But when asked about my beliefs I wont lie as it causes nothing more than irritation.
That is of course different in a situation with supposedly deadly outcome, should the wrong things be said...

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