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#302886 - 01/31/08 05:24 PM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: Evil_Eve]
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It might interest one to know that I have Lane Bryant catalogs! ;\)

They have the -greatest- bras.

We had him repeat these words:

"Mecca lecca high, Mecca hiney ho!" (Which he did). Then We had him repeat the ancient words: "Mecca lecca high Mecca Choney ho!"

(Which He did).

If anyone here is a fan of Pee Wee's Playhouse (which I am) you can understand how hilarious this had to have been.

That's just fabulous.
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#302951 - 01/31/08 08:15 PM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: Evil_Eve]
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 Originally Posted By: Evil_Eve
I left. Too much drama for Me, however, I'll never forget that dork repeating those Pee Wee Playhouse words from Jombie.

That sounds like quite a party

I doubt I would have been able to keep a straight face.
La vie veut vivre.

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That's why she ensnared him.

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#303038 - 02/01/08 06:09 AM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: Seeker Of Wisdom]
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I remembered a story which happened to me some years ago.
Fact is that I like to celebrate my birthday on my own, which means with my wife and my closest friends, if so… I’m not too much into big celebrations and so on.
Anyway, it was a Sunday, and I was celebrating my 30th. birthday with my wife, enjoying an extreme nice meal when suddenly somebody knocked at the door. It was my wife’s brother, his wife, his wife's mother, his wife's grandpa, his wife's brother and their two sons. I couldn’t believe it, but I thought “O.K., just let’s pass the day fast and forget about it. They just came to celebrate my birthday so, maybe I should be patient”, which I did…
The problem is that I COULDN’T STAND those guys in particular. I always had an excellent relationship with my parents-in-law, but not with my wife’s brother and his wife’s family. They’re very loud people with very bad manners.
Besides that, I’m a pretty clean guy and like everything to be in it’s place and clean and so on so, suddenly, they begin eating with their hands, not at the table (as it is the supposed place to eat, right?) but on my sofa… the two kids (8 and 10 years old) began hiding behind the sofa touching the walls with their dirty hands, throwing meat all over my wooden floor and running the stairs up and down.
Upstairs in my house I have a little “studio” with my guitars, my amps, my cd’s, my books and my gimmicks (Pinhead, Spawn, Aliens, Clive Barker's Tortured Souls, Eddie’s figures and so on) so, the kids begin playing with the figures (so far o.k. for me) and begin hiding behind the sofa I have upstairs, shouting and throwing things to each other and the parents, plain and simply saying NOTHING at all… The mother of my brother-in-law’s wife suddenly gets into our bedroom to have a sleep without asking us(that wasn’t that o.k. then).
I decided to go upstairs again when I suddenly hear a great “CRACK”… one of the kids had taken one of my guitars (Jackson Randy Rhoads, U.S.A made, pitch black… one of my faves), put it on the floor and stepped ON THE NECK to get a figure which was located in an upper shelf. Result, the neck totally destroyed and, as these are neck-thru guitars, almost impossible to repair. The 10 year old kid begins to cry and his father, plain and simply, tells him it’s o.k. and asks if he does feel well and leaves that guitar on the floor without even caring about it, about the figures, about my sofas, about my dirty walls and/or floor, sits and continues watching an absolutely nonsense whatever on T.V.
I then remembered Satanic Rules of the Earth 3 and 4.
“When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there”
“If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy”
That was too much for me (my wife didn’t also say nothing at all about the whole story), so I instantly fired all of them (my wife included).
Obviously, my wife came back a few hours later but they never came again to my home, and so I didn’t go again to any of their lairs… and almost one year after that happening, my wife and me got divorced.

Not too funny but true.


All I Hail, Hail me back!

#303271 - 02/02/08 01:01 AM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: Ghorth6]
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My sincerest condolences. I truly, truly hope that that was your worst birthday ever...
In this crazy world I'm certain of only 3 things:

1. The short memory of the human race.

2. History repeats itself.

3. The short memory of the human race.

#303274 - 02/02/08 02:01 AM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: Seeker Of Wisdom]
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once while in my web design 3 class in college, the instructor decided to let us have a free day to work on projects

he then decided to try and get us to play his video game he was working on.

now this guy could script and code like no other, but to be honest, he didnt have an artistic bone in his body. so the game sucked.

i played it for 5 mins, then turned it off and started working on my website for the class project. (we had plenty of time and weeks to get it done, but i like to stay productive during classes im paying for)

he comes over and asks me why i turned off the game. I told him bluntly it sucked, that while the scripting of it was perfect, the artwork, gameplay and character models where horrid.

this led into a huge rant of his which i cant even remember the details of, and me ending it by asking him if the game was part of the class.

he said no and i said i dont want to play your shitty attempt at a video game.
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#303607 - 02/03/08 01:44 PM Re: Rule Number 4 [Re: L0ki]
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Thanx a lot for your wish, Black Waltz... And yes, it was my worst birthday ever. All my followings have been much better, without any doubt.

Besides that, after my divorce, I didn't get to see those people anymore so, just fine for me. Got rid of'em. A little bit harsh, but effective.


All I Hail, Hail me back!

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