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#301749 - 01/27/08 09:21 AM A blast from the were you treated in School?
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"'Que Barbara Streisand music 'Memories'."

While reading Magus Gilmore's book 'The Satanic Scriptures' I sat there for awhile on My couch and pondered 'High School'.

A veritable Hell it was.

He made mention of how the Christers can 'sniff out' those who are different. Isn't that the truth?

I only spent one year of High School in the Public School systems, so as you can imagine, being taught in 'Private Schools' there were a lot of sniffers indeed.

I had a lot of different ideas, opposing ideas, and I enjoyed computers and Chemistry. I didn't view Myself as a 'nerd' but looking back on it now, I suppose that I was.

I wasn't raised with money. I was raised by a single father doing his best to keep Us educated, fed and clothed. Sometimes, We shopped at Goodwill.

I remember the cracks about My dads rusty Ford Grand Torino, I remember being called many a name. I will be honest to say that yes, yes it did hurt, but that I was still smiling inside.

I knew that these nobodies would end up in jail or on drugs in the distant future.

I found out later in life however, that the reason many boys didn't converse with Me was indeed because I frightened them. Not in a bad way either. Oh well. I was probably better off. I was however aware of the fact that people could not stand the fact that I seemed to have a good time no matter what I was doing.

I once printed out My entire English homework on a roll of toilet paper. My teacher was NOT amused, but hey, whatever gets you by for the day.

I didn't play sports (never any good at it and I saw it pointless which made Me even less popular). I did however in Public School play Ice Hockey which I excelled at.

Still, even on the team I was not popular, not even in the Public School System. Public School was actually the worst. You could pick on others a bit more than you could in Private School.

I bathed daily and was sure it wasn't My odor that kept people away from Me. My only guess is that they were afraid of Me.

I was elevated to a 'gifted class' where nerds abounded. The different, ones like Me! I was not the greatest at every subject mind you, but enough to be elevated among the rest of the herd.

I recall this one guy named "Bill" and Bill was unique in his own right. He didn't speak. He was always formulating something....always had a pencil or pen in hand and kept his head down. Bill was BIG, BILL could kick some ass if he wanted to, but Bill mastered the art of Might Is Right. Bill never talked back or down to anyone but I have no doubts that he got even when he needed to.

I finally cracked that nut. I talked to him constantly every day, driving him crazy I'm sure. He never answered Me back. Just looked at Me.

One day, I made him laugh. Silence went through the could hear a pin drop. We became buddies. I always felt Bill was a Satanist at heart. Perhaps he is and I don't even know it. We have lost touch after all these years but I do know this:

Bill is now a successful business man. He made lots of money in the Video Gaming Industry. Who's laughing now? The bullies or him? \:\)

I was rereading 'The Good Ol' Days' from Dr. LaVeys book 'Satan Speaks'. I remember when I first read that book years ago. I thought yeah, were they really good old days? Depends on who you are talking to or what they went through.

I can tell you one thing that he said that rang very true for Me was this line:

"A kid could get beaten up for reading Plato or carrying a violin case (unless there was a machine gun inside). How true that was for Me.

I have played the violin for years. Not a very popular instrument in school. Hell, the triangle was more their speed.

I was however funny. I never let those who tormented Me see that it bothered Me in the slightest. I was voted class clown......but also voted most likely to be a Mercenary.

So after this long diatribe, I ask you gentle reader/Satanist, what were your High School years like?

Any interesting stories?

Satan LIVES!
If you could....would YOU?

"Our religion does not require martyrs."
Magistra Nadramia.

YOU can be a voice for the voiceless.

#301753 - 01/27/08 10:01 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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 Originally Posted By: Evil_Eve

So after this long diatribe, I ask you gentle reader/Satanist, what were your High School years like?

Any interesting stories?

Not one interesting story about High School. None.

I took on extra classes, and got out in three years.

I have never; nor will I ever, attend a High School reunion.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#301755 - 01/27/08 10:16 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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My high school years are a blur of overwrought emotions, adolescent angst and histrionics Id sooner forget - more embarrassing than sweetly nostalgic. Why everything between the ages of 12 and 18 takes on the same degree of importance I'll never know. It's like some sick cosmic joke.

Similar to your recounting of Bill, I do remember one fellow misfit.

Meeting Jen was pure luck. I never would have talked to her if I hadnt been switched into seventh period photography class by sheer accident. It was a mistake of course - the class was overcrowded, not enough cameras for kids, but they had no where else to put me. I was too ignorant of the popular crowd to know that I should be rightly terrified by Jen, so I sat down next to her in my usual goofy clumsy oblivious way. She spied the picture of Nightbreed I had carefully clipped and taped to the inside of my rainbow unicorn trapper keeper and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

She was this diminutive goddess with Vampiric pale skin and naturally curly obsidian hair, a member of the drama team, a regular at Renaissance festivals, and a RHPS devotee. She had a banshee scream, a horrible home life, and far more knowledge of mens secret sexual fantasies than any girl under 18 should have. She was as jaded and critical as I was nave and happy-go-lucky. I never really knew why she sought out time with me. Sometimes she would just come over to my house to flip through magazines while I painted. Being able to sit comfortably in silence is always a good gauge of a relationship.

I remember the last night I saw her. I was sitting on the hood of her old broken car, the backs of my thighs going numb while I watched her pace back and forth, hyper sped on caffeine and clove cigarettes. She was going on and on about the trials of pelvic inflammatory disease, last week's Fugazi concert and having friends and relatives recognize ones half nude picture on the back of a magazine. She never looked at me, always a little over my shoulder and there was a sense that something was coming to an end. Or something equally melodramatic.

It took several years until I did not hear from or of her at all. Not even rumours. She was an anomaly, this beauty. She had a way of nodding when I talked about shameful things. She understood me in a time when I thought being misunderstood was natural. Ill never forget her and maybe Ill meet her again someday.

If Im lucky.
"What happens in the shadow, in the grey regions, also interests us all that is elusive and fugitive, all that can be said in those beautiful half tones, or in whispers, in deep shade." ~ The Brothers Quay

We're Just Regular People

#301756 - 01/27/08 10:30 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Shade]
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Thankfully I had the good sense to drop out of highschool.

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fka Thyrn

#301758 - 01/27/08 10:36 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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Evil_Eve, thank you for sharing that story and starting this topic. I would imagine that many Satanists have a similar background, one way or another.

I had a relative transformation throughout school.

In elementary, the younger years, I had a few friends, and a few enemies, like any other kid. There was no more "bullying" going on here then any other person recieved.

Once I moved from the city to a small town, however, that changed.

Moving from the "sofistication" of the city to a redneck, backwater mining town, was a huge change in my life, for better or worse. I started out okay, and I did have a couple of friends, but the differences between the culture I was used to, compared to the new one, were too great; simply put, I could not fit in.

Everyone talked about hunting and fishing trips, about hockey, and all sorts of other mundane things. The highlight of the day for these monkeys was gym class. The bright side of this was my reflexes improved, as I would usually be one of the targets for a rampant dodge-balling.

My interests were Star Wars, fantasy books, video games, and essentially, anything that would take me out of that prison-like town (mountains sorrounding all sides) and into somewhere better. My friends and I would play with Star Wars micro-machines, Lego, or hide-and seek in the forest. We would attack eachother with pop-bottles as swords; anything to break the tedium of the shallow life that exists their. I had few friends then, as I do now...but they were always worth my time.

As soon as high school hit, life seemed to fall apart. My excessive attempts to "fit in" had barely worked up to this point, and going through my parents divorce, and a recent broken arm (in football, in gym, which I hated.) there was naught I could do to keep happy. Even one of my supposed friends had turned his back on me in favor of greater popularity, and I had become an easy target for all who would attack...and attack they did.

Luckily, my mother and I had the foresight to leave this place. We both hated it, and the only reason we had gone there was so my father could start a business. I was sad to leave him in a way, but happy to get the hell out.

I moved to a bigger city then I had ever lived in before, but life remained somewhat the same. Through my depression, I had gained a lot of weight, which did contributed to the torment. The first six months of junior high in the new school remained the same as elementary had, just a different playing I was a small town bumpkin, unfamiliar with life in the city.

Not much to say there...I left schools shortly after more divorce issues, and found new grounds. The kids were nicer here. I had recieved shit from one bully so far, but growing sick and tired of that crap, I decided to push back. This led to me and him becoming friends, and I was invited into a new circle; anything to escape what I had been through formerly. These kids were the skids; the ones who listened to Korn, smoked in the alley, got drunk on weekends, and some of them, did drugs. I stayed away from all of these things, but stuck with these kids; they were fun, they hated everyone I hated, and they toughened my ass up...a lot.

High school came, and we all went the same direction, but they were quickly going into the fray. Mushrooms and ecstacy were now the "drug of choice" and I quickly found what we had in common before was diminishing. I was not so quick to trends, and started dressing in the most inconspicuous possible way; plad and jeans. It was perfect. It fit anything, and no one questioned you. They left you the fuck alone. I quickly began to realize, that was EXACTLY what I wanted.

I more or less alienated myself, but comfortably this time. I knew quite a few people, and I would share a few words with them, but I never joined a circle after this point. I loitered. I met an interesting fellow in art class. He was tall, scruffy looking, wore a pink shirt, and a ram-chip as a necklace. Everyone thought he was gay, or otherwise, despised him. He and I had much in common; our favorite movie was DUNE, and we were both Dreamcast addicts. We also both liked hackey-sack. More then anything, we both hated "the herd", and we wanted to be left alone.

For the three years of high school, I hung out with none other then this individual. Lunch consisted of "Hack". We had a group of people who liked to play with us, but the game grew violent after some time, so we decided to disband, and isolate ourselves further. We found a nook, a room between two doorways that acted as an exit/entrance to the building, and we played here. After two years, Hack wasn't fun anymore, so the third year of high school, we brought a jukebox to school, and turned that on. We would stand there, talking sometimes, with the jukebox on, listening to Van Halen, or Fifty Cent (The reason for this choice was it was after his initial popularity...he was no longer "cool" anymore. I didn't approve as I don't like rap, but it was listening to Vanilla Ice in the late nineties.)

I changed from trying to fit in, to being comfortably alone. He and I are still friends to this day, and he is exactly what qualifies as a "de-facto Satanist." I won't ever mention it to him, but he has the nature, to be sure. One of the only individuals I've come across who was very much like myself, one who I will probably be friends with until the end...whatever that would entail.

#301759 - 01/27/08 10:48 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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My experience in school was both pleasant and productive. I kept my head in the books and my nose clean, and although I never excelled to the top of the social pecking order, I somehow managed to be well liked by nearly everyone from every social clique. I was the kid that people came to for advice or to mediate disputes amongst the different social classes. I enjoyed that, it was a powerful feeling to know that mine was the voice of influence.

I miss some of the people that I've lost contact with over the years, and often find myself wondering how life is treating them. Given to do over again, I wouldn't change much and I think it would be right good fun.

I'm looking forward to my ten year class reunion in 2009.

#301762 - 01/27/08 11:30 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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I started high school in '94, the hay day of the grunge era. The first few weeks of school I wore ripped black jeans, a band t-shirt, Doc Martins, and purple manic panic streaked through my blonde hair. I thought it was fun, but realized that it was a limiting image. That was one of the most important lessons I learned. I changed my appearance and some activities to more closely match the norm. I still played guitar in a band, was active in theater, and played hockey ... but I also was a cheerleader, active in several clubs, and a few other sports (swimming, field hockey, lacrosse, and powder puff football). Some of these I thoroughly enjoyed, other activities I enjoyed the benefits that came along with them. I didn't have an exclusive clique, I moved amongst the social circles easily.

I continue to do this as an adult. I have found that it's far easier to get what you want when you're a wolf in sheep's clothing than to be an easily spotted wolf amongst the herd.
** former username Ealaiontor **

"The truth is I've never fooled anyone. I've let people fool themselves. They didn't bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn't argue with them." - Marilyn Monroe

#301763 - 01/27/08 11:33 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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Highschool was a shock to the system for me, after being homeschooled for 6 years.

I fit in best with the kids in the year below me. They were nice, I helped them study, I had friends there and the ones who weren't my friends left me alone.

The kids in my own year, though, that was another story. I wasn't interested in very "girlie" things, so the girls didn't want to hang out with me (or me with them), but I wasn't "cool" enough to hang with the boys, plus surfing was a main interest of theirs, rather than video games and the like. I had no friends, and when it came to group projects I was the one left doing all the work, picked last at team sports. I was bullied by the girls in the change rooms after PE, I was pushed around in the bus line after school, I had notes about me passed around in class. I was completely different in looks and interests, and while they all preferred getting drunk and going to parties, I preferred to spend my nights at home reading, writing, playing piano or gaming. I couldn't see the point in getting drunk or high or partying. What a waste of time. But that made me "lame" and "boring", just like how I had never had a boyfriend at that time, and the gap between me and them grew even larger. To make it worse, I wasn't a Christian, and this was a private Christian school.

Despite this, it didn't bother me too much. I wasn't going to be something/someone I wasn't just to fit in with them, when they were hardly worth my time. I kept a low enough profile that I wasn't singled out for the worst bullying, but I did feel rather lonely and I would be lying if I said that I had never considered "changing" for them.

My final year of highschool wasn't quite so bad, everyone got more focused on their studies and we all took to sharing notes and such during breaks, so I did spend more time with my classmates and it was a lot nicer than it had been the previous years.

Although that was my final year of highschool, it actually wasn't the end of highschool. I still had another year to go, which I did part-time at a college type of place. It was a much better enviroment there, much more mature.

I often hear people say things like "highschool is some of the best years of your life", which have just always made me go ????? because ... what's so great about it? It's a bunch of kids who think they're adults having a several year long pissing contest.

I have found college and university to be much, much more enjoyable.

#301768 - 01/27/08 12:56 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Taliana]
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I had a pretty shit time in secondary school. I was very bright academically and was in most of the top classes (except for maths which I always found quite difficult - meh). A lot of this stemmed from coming out at school at the tender age of 13, big mistake on my part. I was in pariah town after that, I had no friends (and I literally mean none, not a few, none) for three years and every day consisted of me trying to find places in the school where I'd encounter the least number of people so I didn't get abuse or physical objects thrown at me.

Things got better slightly in year 10 as a drama group started then and I got involved with that and some people in the group decided they liked me enough to move past the whole gay thing (sadly a lot of people avoided contact with me not because they disliked that I was gay, but because associating with me positively often meant they had to take shit from others and it wasn't worth it - literally herd mentality).

I finished secondary school and for reasons I don't fully understand decided to stay at that school to do my A-levels, which meant another two years of crap (why I did that rather than going to a college I don't know).

If anything school taught me how to be self sufficient and not depend on others for self fulfilment, and funnily enough I'm now the outgoing and popular type as an adult that a lot of people wish they could be but aren't (ironic that turn around). Still I left school with a huge amount of baggage which required a lot of therapy to get through, I could have done without that. I'm okay where I am now, but anyone who tries to maintain that school days are the happiest of your life would get laughed in the face at from me.
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#301786 - 01/27/08 02:36 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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I never really gave mind to having friends in high school. For the first two years I was pretty popular because I attended a christian semi-private technical institute blah blah blah... and I seemed to be one of the few boys that seemed to have known the fine arts of hygiene and manners. I was pretty popular for this. The nuns even let me sport medium length hair because they considered me to be a good example.

However my golden days of high school eventually went down the drain. I failed a (technical) drawing class along with 200 more students. The administration felt more like covering their asses than investigating why so many students failed the same class, with the same teacher.

Anyways, my last two years where in a fully private christian school. My mother had studied there and I enjoyed the fact that I was so much smarter than everyone else. I used to ace religion class and yet again the nuns let me have medium length hair (culturally, it was considered long) I just stated "Jesus had long hair". I was once forced to stop this because some smartass with greasy hair dragged me down with him one time the nuns where ordering people to cut their hair and noting down names. I once tried joining a "cool" social group but I soon decided I'd rather eat dirt.

My social circle was mostly independent from school. My friends and I spent most of our time playing video games and skateboarding. I met them purely because we lived close, we all got used to each other even though we had different personalities. I'd always wear a white tee-shirt with jeans and skateboarding shoes, pretty simple... it once became a popular style and I had good laugh. In these times I learned that politics was a business and other life lessons first-hand.

During my graduation ceremony I was described as "the guy who was always sleeping and knew every theory" in the class memoir. Most that didn't know me just said I was "antisocial". Not that many people actually "knew" me. Most of the time I just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

#301788 - 01/27/08 02:46 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Scion]
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I must say high school was quite the learning experience. The high school that I atteneded was full of ignorance. Our school mascot was an inbred hillbilly with 4 toes. That says a lot about the school.

I didnt attend any of the tail-gate parties, or the drunken field banjo jamboree. Their parties never appealed to me. I stuck to my books and knowledge. I did quite well in school, taking as many classes as I could, 7 a day. I never cut up, never got in trouble, was quite boring actually. I always kept to myself. Brought my own lunch. Has anyone here actually ate a public school meal? In North Carolina more money is spent on the prison systems food? That makes me feel great... The administaration always kept an eye on me cause I was "different". I guess they assumed that I would do "something". I had a few friends at school, many I have never talked to since. I see many people now from school that come up to me and say "Hey man! how ya been?" Why talk to me now, you never did in school. I do not care what you are doing with your lives. But they just tell away. Im a lawyer, Im a doctor, so on.
Does this happen to anyone else?

The school mainly consisted of rednecks and over zealous christians, many of which could sure talk it, but when questioned, they did not know a thing. They were quick to brand me an outsider, I was never so glad.

I see that many of us share some things in common about school.

#301811 - 01/27/08 05:08 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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High School was monumental but yet asinine at the same time for me. After being home schooled for a year, I came into High School somewhat shy, but yet excited at the thoughts of new experiences.

Freshmen year I discovered Satanism, and from there I inadvertently tested out The Satanic Sins and Rules of Earth, learning from any mistakes I made, and narrowly escaping future mistakes by sticking to what LaVey said, and applying the philosophy.

I was a band geek through and through, which naturally meant ridicule from "The Cool Kids" or whoever decided to point a finger, it didn't matter to me. Band and art were the only classes I thoroughly enjoyed, so I didn't care what people thought.

I was almost completely bored with the same routines for classes we were put through, and by the time High School was over, I was completely tired of school. The public school system was a joke to me, but at the same time I thought having a High School Diploma might set me higher than most of the students that end up dropping out.

About the only things I did care about during high school were girls, books, art and music, with a large emphasis on girls. Honestly I've learned gratuitous amounts of information just straight out of High School than I ever learned in there.

But one of the most important things I learned in High School was human nature, and how to manipulate it.

#301825 - 01/27/08 06:42 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Shade]
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That was absolutely beautiful Shade.

About that friend of yours: one of my best friend is a very naive, good-hearted, left-winged, politically-correct, innocent, charitable, socially-active girl
Opposites attract, it is said.

And yeah RHPS.. ~nodding head with a sigh~

As to me;
All I learned in high-school is how to sleep on my desk in various positions.

I share the impression of "a-melodramatic-mess-of-youthful-emotions-gushing-their-way-
out-of-a-personality-crisis-magnified-by-social-rejection" from those years.

Or, in other words:
There is no such thing as evolution - Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

#301832 - 01/27/08 08:54 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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I remember having a small group of friends that were outsiders of sorts. Some of them were too weak to handle the common razzing that kids that age put each other through, so a few of us must have been seen as sort of a safe zone. I recall defending some of these friends on several occasions.

I was given a lot of shit for doing my own thing but nobody ever really attempted to outright cause me major trouble, I suppose I had a persona that worked.

Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson seemed to be the more popular of the figures in our circle. I was more of a Metallica and Black Sabbath fan. Music seemed central to everyone during those years in all walks of life.

My best memories were of using the word processor in the library and writing for hours on end. I still have that stuff on disc somewhere.

#301841 - 01/27/08 10:38 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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People generally thought of me as an eccentric, unique, a nutcase, or a queer (depending on if they liked me or disliked me).

The "cool" kids stayed away from me because they knew I was different and not one to conform to their deplorable tastes in music, movies, or entertainment. The punks and wastrels hated me because I wouldn't join them in their pot-smoking doldrums. Girls didn't like me and thought I was some kind of lunatic. The girls that thought I was "hot" were too afraid to approach me or talk to me, or were pissed off because I never made an effort to get close to them. As a result of not talking to many girls, a few punks used to spread rumors of me being a "fag" or a "queer".

I played on the sports teams as well. Many of the jocks absolutely hated me. Many of the coaches loved me. They did because they knew I was different. That I was there for Myself, and was more dedicated and disciplined than anyone else. I refused to attend my teammates hooligan frat-like afterparties. And I wouldn't just get along with complete asshole teammates just for the sake of sharing a same colored uniform. Yet in the end of it all, I walked away with more accolades and achievements than most people in my Graduating class could dream of.

I wasn't the smartest in the class but people always seemed to want to seek me out for help, advice, or guidance in some way. For those who I enjoyed my company around, I helped them out along the way and have maintained some good friendships right to this very day. Of course, I've also had to deal with my fair share of wastrels and psychic vampires trying to either ride my coattails or take advantage of my intelligence. Those people I could absolutely care less if they're still around or not. But through it all, the few friends I've made were worth it.

In a nutshell, those were my high-school years.

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