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#295842 - 01/04/08 08:40 PM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Mr Avarice]
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Seriously though Chess, thanks for the advice.

No trouble. If you're interested in further reading, I found an online book called The Hacker's Diet to be a goldmine of good information. I didn't go quite as nuts with the detailed record-keeping and mathematical analysis as the author suggests, but his basic principles are rock-solid: treating weight management as an engineering problem.


#295843 - 01/04/08 08:42 PM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Shade]
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Nah, that's not for me. I prefer women who show a little skin...

About those Calories...

#295845 - 01/04/08 09:07 PM That's healthy? [Re: farjalikhali]
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I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, a decent amount of carbs if it's stuffed with good-for-you stuff, and barely any meat or dairy.

If you do not consume enough protein each day your body will consume it anyway from other protein ...such as the heart and other fun organs.

If by healthy you mean you are avoiding refined sugar and the lovely preservatives that embed themselves in fat cells to act as biological time bombs, then I applaud your choices.

Many adults cannot stomach dairy and seem to develop lactose intolerance. If that is true for you, then avoiding dairy is certainly wise.

However, protein is required to keep the machine you call your body in good repair according to most of those silly biologists and medical researchers.

Eat enough or your body will eat itself.

Just another example of how well designed these meat machines are.

Room for improvement? You bet.

I would have sacked any engineer who came to me with so many design flaws!

#295856 - 01/04/08 11:23 PM Re: That's healthy? [Re: Nemo]
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>> Many adults cannot stomach dairy and seem to develop lactose intolerance. If that is true for you, then avoiding dairy is certainly wise.
However, protein is required to keep the machine you call your body in good repair according to most of those silly biologists and medical researchers.<<


It is also worthy of note that recent research now demonstrates that drinking skimmed milk after excercise aids rehydration and recovery better than water or isotonics.
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#295878 - 01/05/08 05:29 AM Re: That's healthy? [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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Interesting you mention this, Dr. My boyfriend just told me the other day to drink milk after excercising. I usually drink water, but will gladly switch. I would be rather upset if I developed lactose intolerance. I need more protein and vegetables, but have no problem with the dairy products.

#295882 - 01/05/08 05:49 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: farjalikhali]
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I used to indulge a lot more a few years ago (when I lived in the US). I've always enjoyed the healthy meals my mother cooked...but kept on snacking after dinner or whenever else I wanted. I ate way too many cookies, cakes, chips, etc. But people around me didn't live too long and had way too many health issues. Then my father, only in his sixties died from heart problems. I'm not going to let that happen to myself.

I always thought, since I took after my mother and never gained a pound that I could just keep eating whatever I wanted. But just because I'm slim, doesn't mean I'm immune to heart disease. So now, although I'm not concerned about being fat, I do worry about my heart and all those other important organs. As I type this, I could go for some cookies. ^-^

People here in their 90's or older are perfectly healthy, so I look at their diets: lots of fish, rice, and vegetables. No cookies. So, although I do indulge, I'm pretty careful about what I eat. As much as I love snacks, I also like healthy stuff too. Plus a lot of the food here is fresh and free of preservatives and other nasty stuff.

Anyway...Favorite snack as of late: The chocolate, caramel, crispy, wondrous Wonka Bar

#295892 - 01/05/08 07:24 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: farjalikhali]
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I love food, but I love being a size six... it's a difficult balance to maintain, and I have no doubt that in ten years I'll give up on it entirely and just be one very fat and VERY happy lady.

It's not really that difficult a balance to maintain. If you maintain a doable and well rounded diet, it really shouldn't be work that you eventually "give up" on. That usually stems from long term denying yourself what you love, rather than being moderate about the consumption of those foods.

It sounds like you have a pretty healthy diet. However, cutting dairy and meat is not doing you any favors in your quest to remain trim. Low consumption of protein will just deplete you of muscle, and muscle helps you burn fat even when you aren't excercising. If you don't care for red meat (which can be high in fat) chicken and fish are wonderful staples in a high protein diet.

Carbs are fine, though they should be high in whole grain and lower on starch (white bread, rice and pasta) and refined sugars. I always allow myself a cheat meal a week, where I eat whatever I want, and if it's not that day, I have no qualms about tasting something that looks good to me. I don't deny myself that.

At the end of the day, I try to eat well balanced meals and occasionally indulge in what I crave (cakes and cookies, mostly... also heavy creams and pasta). Being active ensures that I have wiggle room in my food regime.

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#295895 - 01/05/08 07:44 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Bruja]
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I'm trying to figure this out for myself. You sound like you may be able to take the advice of the others who have already commented here, but I cannot.

I have extreme difficulty in controlling what I eat. This has to do with my outer and inner selfs I have come to realise. My outer self is more agressive, more masculine, wants to indulge in the fleshy desires ( in this case wants to eat whatever and how much he wants). My inner self, however, is very peaceful, more feminine, and wants to deny fleshy desires in exchange for spiritual gains.

I know this is all due to my messed up relationship with food that began as a child. I'm planning on getting into therapy once we can afford it (hubby and I both work but we're still paying off some credit cards and he's going back to school). Until then both selfs manage to cancel each other out so my weight is stable .

#295899 - 01/05/08 08:08 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Starless Pixie]
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You sound like you don't have a lot of things under control + the fact that you seem to struggle with two personalities.
Indulgence in food is great, compulsive behavior is another story.
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#295903 - 01/05/08 08:22 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: farjalikhali]
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A large portion of how I treat my body has to do with accepting it the way that it is, and then embracing it.

Yes I exercise three times a week at a gym, and limit junk food but indulge occasionally. Mostly though, I love my body. I've always been a thick girl and I relish my curves. People look (and feel) best when they work with their natural tendencies, and tweak them. Not when they rally against they own body.

#295907 - 01/05/08 08:33 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: farjalikhali]
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I love food, but I love being a size six... it's a difficult balance to maintain, and I have no doubt that in ten years I'll give up on it entirely and just be one very fat and VERY happy lady.

Exercise and you'll be able to maintain that size six, while still enjoying the indulgent eating habits that you enjoy. The balance is in activity versus inactivity, not healthy versus tasty. You can eat delectable treats and still be healthier than your average health food junkie, if you simply exercise and stay active. Vitamins and nutrients only help if all of the machinery is working properly. Having a hot rod is hardly meaningful if all the tires are flat and the engine is overheating.

And as you get older, exercise becomes more and more necessary if you want to keep that knock-out figure. Fat cells love aging bodies, particularly the midriff and thighs.

#295912 - 01/05/08 09:01 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Bruja]
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I believe anything Malakuma and Bruja say about staying healthy and beautiful. They are two of my favorite lookers.
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#295924 - 01/05/08 10:45 AM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Minus]
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I was part of a similar conversation on another board and whilst using a weight conversion site to work out how many pounds I weigh this ad flashed up leading me to this site - .

Put it this way - my bullshit detector exploded on immediate contact.
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#295936 - 01/05/08 01:20 PM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: farjalikhali]
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I eat anything that tastes good. I like cooking with vegetables, but rarely eat them raw or steamed or anything healthy.

I generally eat what tastes good with no regard to how it will effect my health for several reasons:

1) I come from a family of people that eat the worst foods imaginable and live into their 90's.

2) I have donated blood after eating high cholesterol meals to discover my body can vanquish most of the cholesterol without effort. (Eating half a pizza and not seeing fat in my blood as opposed to the guy next to me who has all that white stuff in HIS blood after avoiding bad stuff because he was donating)

3) The stress of worry over what I eat is probably more damaging than the foods themselves.

4) I'm not very overweight, I'm 5'4'' and weigh around 150 Lbs. with fairly broad shoulders, I have a 32'' waist, With a naturally muscular physique. I am part indian too, so I have that potbelly that you can't get rid of under circumstances (I've weighted a paltry 120 and it was just as prevalent.

5) I'm still young, but my heart rate is around 60bpm and my blood pressure is phenomenal.

all these factors mean that for now the best thing for me to do is not worry about it and occasionally check to make sure in still in good shape. I guess I am because I bicycled 15 miles on Thursday.

I also smoke about a pack a day. The older generation of my family does also and they aren't suffering over it.

Cancer is non-existent in my family.

#295943 - 01/05/08 02:10 PM Re: Healthy vs. Tasty [Re: Adveser]
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Cancer is non-existent in my family.

So it used to be in my family.

EDIT: Thanks, Chess! I've bookmarked the site and I can really say that I like what I've read so far!

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