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#29784 - 03/04/04 08:52 AM What is my religion if I have one?

Hello everyone!

I need a little help in defining my point of view...

I am a sort of Satanic in the way that i believe in the ways Anton LaVey describes in his book. But there is one thing; I am not in any way egoistic(this is maybe not the right word, but i'm not from a english speaking country), I don't give a damn shit about myself... That is the thing, after reading a little about the Church of Satan, it becomes somewhat clear to me that i have to worship myself to be a Satanist. I may be wrong, but that is what I decided to understand it as. Do I? I don't think I am worth living on this planet. But on the other hand, I believe completely in the ways of life in general. If you understand me... If this post does not belong here, delete it, but I have been trying for a long while to understand this, and I ended up here. Can anyone help me?

#29785 - 03/04/04 10:31 AM Re: What is my religion if I have one?
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Whatever you are, you are NOT a Satanist.

Go away.
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