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#30318 - 03/07/04 06:13 AM Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead.
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Have you ever had insecurity moments when you ask yourself the question "What if there is (a) god?"
I believe 99.9% that there is no god ...but there is the 0.01% that sais that if there is a god (like the xtian god) hidding himself in a dark corner of the universe ...then I'm in deep sh1t. What about you?

You're welcome to try to prove there is no god here, so that I will never have to put myself that question again.

The following lines were added later after I re-edited the post:

I now realize why the "insecurity". For the past few months I've been visiting some evanghelic xtians ...going to their church, ...blah blah ...of course that was not to bow to their god or seek for forgivenes in heavens ...but for doing some business.
Well, it's impossible to attend to some 50 or more xtian meetings without having their religion messing with your mind.

Now that I've realized this, I can pass by the 0.01% and regain the 100% level ...and who knows? ...maybe later I'll go up to 105%
I will need it for I will have to keep going to the xtian church until my bussines is done.

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#30319 - 03/07/04 06:23 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Speaking purely as a Satanist, Id say that if there is some sort of afterlife of any sort, it is, indeed, AFTER LIFE and of no concequence to the here and now; as that is where we Satanists like to direct our attention.
My personal opinion the matter however is that assuming either way is rather foolish. Anyone that claims to know is neck deep in self deceit and stupidity.In reality we are all agnostic!
I must say though that all the existing creationist stories are easily debunked to anyone that actually trys.
"One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike and yet it is the most precious thing we have." - Albert Einstein --------------------

#30320 - 03/07/04 06:35 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Well i guess it is 100% sure that there is no god - that doesnt mean that there is no higher intelligence/energy in the universe. But it is like all those questions about multidimensional reality, other realitys, the reincarnation question, where get the essence past after the dead of the body - everything is of course pure philosophy and you do not will find any material proof for that because we are talking about outa-material questions. For my part i am here because i do not follow the right handed path, i also like the Jane Roberts Seth theory - and i belive in something but not in a all-mighty god which wanna rule the universe and the humans on this planet - thats for sure. I whould assoicate with the word "god" the count of all lifes, we're our gods and every has his energy in itself - but we could discuis very long about it - too long for my flavours

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#30321 - 03/07/04 07:18 AM Nietzsche's "Pale Criminal" [Re: Dracul]
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There is always a slight possibility.

But, should the day come when such a god presents himself, I would still be glad I had lived my life as I did. So I would have been wrong. So what? Sure, I'd be set up for some serious "punishment," but I still wouldn't deny my life for what it was, or regret my actions (if I did, it'd only be mindless "confessions" under the influence of "holy" torture). I live as I see fit, with my powers of reason, self-preservation and desires. I will never be ashamed of that.

Such a situation would still be infinitely more satisfying than being a Christian who, after having completely wasted his life, comes to realize there is no god or afterlife.
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#30322 - 03/07/04 07:27 AM God is hereby ordered to death on account of redundancy. [Re: Dracul]
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My view on god:
I will admit that there is a possibility that an intelligent higher being may exist, even to the extent of the Christian God, or any other mythological Gods for that matter.
However, I have seen enough proof that a god is not necessary for the creation of the universe and life, therefore I see no reason to acknowledge him/them. And, although we still have a long way to go, I am of the belief that one day humans will be able to fully explain everything in the universe with 100% accuracy (assuming of course that we don't go extinct from some unforeseeable force or, more likely, our own stupidity) which renders god even more redundant. Why worship or even care about something that isn't in the least bit necessary, even if it is there? The only thing in my life that I know exists is me, so that is what I'll worship.(my own take on being one's own God)

I think the idea that a universe that came into existence without the help of an outside entity is much more beautiful than one that was engineered.

Furthermore, if there is a god like the Christian God, I am confident that if I have to face him at the pearly gates I will have no guilt for my life, and thus will have led a fundamentally moral life. If he really is going to condemn me to hell just because I don't acknowledge his existence, I don't think I would want much to do with him.

#30323 - 03/07/04 07:46 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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Have you ever had insecurity moments when you ask yourself the question "What if there is (a) god?"

"...I have built a mechanical sanctuary. In it copper bats fly on electric beams, brass rats scuttle in plastic cellars, robot skeletons dance; robot vampires, harlequins, wolves, and white phantoms, compounded of chemical and ingenuity, live here."

"Usher II"
The Martian Chronicles
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#30324 - 03/07/04 08:02 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
Caesar Offline

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Respectfully, you need to reread that chapter in The Satanic Bible .

"With all the debates about whether or not God is dead, if he isn't he had better have MEDICARE!"
(Magus LaVey)
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#30325 - 03/07/04 08:12 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]

Is there evil in the world?

If you answered "Yes," There are only three possibilities.

1. God is not all-powerful, because an all-powerful all-good God would prevent evil.

2. God is indifferent, therefore not all-good.

3. There is no God.

Pick one.

#30326 - 03/07/04 08:30 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
sCara Offline

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Have you ever had insecurity moments when you ask yourself the question "What if there is (a) god?"

I am a "beast of the field".. Either way, it is not a concern of mine.

#30327 - 03/07/04 08:44 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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I believe 99.9% that there is no god

If your atheism is dependent on a strong belief that there is no God, then you're in the same boat as most religionists.

The slightest degree of inquiry into where the concept of Yahweh/Jehovah came from reveals blatantly human manufacture - relegating it to the same level of consideration worthy of Santa Claus, leprechauns, unicorns, and other human fantasies. It satisfies some psychological need in many people, but there is nothing - absolutely nothing - to suggest "God" is anything more than a belief.

This is why Satanism demands study, not belief.
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#30328 - 03/07/04 09:01 AM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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but there is the 0.01% that sais that if there is a god (like the xtian god) hidding himself in a dark corner of the universe ...then I'm in deep sh1t.


What's God going to do?

Send you to Hell ?!
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#30329 - 03/07/04 09:06 AM There is a god! [Re: Dracul]
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Except he's hiding in a dark corner of Ohio.

I have seen this wrought over again and again. The belief that since "miracles" occur, it must mean there is an omnipotent being out there making them happen.; remember, people need dogma and ritual, it's a human thing. However, of the experiences I have had with "God" in the creator sense, it is not that being that makes them happen, it is the person willing the effect that makes it happen.

Magic (god power) is a tool, and like any tool, it is as useful as the user. Therefore, if I go through the steps on the mundane level and use my "god power" to attain what I want in life, why should I attribute that to some faceless man on high? It is counter-productive.

Hence, I believe 100% in god, I know he exists. He's writing you this response.

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#30330 - 03/07/04 12:35 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]
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"God" is a very general term, really. The personification of an inner divinity--the longing to escape from an animalistic body that, having eaten the apple, humans realize with horror they are naked in. Minds that grow beyond understanding of their own physical selves do long, in the universe, that there is something more extravagant than the shape of flesh in which their entire existence is embodied. The 'doubt' of one's own certainties in the deity issue is not so much a doubt as a desire, or a fearsome longing. You *CANNOT KNOW*, and so your mind, for all the perception you will ever experience in this life, does define the nature of things. People do not so often ask whether a god exists, because such a question is never answered, but they ask their inner painter, who deceives them of every truth, whether they would WANT to incorporate "god" into reality. Your "god", as such, is a reflection of your inner self. (One of the many reasons Xianity frustrates me--different people of different dispositions still try to conform to the inner workings of ONE MAN, whose mind and heart was his own, more than 2000 years ago.) How far you want to carry the concept from there depends on how willing you are to deceive yourself. Satanism is a simple, direct path because it tosses aside the personification and goes directly to the person. If you decide to take the middle step, there's the possibility of fooling yourself, or growing to believe... growing to forget your "god"'s true origin (as has happened with society). You plant the seed of a "god" possibility into your mind, and soon you ask yourself, "Is he real?" You play with an imaginary friend for years, till you forget what issue you invented him to help you deal with, and you think about all that your imaginary friend has given you, and begin to think... "This can't just be me. There's something more to this. I believe my imaginary friend is real." That's sad on its own. Don't be so sad as to begin questioning whether someone ELSE's imaginary friend is real.

That said, I believe that there can be creatures so far above us that they appear, in our eyes, "god-like." I do not think for a second there could have been a "creator." (I have painted myself that way.) If nothing else, the possibility of an omnipotent being extends furthest in the theory that there is a commonality--a mass concept or will that is composed of all elements therein. But the thought that there exists an all-powerful being with its own opinions who sits there and observes the human species and sets down rules for its conduct is rediculous. Humans are animals. It is our NATURE to do many of the things described as wrongful by spiritualists and religions. Because we are sentient, we have a higher responsibility over those actions, that is true... But why should the regulation of our instincts be translated into an all-important image that encompasses all of existence? Give a monkey a brain, and he thinks he's the center of the universe...

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#30331 - 03/07/04 01:00 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - prefferably dead. [Re: Dracul]

God does exists, and you should fear him!

Look out, BEHIND YOU!

#30332 - 03/07/04 01:57 PM Re: Wanted god - dead or alive - preferably dead. [Re: Dracul]

I can't. It isn't within me to self-delude.

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