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#297461 - 01/11/08 06:04 AM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Discipline]
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 Originally Posted By: Discipline
In what feels like an instant you will be just as old.

You are correct.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#297591 - 01/11/08 11:47 AM Re: Mid-Life Crisis. [Re: RaSc]
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I once read an article (the link is somewhere on LttD, actually, so there is always the chance you've read the same thing!) that claimed the 'mid-life crisis' is actually the *woman's* crisis and the *woman* getting on in age. That, if the husband is getting his hot new bright red Caddy and dressing up and driving around town checking out the young and tantalizingly curvy women, it's not because *he* feels old and wants to feel young again -- it's that his wife is reaching that peak where her looks are fading, her emotions go topsy-turvy by the hour, and her ability to conceive children lessens or possibly leaves for good.

It's supposed to be mixture of boredom and remorse on the man's part; not to necessarily leave his gal, but to at least reassure himself that, if he wanted to, he has many other (more pretty, capable, and fertile) options available to him.
When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realized that the Lord doesn't work that way.
So I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.

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#297664 - 01/11/08 02:01 PM Re: Mid-Life Crisis. [Re: farjalikhali]
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I don't have a wife anymore... damn.. now I have no excuse for a sports car and a hot, long brown haired, beautiful woman.... oh wait... Im sure I can think of something.

#297675 - 01/11/08 03:21 PM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: RaSc]
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Same here - I was always hanging around adults as a kid, and ever since I was in my late teens I've been assumed to be 30. Fortunately, as I've crept closer to that, the song remains the same and everyone seems to think I am 30.

I figure that's a good round number that I'll stick with. ;\)

#297687 - 01/11/08 03:40 PM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Maqlu]
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Thirty seems to be a gray area for most people. Most young people look at 30 somethings as just older - an almost indefinable quantity. People in their 40s and beyond look at us as whippersnappers.

It reminds me of somethings I once read about perceived brightness of candles.

I like being in my 30s... much better than my 20s.

#297817 - 01/11/08 10:08 PM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: RaSc]
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I feel older than I should. Mostly because I don't get nearly as much exercise or sleep as I should. However, I look a lot younger than many of the people in my peer group. I credit that to not smoking and taking care of my skin.

#297828 - 01/11/08 11:24 PM Re: Mid-Life Crisis. [Re: farjalikhali]
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 Originally Posted By: farjalikhali
that claimed the 'mid-life crisis' is actually the *woman's* crisis

What you describe here sound like an insecure little boy, and to blame the ''mid-life crisis'' on the woman, sound hilarious, because both men and woman can have a crisis, and either you face it, and become stronger, or you act like a little child running away from your responsibility.

All this has a lot to do with maturity and strength.

A real man who really love his women, will always see her as the most beautiful girl in the world no matter what age she has.

It's of course also up to the women to be intelligent enough to choose the right strong man, instead of a weak one.

#300681 - 01/23/08 01:43 AM Re: Mid-Life Crisis. [Re: LightAngel]
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I believe everyone should age garcefully. Which I just don't know how to do. In my teens I looked older than my age which got me into places and got me alcohol. And then suddenly my clock stopped at "somewhere around 20 or 21" and, depending on the sort of day I'm having, stays there. It's quite fun when I still get ID'd in a shop buying ciggies or wine. I never intenionally try to look younger, but I just look it. And don't really behave my age, either. Deep down I'm an eternal teenager. It's fun. Maybe one day I'll grow up, but not just yet.

#300896 - 01/23/08 03:33 PM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Fala]
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Generally I have been thoughed much older than I am, which is 22. I'd like to think that it's because of my mature thoughts and manner but probably it has more to do with my beard and drinking habits.

I do think that "clean living" can make you seem younger than you are, especially when you're a real adult(+30). But since I lack most "clean living" attributes I guess I have to look older than I am.
Yoda was wrong, we are this crude matter.

#300911 - 01/23/08 04:52 PM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Illuminatus]
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I often score with my youth when the Calgary Stampede comes around. (A fair with games, rides, rodeos...the greatest outdoor show on Earth.) It is tradition for me to win some overpriced stuffed toy for my girlfriend, yearly, as a way of annually reinstating my manhood to her. I have yet to fail, though I assume the reprecussions of doing so would be great, involving some kind of sexual humiliation and beating by other men.

How do I win so consistently? The sharper of you reading will have guessed by now; the age guessing booth! The age they guess is ridiculous, however, not even anywhere close to my real age. Last year, two guys in a row (There are multiple booths) guessed my age at 13. (Yes, lucky number 13.) With little embarresment on my part, (it was they who failed to do their jobs.) I walked away with a frog AND a tiger. How's that for a slice of fried gold?

(I gave the frog to the mother-in-law, scoring major points.)

#301090 - 01/24/08 08:53 AM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Fala]
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For as long as I can remember, when I tell people my age they usually respond with raising their eyebrows in surprise and swearing that they thought I was older. Especially after speaking to me, since little-mind-fucker I likes heavy topics =p

I think many guys wish I was older; I constantly get hit on by men at least 8 years older than me. Some are even in their 30's… which is almost disturbing at times.

I definitely feel older than others my age. I've always had friends older than me and I've always looked far older (by the age of 12 I already had curves and was about 5'4 (now I'm 5'6-7)).
Even after skipping a grade I looked older than my classmates, and I only started to somewhat blend-in towards the end of high-school.
I was, and still am, loved by parents - which I attribute to this "responsible adult" look I guess they like (little do they know that under the decent façade lays a twisted girl like me ;)).
And I can't recall ever having to show my ID to get alcohol.
And my boyfriends were never less than 6 years older than me.

I wonder if I am mature for my age because I was expected to because of my looks, or if it's just me regardless.

I think the greatest disadvantage is that people expect me to have life experience I still lack, so they tend to be less forgiving about mistakes I innocently make.
I still have some leftovers of teenage stupidity bite me from behind every once in a while. ;p

Fun Fact:
I was pretty darn sure Rev. Leviathan was in his 40's before I got to know him. =P
There is no such thing as evolution - Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

#301545 - 01/26/08 07:56 AM Re: Do you look/feel younger than your age? [Re: Fala]
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I could attribute this to good genes, or "clean" living. But I'd rather chalk it up to the fact that I am a Satanist.

I'd say genes play a huge part, as would smoking, diet, mental health, and exposure to the sun.

I think Satanism expects you to look after yourself (mind and body) so to speak - which would in turn probably help you look as young as you could (for your genes).

I have this jumper (pullover) with a hood, and when I wear it I swear I must look 16 - it's ridiculous. I always get carded too. My younger brother has a baby face but doesn't get carded! Both my parents look and live young, so it's probably the genes.

I have noticed here in Australia that once the women get to a certain age (late 40's at the earliest) they cut their hair really short (like, 5cm). It's very rare to see a woman over 50 with even shoulder length hair. I swear they just get a certain age and don't care, as long as it's low maintenance!

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