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#29958 - 03/05/04 06:20 PM Re: My observation on Satanists being chastised.
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The SB says ___ so either you agree or you are wrong.

It's not that one is "wrong" if they disagree--they simply aren't a Satanist. What makes someone a Satanist is defined within TSB. If you disagree with part of that definition, then you are something else. Close, but no cigar. It certainly doesn't make someone "wrong", but it does beg the question to be asked, "If you don't agree, why are you at a Satanic message board?"

(And all of that doesn't necessarily pertain to you. I'm speaking in general terms.)

Satanism can not be a religion of followers. The reason is, if someone is a Satanist, they are not following The Satanic Bible...they were already living it in the first place. They simply found a book that describes them.

It does sometimes sound preachy to hear someone quote TSB, but rarely is someon quoting it in the sense that "The TSB says ____ so it MUST BE TRUE". That's what other religious texts do. Rather, around here, if someone quotes TSB it is more like pointing out something that should be in agreement if someone is posting here.

Hope that makes sense.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
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#29959 - 03/05/04 06:23 PM Re: My observation on Satanists being chastised.
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Satanism was codified by Anton LaVey in 1969 when he wrote the Satanic Bible.

Everything written in that book, still applies today.


If you don't agree with what is written in the "Holy" Bible, then don't call yourself a Christian.

If you don't agree with what is written in the Satanic Bible, then don't call yourself a Satanist.

Simple really.
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#29960 - 03/05/04 06:48 PM Re: The Great Abstinence.
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Yes, we're all gonna die

Speak for yourself!
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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