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#302340 - 01/29/08 11:03 PM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Shegeek]
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Well, think about how you felt before you found Satanism. I'm sure when you were attempting to find a proper religion and belief system that fit you well you felt a bit on the lost side. You knew you needed something Tangible, but didn't realize till you read the texts exactly what it was.

That doesn't really describe my experience, though. I wasn't "searching" for squat. I knew I qualified as an atheist (though not exactly a humanist) and I was aware that my brain worked a little differently than it seemed most people's did. And I was fine with that -- I was happy enough doing my own thing. When I stumbled across Satanism (quite randomly) some years ago, it certainly wasn't out of any Search for Deep Truths.

If I'd never discovered Satanism, I don't think I'd be facing down any great spiritual Emptiness now, either. I'm very glad that I DID discover it, of course, but I'm sure that off in the Mirror Universe where Spock has a beard and Chess never heard of Satanism, my counterpart is doing just fine anyway.


#302350 - 01/30/08 01:47 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Chess]
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I'd echo what Chess says as that sums up my position fairly precisely. My experience of encountering Satanism was not a "I was lost but now am found" feeling but a recognition of a belief system that I already held and practised. It is the people who latch onto Satanism as a religion that one can "join" because they're looking for "something" who most probably then start evangelising it, declaring their hatred for Christians and sporting the biggest, baddest Baphomets they can get their hands on (none of which are necessary or, indeed, particularly encouraged).

They also post here with endless lists of questions, most of which the rest of us just don't feel the need to either ask or even seriously engage with.
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#302355 - 01/30/08 02:49 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Shade]
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 Originally Posted By: Shade
I went into an ice cream parlour once not knowing what flavour I wanted. I mean, I could have gotten vanilla. I always get vanilla. It's good and it would have satisfied me. But instead I took about half an hour to look at all of the weirdo flavours. Bubblegum cotton candy tooth decay, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough cake, and swirly rainbow hippy acid trip. All kinds of stuff I had never even heard of before. Ended up getting black walnut something or other. And it was really good!

The search doesn't have to be a bad thing. I don't know why everyone is always in such a hurry. I mean sometimes you'll find things you didn't even know you were looking for. But that's coming from someone who makes ice cream metaphors so...

I know this is going to sound too much zen but...
Sometimes the search itself is more valuable than anything you can find, searching, if done properly, may be an act of self transformation and change. Sometimes is important to chase the Grail so you may be forged in the perils of such quest.
“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”


#302363 - 01/30/08 04:55 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Pact_Primeval]
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Searching is one of the best way to increase your knowledge of the unknown, the example of the ice-cream is a perfect example, personally I like Rum and Raise.

Not knowing some thing can be fun, and quite of the journey is half of the fun. So if some people are endlessly searching for some thing "They don't know", they should also be endlessly increasing there knowledge of things unknown to them.

So I don't see a problem in what you are saying. Interest in the unknown is one of the biggest driving factors in humanity, if we don't know how it works, whats its for, we need to search for the answer.

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The only way to find the truth is to firstly accepting every thing as a falsehood

Then though investigation and study can the true truth of the matter be found.

#302367 - 01/30/08 05:26 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: TheNaturalForce]
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this post sparks a memory of the song "Dynamite Walls" by the artist Hayden....It doesn't matter because it not even there.
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#302369 - 01/30/08 05:33 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Shade]
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I have always taken mint chocolate chip first. Can't say why.
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#302377 - 01/30/08 05:53 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: StabAvery]
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I think that there are a lot of examples of when people dont allow themselves to comfortably search. Relationships for example, people always seem to act hasty, and date whatever comes to them.

Maybe its the fear of being alone that drives people not to slow down and really look at someone.

Not me though, I went on an endless amounts of dates before I found my boyfriend, and I mean endless. In one summer I think I went on at least 60 different first dates.
Funny, though, I only had one second date, and that was the last one!
"Painting gave meaning to my life which without it it would not have had" -Francis Bacon

#302381 - 01/30/08 06:22 AM Re: Searching, Seeking, Looking For [Re: Chess]
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Chess, I'm fairly similar to you in that area. That's sort of why I replied to Hound Dog here. Some people's not knowing what they're looking for are other people's not really feeling particularly interested in finding anything to latch onto, or having some sort of light bulb moment when they do. Since I was raised Athiest, discovering the Satanic bible to me was sort of a "Well duh" kind of thing. What struck me where the people I knew that were "Practicing" Satanists. Boy did they need the practice, heh.

Everyone has those moments where they go "Huh. Yup. That's pretty much how I feel." Where beforehand it was slightly less defined.
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