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#304151 - 02/05/08 03:06 AM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Arvid]
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What part of "If you you do it, you can go to jail" do you not understand?

We're not talking about reviewing any laws. We're talking about the laws as they are written right now.

Please explain to me your justification for committing this particular illegal act, other than the age-old cry of idiocy, "I'm doing it because I don't think it should be illegal!"
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#304240 - 02/05/08 10:42 AM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Arvid]
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You don't get it and I doubt you will.

"Free thinker" is a pointless term. Everyone is free to think whatever they like, but they are not free to call themselves a Satanist if they do. If you want to claim that Satanism should be "anything goes" then what's the point of defining it with a word at all? Might as well just call it "Having a pulse."

Folks are also free to use drugs and pay the legal/health consequences when they do.

If you think you have some awesome new valid argument, you don't. I've heard it a million times already and every time my answer is a spit on the pavement and a desire to see the damned dopers put away for good - or just hung.
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#304354 - 02/05/08 07:50 PM Where the stupdity is. [Re: Arvid]
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Would you mind pointing out where the stupidity is?

Talk to any number of drug users currently in prison and they will be happy to explain this to you.

Choosing to risk going to prison for mere entertainment is as stupid as it gets.

#306292 - 02/13/08 02:56 AM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Arvid]
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#306298 - 02/13/08 03:57 AM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Bruce]
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Hi Bruce.

You're new here so I won't give you too hard a time about posting:

What an interesting thread, dissapointing that he was banned and that we are no longer able to hear what he has to say. I feel that he deserves an answer, and one that other that have the same question can recive.

But I will tell you this---if


is something that requires more explaining to you, you will not be happy here.

Lastly, this is a moderated forum, privately owned, and no one here deserves anything.

I am sad that your first post couldn't have inspired a warmer welcome, but you need to know the rules up front.

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#306321 - 02/13/08 05:39 AM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Bruce]
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I am not interested in hearing what some dingalope druggie has to say. It is all the same: lame excuses for being a loser, a slave to the herd mentality of the substance abusers.

Do you have a question? It says clearly that this forum is for questions about the COS, and only moderators and members of the priesthood may post replies.

Welcome to Hell......
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#309224 - 02/24/08 04:56 PM Re: Philosophical question. [Re: Ygraine]
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