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#304118 - 02/04/08 10:56 PM I Would Like to Apologize to All the Members On This Forum!

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I would like to apologize for yesterdays ingorant, immature actions that I made on this forum. I was rude and out of hand so I just want to say that I'm Sorry for What I said about the Church of Satan bein Atheistic Con Artists, Which I know for a true fact that your not. You are all great individuals that I enjoy reading your ideas. I apologize to the two members that I said rude things to and to the life of Heath Ledger in the Joker is Dead forum post. I came out in a Rude Horrible Humor way and I felt that it was amusing to me but it wasn't for all of you and I apologize for my rude statements about this actor who is now gone. I say things that get out of hand and I Promise to never do that again to all of you. I do not wish death on anybody and I apologize for what I said. It will Never Happen again and I promise to you all!!! This is coming out straight through my heart and I take full responsibility for my actions and there are no excuses. But again I do apologize for my actions on this forum and I apologize!!! Hail Satan!!!
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#304157 - 02/05/08 03:33 AM Re: I Would Like to Apologize to All the Members On This Forum! [Re: MARDUKXUL]
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Bravo on banning this guy. I couldn't locate the member list link we used to have, so I couldn't link you to who he originally was, but this guy had been banned before.

Cheers to our awesome mods
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#304892 - 02/08/08 04:16 AM Re: I Would Like to Apologize to All the Members On This Forum! [Re: Valek]
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What is it with this nutcase? Why can't he just leave already???
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