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#29978 - 03/05/04 09:36 PM Re: God or not god?

Life is full of options. Why limit yourself to only two?

#29979 - 03/05/04 11:28 PM Re: God or not god?

Rule the world? No thanks. I don't need the negativity of the rest of the humans in this world to bring me down and burden my mind. I would rather not contaminate my thoughts by dwelling on the events and situations which permeate the lives of the monkey-minds. There's a lot of shit in this world, and the less time I'm exposed to it, the better off I'll be.

Instead, I enjoy ruling my own little world, the one that I live in and the one that I can effectively control. I was not born to be a follower, but I was not born to be a leader of many others either. I can't concern myself with following or leading, especially since I seem to stray and wander on my own, reaching my destinations in accordance to my own will and methods.

Lead a simple life? Life is simple already. It's people who complicate it. With that said, you can see why I'd prefer not to be burdened with too many other people. I like to keep things as simple as possible. In regards to technology, I often love the latest gadgets. It really just depends on what gadget it is. I'm a realistic person, I prefer the functional. I'd much rather have a cheaper off-brand that functions comparably identical with proper care and maintenance than spend extra money just to have a name brand that is reputed to be more sturdy and rigidly made.

#29980 - 03/07/04 06:06 AM Re: God or not god?
Dracul Offline

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I'd go for power, for the king of the hill kind of life. A quiet life in a forest cottage is not for me.
But I think the king of the hill life is more an utopia than the quiet life. I will always fight for more power, wisdom, money and stuff but I will never have it all.
Anyway the ultimate power thing is immposible to achieve, and it would also be to borring (after achieving it) to use it.
Because after you have everything, there is nothing left to have or do what's left is to die(give it away). ...because soon enough you will get tired of it.
The fun part, the part is worths to live for is to try to gain more an more of these power, money, pleasure, control, wisdom but after you have it all ...then what !?
As for world domination - that's an utopia ...there will always be many against you.

I am for the modern gadgets as satanism is for the "developement of humankind and man's brains" as you stated.
"Liberate Tuteme Ex Inferis!"

#29981 - 03/07/04 08:42 AM Re: God or not god?
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I choose to always be as independent and driven by my own will as is possible and realistic for my own satisfaction.

#29982 - 03/07/04 01:48 PM Re: God or not god? [Re: Old_Pig]
Satanya Offline

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I would choose the small forest gottage... as long as there is high speed internet connection and it's at least inside the range of one Pizza delivery service.

I second that.

#29983 - 03/08/04 06:58 AM Re: God or not god?

This was only a hypothetical question, meaning WHAT IF you only had two choices. They are both extremes, but it is possible to live your life really poorly, or to become really powerful almost by accident. The latter usually requires a little more work, though, but can be achieved novadays by, for example, starting and running a multinational corporation.

#29984 - 03/14/04 12:08 PM Re: God or not god?
RustySpring Offline
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I would, without doubt, pick the 'King of the world' option.

As Mason_Rust stated, with this option - you can have it both ways!

Moreover, without aspirations, things to work for and goals to achieve, I'd get very fed-up, very quickly, no matter how enjoyable the initial happiness of the 'simple life' may be.

#29985 - 03/14/04 11:29 PM Re: God or not god?

As long as everything is quiet at 5am (unlike reality ), I'll take the cottage.

#29986 - 03/15/04 09:39 AM King... and a question.
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I'd go for the King of the Mountain.
First it would give me happiness. And then it would give me the power to defend that happiness and all that is dear to me from powerful adversaries who would like to take it away from me. And maybe it would give me the means to increase my happiness... Taking it away from others?
Could be.

A question for you, Perkele: What does "Suomi Finland Perkele" mean?
Cannibal Spirit "I am my enemy"

#29987 - 03/15/04 04:44 PM Re: God or not god?
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I think I would choose to play God. The one who is playing God now isnt doing a good job so what else have I got to lose. I cant do worse then it.

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