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#30333 - 03/07/04 02:12 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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"Could sin be interpreted as natural instincts? Why must we fight our urges and desires? If there really was a Creator, why was it so insensitive to man's feelings? Giving humanity the burden of sin, while watching our struggles like a child playing with toys. Perhaps there is a God and we were created in its own sick image?"

Vincent Crowley

#30334 - 03/07/04 02:42 PM Leave it to me [Re: Dracul]

There is not a single person who will ever prove without a doubt that God does not exist. You can't prove that something does not exist when it does not exist because there is no evidence to prove or disprove it. Now if you were to prove that God does exist, THEN you could possibly prove and measure that he exists somewhere other than our universe and that he is constantly absent from ours.

I'll leave that bothersome task up to others, I have other more important things to worry about... like remembering to brush my teeth every day. If for some reason all this crap about souls and an afterlife is true, rest assured that I'll find a way to tell someone who is still living. I'll make sure they have a way to prove such a thing so that they can tell everyone else and put this ancient debate to rest once and for all. But then again, if it were possible, don't you think someone else would've done that already?

#30335 - 03/07/04 05:37 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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I can't believe in a god that I must fear. Why should I? If he made me, and everything was his will, then why should I be sorry for anything?

If I am not good enough for god then god is not good enough for me.

Hail Satan!
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.

#30336 - 03/07/04 07:42 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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If you are referring to the god in the bible, then I'd say that he is a petty, selfish child that is content with watching people suffer for no apparent reason. Would a being that created the universe really need to write a book or convey rules that make no sense at all for people to follow? Would a being of that magnitude have such a self-esteem problem that he would need followers to do his bidding, acknowledge him through prayer, petty symbols and large buildings? A being that powerful would not be concerned about our well-being nor care if we blow ourselves up or not. A being that powerful would be so far beyond our comprehension that we would never be able to understand the most minute thought it could conceive. Much like us kicking an ant pile and trying to explain to the ants why we did it.
"There is less time than the space that confines it. Make it count." -- Me

#30337 - 03/07/04 08:00 PM My View [Re: Dracul]
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I do not ask "Is there a god?"
I state loudly to those within earshot "Who cares if there is a god"

The only logic I can assume is that I am god and master of the destiny before me. The rest...the seeming order to the world/universe that appears external to me, is only a manifestation of order/disorder that I hold to be real.

The multitude of "souls" that inhabit my space/time are just passer-throughs of the moment, alike but not of me. They are gods also, some knowing and viable, others less so.

At times I feel that with enough thought a god can be made, but it is as a ghost god, and not stable, due to the vast difference of those that lend it into reality. It is no-where near omnipotent, though it may be thought of as such.

Cosmic chance enabled us, as it could enable things seemingly greater than us (god-like). But being of such an individualistic bent, I could no more give it worship than the sun or moon I see hovering above. It would just be a thing, and all things come to some end, or change enough as not to be considered as before. That is natural.

Fear of death or the unknown that is death wastes time, as it can not be avoided and there is no known absolute to what it entails. To speculate would be to waste valuable time that would be better spent in the here and now. The same could be said about the speculation of external god(s), versus the grooming of ones-self as their own god.

That is why some Satanists proclaim
"There is no God, but myself."

If after all of this, you still find the time to ponder that
.01 percent of doubt, I respectfully ask that you keep such doubt to yourself. The concept that god is external and greater (answerable to) is vile to me, and goes 100% contrary to what I feel Satanism is about. I would tend to think that it does not belong here, taking up space.

I stress that I am not making a single point of attack against your belief, but I do stress that you should consider who you address when you post here, and adjust as is fitting.

Good Evening.

Hail Satan, Hail Self.

#30338 - 03/07/04 11:14 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - preferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Have you ever had insecurity moments when you ask yourself the question "What if there is (a) god?"
I believe 99.9% that there is no god ...but there is the 0.01% that sais that if there is a god (like the xtian god) hidding himself in a dark corner of the universe ...then I'm in deep sh1t. What about you?

You're welcome to try to prove there is no god here, so that I will never have to put myself that question again.

Oh goody
When I get bored I sometimes think of what I'd do if there was an afterlife...

Would I be in deep sh1t?


If the following things are true...
1.God exists
2.God's power exists only in the afterlife
3.Newlly deads are not immediately ensnared
4.Human "soul/life energy" exists and would behave as I suspect it would under a imagined list of assumptions...
5."soul/life" force begins to deteriorate if not in a common plane (ie. "heaven") or on life support (ie. a body)

My plan of action:
I would attempt to return to Earth and find a suitable host body...
This would most likely be the unborn child of a sleeping pregnant woman...
I would attempt to enter the female through the weakest part of her "defenses" (Rumored to be the breast)
and attempt to reach the child...

I would then attempt one of two things...
1. Destroying the child's "soul" and replacing it with mine...
2.Something else...

If all else fails... I will attempt to merge with the kid...

That is my plan if there is an afterlife and the sheeple were right...
Within the eye of the storm of conformity, creativity runs rampant. The key then, is to surround yourself with the shaven fools if one is to truly be free. -Nogi The death rate on Earth is: .... (computing) .... One per person.

#30339 - 03/08/04 02:06 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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then I'm in deep sh1t. What about you?

A long time ago I pretty much decided that IF there was a God then 'he' would be like me. By that, I mean, logical, practical, reasonable and intelligent. As blasphemous as it sounds to the herd...whenever some one asked me, "But what if you die and there is a heaven and you meet God? THEN what's gonna happen?"

And I honestly thought about that....and I figured he would have me meet him on the back deck of his mansion for a margarita and a cigar and he would give me a BIG hug, roll his eyes and ask, "So, how was it?" And then we would probably chat about how idiotic most of his little herdlings were and how they always fail to see the point or his big picture and how hypocritic they were. Jesus might show up and join us..or not. But he would be the same way.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I would be fine. It is all those nitwits out there that pretend or just figure they will be fine if they have a copy of the bible and ask for forgiveness before they die.

I'll be just fine. My only BIG worry is that if he wants to play golf then I am really rusty.
Josephine Seven
Cherchez La Femme
"Test Everything. Believe nothing."

#30340 - 03/08/04 02:28 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Caesar]
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You may also want to read Satan Speaks! . The chapter titled The God Of The Assholes may be of assistance.
Are You One Of Us?

#30341 - 03/08/04 07:35 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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When I was a child I used to, it was how I was brought up.

Then I grew up a bit, learned a bit more.

my answer in No.

#30342 - 03/08/04 08:25 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Without a doubt. God is real; he is currently sitting in my seat and wearing my shoes. And, fellow Infernal Citizens, that is the only God that concerns me.
If you are referring to the chap in that popular novel that the herd goes crazy about, then I'm afraid not. Unless that is I'm wrong about Santa and Superman as well!!! You know there are tourists here in London who believe that Sherlock Holmes was real as well, just because you can go to Baker Street. Frightening really, isn't it!

Hail Satan!

#30343 - 03/08/04 11:22 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Doogie]

I don't know if i should admit this, but I have a minor fantasy of going to 222 Baker Street--just to say I have been there. I know Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character though.

I would also like to visit Grace Bros. department store, but I know that is not possible since is closed down and the members of the clothing department are now running a bed & breakfast.

#30344 - 03/08/04 12:51 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Mallamun]

Beautifully put Mallamun I couldnt have said it better myself. The gods of humanity indeed do appear to be nothing more than reflections of their own selves which would explain the childish personality traits of the christian god. Feeble gods for feeble minds and fortunately those self same minds are incapable of true power. Self realization perhaps? I believe that to be the standard for any Ubermensch.

#30345 - 03/08/04 02:24 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Some times I also think of that... Maybe there is something like a cosmic God somewhere is space. It's highly unlikely, I know, but the universe is vast and we don't know what kind of beings may inhabit it. Maybe there is some being with great powers, capable of plaing pinball with planets and moons... something like that.

But even if this almighty creature exists somewhere... would he care about we Earthlings? Would he give a damn about our insignificant lives, anymore than we humans are interested in the personal lives of ants living in a remote corner of our house?

Even if this "God" exists, he is as irrelevant to me as I am to him. The actions of my live would be as meaningless to him as the dreams of a microbe are to me. So I don't waste much time thinking about this "possible" God.

Now... if the question is "Is there a God in the Biblical sense?" Then I definitely know there is none. I have no doubt about it, not even a 000.1 of it.

A God watching the affairs of humans, punishing or rewarding them according with their virtuous or sinful lives is just ridiculous. It is the result of the uneducated minds of primitive people, who needed of such mythical character to fill a hole in their incomplete view of a world they didn't understand. But the concept of the Judeo-Christian deity is one no developed mind can't accept.
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
Robert A. Heinlein

#30346 - 03/08/04 02:37 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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I don't have this "what if" fear, because I can dream up equally strange "what if" scenarios that have just as much credibility. The only difference between people who say "Believe in Jesus, or suffer" and people who say "Bow to the All-mighty Invisible Grapefruit, or suffer" is that the former group has more printed material to reinforce the idea. I would suggest reading the brilliant parody Kissing Hanks Ass, if you haven't done so already.

>but there is the 0.01% that sais [sic] that if there is a god
>(like the xtian god) hidding [sic] himself in a dark corner of
>the universe ...then I'm in deep sh1t.

Only if you make ALL of the following assumptions:

1) God exists
2) God is a thinking entity
3) God can see your actions
4) He/She actually cares about them
5) There exists some metaphysical way of punishing people based on their actions.
6) God will potentially use #5 on you based on #4.

(By the way, if #1 is at least debatable, why assume #2-6 are no less debatable?)

Now that's a LOT of assumptions we're making! But let's make them. This STILL begs the question: what actions will avoid punishment? Many Catholics think that Protestants will go to hell. Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced that they themselves are the only ones who will be "saved". Muslims think that the Koran is the correct book and many believe that all Xtians will go to hell. The list goes on. We haven't even talked about eastern religions that have completely different ideas of what form "suffering" takes and how to avoid it - some of which are completely irrelevant to the notion deity!

And personally, if I created a universe, I'd have much more respect for self-responsible people who don't bug me than for those who kept on asking me for more wish-granting every Sunday.
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#30347 - 03/08/04 04:19 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Bill_M]
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And personally, if I created a universe, I'd have much more respect for self-responsible people who don't bug me than for those who kept on asking me for more wish-granting every Sunday.

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