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#303780 - 02/03/08 09:04 PM Suggestion. [Re: Ganon]
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I would suggest you read my next book but it isn't written yet.

In the meantime, you should actually read The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Scriptures where these topics are carfully defined and explained.

You will also then better understand why so many of the terms you have used here are viewed by Satanists as incorrect.

#303831 - 02/04/08 06:50 AM Re: Satanic Magic [Re: Ganon]
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 Originally Posted By: Ganon
The tragical history Of Doctor Faustus

Ah my favourite!

I prefer Christopher Marlowe's version, but Goethe is okay.

However, that has got fuck all to do with magic as such, which originally was called "black" only insofar it was originated in Egypt (or Khemt (= The Black Country) as the Egyptians themselves called it). I am uncertain if there ever was a real "white" magic until the Age of Dichotomies came to be - perhaps something of Sumeria or India? - but I have not seen any evidence of it in any source material so far. It seems to be only some superstitious, modern nonsense created by "new age" hippies with an agenda of personal vanity, of looking good and being all clean and pure and white and stuff.

It may perhaps be worth remembering that the word "al-chemia" is the determinitive (sp?) form of the Arabic word for "black", i.e. what is of Egyptian origin. Then there is CULT, from "occulted", which simply means that which is hidden, i.e. outside of what language and reason can grasp. It simply refers to people who are studying "surrealistic" issues that defies linguinistic description, connected with the subconcious and chtonic minds, usually expressed in more or less strange rituals and ceremonies, and the possible utilitarian value of being knowledgeable about these. Much of it is just for the kick of it as well, much like sex is a kick.

There is a lot of superstition hiding at the borders between the conscious and the subconscious realities of the mind. PLEASE do bear in mind that this is synonymous to the mental paranthesis which occurs at the moment right before you fall asleep, or right as you are waking up, when you are floating between the worlds as ancient "shamanism" would call it. Strange images are only your mind trying to make sense of an influx of energy that is allowed because of intersecting matrices.

I personally consider concepts such as "Satanic Black Magic" to be absurd. It is like speaking of "Hungarian Gray Butterflies". Please limit the use of adjectives. There is no need to further obscure something which is already hard to comprehend - but as a general rule of thumb, we can safely say that all "magic" is about learning how to effectively know and utilise the awareness of the human form - and the extent to which that is "Satanic" is a question to what extent you will believe in the hype, buy the crap, or whatever you English call it. Satanists will typically be prone to skepticism and a fierce focus on what works rather that what looks pretty - and they will of course be interested in learning about all ways to make better use of own mind, body and time of life.

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