So, hmmm, lets see, by no means upfront was i in searching for the Church of Satan.. One would not believe that i found this through a website on Sims 2 haha (a member a quote and the name Anton Szandor LaVey, so i "googled" and arrived at the homepage...)

First thing i read was Welcome note on the homepage.... then came the "Want to know what Apple Computer wants kept secret?", which made me wonder if they even read the responces, come on, we all know what they're pointing at... "Satan is used not to mean the devil of Christian mythology, rather we return to the original Hebrew etymology of this word which is a title for one who is “an adversary, an opposer, one whose duty it is to question.” In short, the essence of Satanism is to “think differently” from the herd, to question the status quo, and to blaze a trail toward finding oneÍs own solutions." I LIKE THAT.... (gave me ideas for a book im writing, yes its fiction and yet still it is not)

Moving on, i read the Welcome note from Magistra Blanche Barton... "When my back is up against the wall, I’m not strengthened by Jesus’ supposed martyrdom, or by the idea of praying and being saved, or of mooning over some glorious afterlife" this i liked... "Satanists want to cut through the bullshit, challenge themselves and others, and enjoy life." why dosent everyone do this?? "perhaps you’ll begin to see your own dark reflection through the words on your computer screen." ive been living with my own dark reflection for a while, HE... is ME.

Anyway, just wanted to say, i reflect some of your teachings (if that came out right haha) its highly present in my novel (the way of thinking i mean)... im in the process of posting my "new user says hi!" haha, but it might fall on the back burner til later on today, im hungry, gonna get some grub... goodnight everyone/goodmorning, have a wonderful day...

No my N.Name isnt a typo. And please DO NOT go asking me "what do you know about pain", everyone knows something about pain and by the way, thats not what my name means or gives referance to.
Like i said..... gonna get some grub, Ladies/Gentlemen, all the ranks and what not, bye.

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