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#298615 - 01/15/08 09:20 AM Re: Death/afraid of death [Re: irchel]
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Your talking to ghosts there, irchel. "I see dead people!"

#298787 - 01/15/08 10:19 PM Re: Death/afraid of death [Re: irchel]
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 Originally Posted By: irchel
suppose you were on borrowed time from your very beginning on, no marbles for you... if you don't remove yourself from this world, at least do us the favor to remove yourself from this place

Was this post directed at me? If not, you may want to figure out how to post to the appropriate party.
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."
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#299319 - 01/18/08 03:43 AM Re: Death/afraid of death [Re: Trau]
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I fear death, and the manner of it. Not everyone is lucky enough to die in their sleep, painlessly. OFten, they spend their last hours in great suffering after long, painful and debilitating illnesses. There is nothing to look forward to in that and if you are not scared by that, then I envy you.

However, when I left Christianity behind me, I felt a release from worrying what the consequencies for my life would be after my death.

I also fear about the deaths of my loved ones. It makes me work harder to preserve their existence.

The Thai people I talk to all seem to believe in life after death with un-ashamedly no reasoning other than it is in the Buddhist scriptures...
Quit Bitching and start DOING.

#299328 - 01/18/08 04:22 AM Re: Death/afraid of death [Re: DexRex]
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My father, Stanton Lewis G-----, died on January 2, 2008.

While attending the funeral, my youngest half-brother Jared,
told me that when dad had passed, "...he had just finished
his breakfast, he was chatting with the nurse, and he denied
his pain medication, saying that he was okay."

From what I have known of "bio-dad's" disposition over the
years, I believe that he landed on "Free Parking" when he
kicked: quick, no-pain, etc.

I believe that it was Earl Nightingale, "The Strangest Secret"
and "Lead the Field" (among others) who said that "A man
usually gets what he thinks about MOST of the time."

If this is the case, then why not think about the possibility
of life-extension, even INFINITE life-extension.

Using the model of a "Garden", physical death would be the
"weeds"; a gardener gets them by default. If you do nothing
to cultivate and improve the garden, you will always get weeds.

As for my garden, I am far too interested and preoccupied
with producing fruit and dispatching weeds to dwell on the
"quality of death".

"Who wants to Live Forever?"

" I DO! "

May your fields always be full of food
May your dwelling be warm and dry
May your predators be dead or far away
And may your dominant mate always be happy to see you

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