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#301856 - 01/28/08 12:18 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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 Originally Posted By: Roho_the_Rooster
I have never; nor will I ever, attend a High School reunion.

Good choice.

The less that is said of my hight school years, the better. But I went to the 25-years reunion - and that was a bizarre experience. I hadn't really seen anybody since back then and they all looked like grotesque parodies of themselves, and yet themselves - if that makes any sense.

There were only me and one of the girls who had kept our shape and looks relatively intact (add some lines in the face and yada yada - but we didn't look OLD the same way that the rest of them did). And surprise, surprise, we were the only ones that hadn't really ever gone for the whole family-life-and-job-security bit.

I suppose it's all predictable though. Back in the time she was the school slut, with an absolutely horrible reputation. Now she was an independent business woman doing good on her own. I used to be just weird. (Trust me on that one, hehe.) I simply cruised through school with a yawn - everything being much too easy. My grades were top notch and I was a super-athlete - but I just wasn't interested. At age 15 I got my own apartement, went to business college... but found a more interesting life working at nightclubs, among hardened criminals and prostitutes.

The reunion party was pathetic. Apart from the kick of seeing all these assholes now nothing more than just older and uglier assholes, there was nothing in it for me. I circulated a couple of times before making a quiet disappearance at the time people were tipsy enough to start "dancing" (which is the generic name for such horribly disharmonic body wrigglings, but must not be confused with the aesthetic art by the same name).

Pay attention to those from your own high school. Chances are that the interesting people are those who neither obeyed nor opposed the rules of authority, but simply went their own way in complete disregard of all else.

#301858 - 01/28/08 12:37 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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My prom was held on a blueberry farm. Besides that high school was uneventful. Nothing happened to me other than one girl hating me. She shouted the oddest insults. When she snapped at me I was too busy thinking "what the fuck?" to be insulted. I dated a guy for two years and in the hall way she yelled in a very snotty tone "have sex with your boyfriend lately?"

Other than that I was well liked. I had no problems with the other students.

#301864 - 01/28/08 01:31 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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Looking back, I was a bright and subtly influential student.

I wasn't the prized student in terms of sport, but I did quite well academically.

The teachers new I was different. I was a smart student, a different thinker and mature for my age.

My peers looked-up to me and some teachers feared my almost 'two-faced' qualities that allowed me to pull strings in the right places.

I had (and still have) the wit and sense of humour that was always enjoyed by those around me.

I was a leader throughout school and that has served me well.

I had a great time.

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#301869 - 01/28/08 02:14 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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To sum it up, it had been a living nightmare, twelve-hours-long daily, for four years straight.
But I've got over all of the collective shit and moved on. All that matters is the here and now.
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#301930 - 01/28/08 09:31 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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Going to ghetto public high schools in South Central Los Angeles made me drop out. Can you imagine going to a school where students regularly got murdered? On their first day?

I had to move up north to Sacramento, California and go to school with the white people so I could get a HS diploma.

#301948 - 01/28/08 11:01 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Callier]
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#301967 - 01/28/08 12:17 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Philotechnic]
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I went to a high school in Sacramento, CA, known popularly as "Rio Marijuana". The pervasiveness of drugs at the school was disgusting, moreso considering it was mostly white middle and upper class.

I started high school as an anti-social goat who hadn't realized his gift (that is that he "suffered" from a mild bit of anti-social personality disorder) that attempted to dress with the herd. My father and I were on the up and coming, but still lower middle class.

I finished high school as a wolf. I dressed and acted in a manner of class. I still wore jeans and T-shirts the majority of the time, but the pants were clean, dark, and free of holes, as were the shirts, and I made a point of buying better shoes and wearing a belt. As far as my interaction with the herd, I heard someone describe me behind my back as "the one queer you DO NOT fuck with." Thing is, that reputation was all a result of manipulation and hitting on instincts. The most important thing I learned in high school was manipulation, and I was, and am, damned good at it.
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#301985 - 01/28/08 01:21 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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I was definitely an odd duck back in my high school days. I never played any sports, (in fact,I hated sports), but I was friends with a lot of the jocks.

I wore a leather jacket with chains and spikes on it, but I didn't get along with many of the other metalheads because I also listened to other types of music. They labeled me a 'poser'. Anyone here who grew up in the 80's should remember that was the ultimate insult you could hurl at a metalhead.

I hardly ever studied, yet had no problems passing tests. I knew more than my teachers did about a lot of subjects, and graduated with very good grades.

One time, one of my teachers said to my parents, "Your son has an unhealthy obsession with the occult. He spends much time in class drawing 'cult symbols' on his books." Of course, this was when the Satanic Panic was in full swing, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

Several years ago, I ran into a guy I went to school with. He was someone who sometimes gave me shit. He was one of those people who always thought they should be given everything on a silver platter without having to work for it. He was working behind the counter at a fast food place. So, after placing my order, I just smiled and thought, "Damn! Stratification. You just can't beat it!"
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#302020 - 01/28/08 03:52 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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That was a great story, Evil Eve. I don't have many stories that I can recall. I didn't spend much time in school and the time I did spend in school I didn't pay much attention. I would usually show up for the first class, the bell would ring, and I would say "screw this" and go off in the mountains in my Jeep and explore and hike around in the mountains around here. I barely managed to graduate from high school but I learned enough to get by. If I could do it all over again, I think I would stay in classes and learn and study and get good grades. Education is very important whether your home schooled or go to public or private schools. I did not realize that at the time but do now. But also important is enjoying life, and that is something I have done very well.

A favorite quote of mine is from Christopher Walken in The Prophecy when he's sitting on the steps of the school with the kids gathered around him. He says as the kids scurry off "Study your math, it's the key to the universe."

#302024 - 01/28/08 04:03 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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I went to an all-male, Catholic prep school. Most people hear that and say "Oh that must have been torture", but far from it. Looking back, I'm so glad I went there and not to the local public high school. I always worked hard and took pride in my academic life, and this was the type of school that could best contribute to that.

What I liked about the school was that the faculty treated you as an adult. Of course, being treated as an adult also meant that they expected you to act like an adult too. As long as you followed the dress code, made it to class, and were learning, they didn't care about the little or irrelevant personal things. We had all the benefits of a privately-funded institution too: excellent teachers (very knowledgable and passionate about what they taught), great facilities, high-quality food, etc.

As for how I was treated by the other students, there were certainly a few assholes in the crowd. There always are. These were mostly kids who had only gone to private Catholic schools their entire life, and knew nobody outside of their own preppy clique. I certainly stood out a bit, having the long hair and being somewhat vocal about not being Catholic (I hadn't identified as "Satanist" yet; it would still be a few years before I read the Satanic Bible). But looking back I think I was much more well-liked than I assumed.

I can't say that I was collectively singled out, though. If anything, *I* was the one who was doing the singling out and finger pointing at certain students, being the angry young teen, jumping to conclusions (unfavorable or favorable) about people based on appearance and whatever subculture they gravitated to. It wasn't until college where I finally learned to drop the clique bullshit. Also, I saw very, very few fights in high school. I can probably count them all on one hand. People were probably just too busy, between home work and the clubs they did after school. Speaking of which: I was president of the German Club and was also in the jazz ensemble, plus an after-school meditation group, and had brief stints in the math club, fencing, and a few others.

Being called a "nerd" was pretty much unheard of, since to call somebody a nerd was to practically say "I have a lower GPA than you, and therefore will wind up going to good college, and thus will end up being less successful in life." Besides, the people who couldn't keep up with the academics ended up failing out within the first year or two.

There was a dress code, but no uniform. The dress code was pretty simple: the shirt had to have a collar, no sneakers or boots, no jeans or sweatpants. There was still enough room for individual expression.

The fact the school was all-male was never a problem. I found plenty of other places to meet girls besides school. And it made all the gossip and macho bullshit pretty non-existent. Best of all was that once you broke up with somebody, you didn't have to see their face again.

I actually enjoyed my religion classes. The teachers didn't so much care about what you believed, but how well you could speak for yourself. I got to take classes like "World Religions" and "Ethics/Logic". Granted there were also about 4 liturgies you had to attend throughout the year, but it was no big deal. They were just a matter of sitting and standing at the correct times for an hour. On some of these I just sat the entire time and refused to stand, but never got into trouble for it. One time the dean said to me afterwards, "Just out of curiosity, why didn't you participate in today's mass?" I said, "Because I'm not christian." He just slightly pouted his lower lip and silently nodded his head, as if to say "Fair enough."

So over all, I'm glad I escaped most of the horrors that come with public schooling. I'd call it a Satanic choice for me, because it was most certainly self-serving in many ways. I still go back to visit my school now and then and talk to the old teachers who are still there.

Damn, that was a long response.
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#302090 - 01/28/08 08:17 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Bill_M]
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Not so much high school. Grade school however, was hell. (har har). Not to gush about my family, but the support I had at home was key in my surviving the itty bitty hierarchy which was public school in a suburban town full of extremely wealthy W.A.S.P's.

I had a situation with a few kids who spent their time making my life awful, but was always told those who mentioned high school as being the best years of your life had absolutely zilch to look forward to.

At one point I decided to fold up a note with a veiled death threat towards my worst bully inside to attempt to scare her, knowing full well that a folded note in the girls bathroom would get notice within minute of me leaving it there. It was found, and instead of the principal noticing the obvious daily psychological torture I was dealing with (And I wish I were exaggerating,)I was braded emotionally unstable and put in learning disabled classes. Nowadays it probably would have gotten me arrested.

My mother on the other hand told me to draw pictures of my various bullies getting brained and gutted to make me feel better. Even made me a little voodoo doll and told me it served no other purpose but to relax me. *gush gush*

The next year I showed up to 9th grad sporting black everything. Lipstick, nails, hair. I'd gotten a hold of some old punk records and decided to play the part. The second I showed up I was branded a witch, and frankly I just went for it. Rumor got around that I'd put a curse on this particular bully and she managed to have the worst day of her life after the rumor was spread, which I suppose was lucky for me. People left me be after that, but the learning disability brand followed me all over the place. My actual disability was in Mathematics, but that didn't matter. I was now a retard.

That year I was removed from the school. I called one of the LD teachers out on calling a class full of dyslexic kids stupid, and was reprimanded for it. My mom took me out soon after and put me in a small Quaker school. I ended up graduating and having a lovely time of it after. The smaller school was exactly what I needed.

Afterwards I did some personal healing and went on with my life. I left high school in the proverbial dust and rocked out in my 20's. Now at 30, I'm still finding the occasional body issue or self esteem issue, but then again who doesn't? It's something that still stings sometimes but served to teach me a hell of alot of lessons. Don't think I'd change it. \:\)

(Sorry for the novella)
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#302091 - 01/28/08 08:23 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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 Originally Posted By: Evil_Eve
I ask you gentle reader/Satanist, what were your High School years like?

I was asked to leave 10 days before my 16th birthday (1981).

I was happy to oblige. ;\)
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#302094 - 01/28/08 08:27 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Svengali]
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I fit into no crowd, but got along with them all.

#302095 - 01/28/08 08:42 PM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Svengali]
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I was asked to leave the private school I went to for 9th grade. I really didn't want to leave because they had GREAT food at this place. I went to private school my whole life. I know how to put up with Christian weirdos, but upon my coming of age they could no longer put up with me. I have a big mouth and it gets me in trouble sometimes.
It went like this:

"We really do not need someone like you in our school community. I'm not expelling you. I am asking you to withdraw."

"That's fucked man. Aren't you here to save my soul?"

"That's between you and God."

"Yeah, but I really like the food here. I mean, I put up with a lot just for the really good lunches. This place is great. I got chicken parmasean yesterday."

"We can't have you here. We can't tolerate someone of your mindset. Steven asked us to kick you out for saying what you said to him."

"Yeah, I know, he told me. Don't be a dick. I really don't like the food at the other schools."

"Ricardo, let's call your mom."

Good times.
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#302141 - 01/29/08 04:14 AM Re: A blast from the were you treated in School? [Re: Evil_Eve]
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Well, I spent almost all of my youth in extremely Catholic & Opus Dei schools.

Being raised and educated in such environments is quite hard, as by the time you get into such places, you are only around 6 years old or so and are, obviously, very easy to get influenced. Our teachers were using the "fear tactics" to teach us. This means that they were constantly telling our young and virgin minds to act and behave in a determined way, otherwise we would be punished and our souls would "go to hell" and suffer endless pain.
For a just 6-year-old kid, it's, at least, a quite frightening idea. Add a similar parental environment and you could get the whole picture.

Anyway, as time passed by I got interested in many other subjects (as were girls) and I began realizing that not all girls were bitches as we were told so, I started questioning lots of other "de facto" statements. At that time, my musical tastes also began changing and, like many others, began listening to Metal. From Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal to Death Metal and Black Metal (we're talking about the end 80's). One thing lead to another and, obviously, the matter "satanism" appeared once (yes, with Deicide and Morbid Angel). A teacher of ours gave a quite long speech about satanism related to music, put lots of lp's and played them backwards. Lots of colleagues of mine could hear lots of "satanic" messages, impulsing to kill babys, commit suicide and a very looooong etc... I actually didn't hear anything at all, and so did a very few friends of mine.
The outcome should have been obvious. Being raised in such an extreme "ambience", being forbidden almost everything, both at school and at home as well, you tend to take the only direction possible... do the exact opposite you are supposed to do. A few of us began listening and looking for more of that "infernal" music, as well as an intense thirst to learn lots of things which were forbidden to us.

In 1991, a copy of "The Satanic Bible" fell into my hands. I used to go to lots of second-hand-book libraries looking for "forbidden" books and I bought that copy translated into spanish language (I still own that copy today!). That was amazing! Suddenly, I understood my life and feelings, far beyond that bad-guy attitude I had adopted. Since then, I stopped attending mass, stopped attending religion classes and just focused on my studies. I was almost fired from that school, since teachers and priests began noticing my change. They talked to my parents and they had to pay money for me not getting fired before getting my High School degree (my parents told me that long after I finished university).
As I began university, my parents took me to an Opus Dei faculty. That was even worse. I obviously had to move out from my parent's home, as university was located in Barcelona, quite far away from my home, and it was more suitable to live near to the faculty instead of having to do the long way every day.
Once there, a few colleagues and me noticed that, during the time we were attending classes, some kind of "inspector" was entering our rooms everyday to look after "forbidden" material, such as porn (quite obvious for students), grass and/or anything similar. We then decided to hang quite explicit pictures of nude nice-looking ladies on the walls of our rooms, just to shock the inspector on his daily inspections. Everyday afternoon, our walls were totally clean. The pictures were gone!, but nobody spoke about that and nobody asked us about the pictures. I then decided to photocopy passages of the Satanic Bible, enlarge them, and hung all those photocopies on the walls to scare the shit out of that guy.
Two days after my decision, I was fired!
As I didn't want to waste my time and my parent's money, I just talked to them, explained the situation and some of my beliefs and, although they were quite shocked, they somehow understood my point of view and went to a public university. Education, obviously, was not the same, but anyhow... the rest, as they say, is history...

That is the "resumed" explanation of how I was treated at school. Even though, I don't have bad feelings at all, as the friends I made on that time (all of us "outsiders") are still friends of mine today, and are still sharing the same interests. I'd like to think that those times, and my thirst for knowledge as an outcome of that, actually led me to where I am today.


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