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#302702 - 01/31/08 03:48 AM Re: Structured debate turned into grasping for air. [Re: Taubmann]
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You're totally right about that, Taubmann, but anyhow I wouldn't say it's a part of "Spanish Culture" itself. I would definitely say it belongs to some, as you quite well said, rural areas' uses.

I do also expect my meat to be "home grown", but I don't need to watch the pork and/or cow or whatever being slaughtered and butchered in front of me before I get to eat it.


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#303092 - 02/01/08 09:24 AM Re: Structured debate turned into grasping for air. [Re: Pact_Primeval]
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I don't understand that mentality. Every time I eat meat I know exactly what it is that i'm eating. People are being quite silly to think that meat shows up at the supermarket without any animal being butchered, that's just how it goes. I guarantee you the same people that cry and make a fuss about an animal being killed would have a completely different attitude if they were out in the wild starving and that same animal became an easy target for food. I'm not talking about vegitarians or anything like that, just the meat eaters that for reason don't understand and keep in mind that they are eating an animals flesh.

There was a discussion a few years ago and a lot of people shared my position that it isn't any of my concern exactly how an animal lived and subsequently died. It's not really my responsibility to make sure an animal died a noble or comfortable death. Maybe i'm just lazy but i'm not going to research every meat company to figure out who's causing the least amount of pain to animals. A lot of people have horror movie perceptions of pain which is not accurate. Pain is temporary and the animal will go into shock fairly soon after they are critically wounded if not killed immediately.

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#303389 - 02/02/08 05:41 PM Re: Structured debate turned into grasping for air. [Re: Adveser]
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Funny you should say that DickSteele. There are many reasons someone might be in college for eight years, i won't bother listing them but for example.

A friend of mine works four days a week. She is lucky she has the fifth day off to go to university. Her course would normally take 3 years, but due to her being part time, it will take six years. Then of course we have the whole work placement issue to go into. I can see why your stepdaughter would get angry. It's almost as though the person was... gasp! grasping for air!

#303452 - 02/02/08 10:21 PM Re: Structured debate turned into grasping for air. [Re: DickSteele]
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 Originally Posted By: DickSteele
He asked "how long has he been going?", "well, almost 4 years", "well, only someone going to be a doctor or a lawyer would go that long".

That's funny. It took me EIGHT years to get my BA. I won't even go into why...the point is that I got it.

People who have never been to college are always the ones that know the most about it: stupid bastards.
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#303564 - 02/03/08 09:06 AM Re: Structured debate turned into grasping for air. [Re: RottenBonnie]
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That's funny.

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