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#305168 - 02/09/08 05:55 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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I'm so young, yet I have already lived so many lifetimes !

I'm obsessively observant- . It leads me to constant questioning . Hence the love of science . As I need it to prove true or false . It helps ground me so that I make sence, and yet have room to dream .

I have a highly tuned and greatly studied Empathic nature ( both receptive and projective ) . I find all to often I think something . Then suddenly scientists are writing about it . I be arrogant to ignore those who's writing Inspire my thoughts further . Many to fruition .

I love contradictions , most hate me for it . I am of two minds on everything . To see both sides , allowing me to act as my own "devils advocate". I take so much in to account few names and dates stick . Though this has never stopped me( I just don't sound as well read hear ) .

I have a great respect for Alchemy . The predecessor to my favorite math/science Chemistry . I love the premise behind it . The mapping of the particulars that form matter . ( alas just a hobby for now. )

I am a writer - for no other object in this world has built as many worlds as the word . No other save those Tomes has held so many universes . To bring lifes' tangibility to thought . Seeing as my life is a series of verbal equation, long lists of experience, boiled down to a common catch phrases, or quips . Often more for the reader than myself .

I love to make stuff up and draw lines of similarity noone else has thought of let-alone seen . I find this form of creativity comes at a controversial price . I'd reference some of my favorite memes here but there indepth analysis is my *big read shiny candy like button* .

I have what like to considere an articulate command of the american language . I love messing with words,... like demoralizing - to make a point with - Demon-izing ( in reference to those myths of other cultures ) . I also find in order to use it I spend more time reading the Dictionary than the Tsb here .

I love the works of Neil Gaiman, and William Blake . I have a collection of cartoon characters, stuffed animals, unicorn, and mirrors .

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#305183 - 02/09/08 07:09 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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 Originally Posted By: Svengali
I mean genuinely obsessed or engrossed in to the point that a significant segment of your life is devoted to it, professionally or not.

.... not vaguely interested, or looked up something online once.

I'm glad you reiterated this. I've been enjoying some of the responses, but some of the others just read like hobby lists. How can one be "genuinely obsessed or engrossed" in 12 different things? There aren't enough hours in the week!
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#305202 - 02/09/08 08:21 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Bill_M]
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Yeah, I said that because a few replies fell into the "_____ sounds cool but I haven't lifted a finger to look into it, so in the meantime I'll pretend I already am 'into' it" category.
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#305208 - 02/09/08 08:42 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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I think to some degree Satanists are extremists regarding interests---life is too precious to waste on mere "hobbies," our interests almost always seem like obsessions.

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#305213 - 02/09/08 08:53 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Bill_M]
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Another point is that Satanism is a street religion. Polishing up on satanic-speak, without putting it to practical use is like waxing your car every week without knowing how to drive. I may be wrong, but my initial thought was that that is what Magister Svengali wanted to explore; what roads we drive on.

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#305250 - 02/09/08 11:03 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Bill_M]
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 Originally Posted By: Svengali
I mean genuinely obsessed or engrossed in to the point that a significant segment of your life is devoted to it, professionally or not.

.... not vaguely interested, or looked up something online once.

Bearing this in mind...

#1) Singing
My mother is a part-time professional singer (in pubs, social clubs and such) who was in a band before she married. She introduced me to singing at a very young age. In my early teens, I occasionally did guest spots at her gigs, singing mainly rock ballads. The only thing I hadn't tried was classical and opera. When I was 18 I started taking lessons from a classically trained teacher and quickly realised that this was the career that I wished to pursue.

#2) Piano
I started playing by ear when I was 4 and began taking lessons soon after that. I quit when I was 14 in an act of 'teenage rebellion' but picked it up again four years later with surprisingly little detriment. I'm currently practicing for my Grade 6 examination.

#3) Music Theory
I recently passed my Grade 5 exam with distinction. This opens up a lot of doors as some higher level music examinations can't be taken until the candidate has passed Grade 5 theory.

#4) Music Composition
Learning to compose is a small part of studying music theory. I always shied away from doing it until I started a band a year ago. I write the vocal lines and lyrics for the band as well as bits of piano/synth lines now and again.

I find that all of the above help each other out. Singing is my priority but the piano is definitely the backbone of my musical life. I can't estimate how much it helps with my general musicality.

#5) Christianity & Christian Theology
I am majoring in Religions in Theology with a bias towards modules concerned with Christianity (and, inevitably, a bit of Judaism).

#6) Languages
I have been learning French since infant school (but that's not a very accurate measure of my skill; I should really be better than I am). I no longer take lessons but keep it up through conversations and reading. I have been independently studying Finnish for a couple of years but, due to the lack of opportunities to use it, I would say that my interest in Finnish is purely on an abstract rather than practical level: I'm interested in its grammar and structure more than anything else.

There are many, many other interests that I could list but the above are the ones that take up a good portion of my time at this point in my life.
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#305264 - 02/09/08 12:37 PM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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I am genuinely obsessed with, and engrossed in, computer technology. I’ve spent nearly every day of the last 30 years programming, designing, architecting, networking, assembling, or otherwise contemplating the many facets and application of this particular technology. For the last 10 years, my specific area of focus has been on designing large-scale (in terms of transaction volume) computer systems leveraging the same technology that underpins the Internet. Within this realm, I’ve carved out a niche of expertise around architecting the computer systems that enables the travel industry.

I have many interests, but what I share above is my obsession. While this may brand me as a one-note wonder, I sing this note in pure form and I gladly pimp myself out accordingly.

#305392 - 02/10/08 06:37 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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This post has been very informative and thought-provoking.

My principal obsessions are:

Artificial Intelligence - I've dreamed of creating artificially intelligent machines after seeing movies like "Cherry 2000" and "Blade Runner" and reading science fiction as a kid. Now that I am in my senior year completing a B.S. in Computer Engineering, I am actually beginning to design and implement reasoning systems. I am amazed by the fact that a machine, that can ultimately be reduced to a mathematical representation ( aka TM ), can exhibit intelligence, or the appearance of at least.

Physics and Math - These subjects are an indulgence to me in that I derive pleasure from their study. When I manipulate mathematical constructs it gives me the feeling that I am manipulating nature itself and that I have complete control over some fundamental thing that I understand completely. The more I study physics, and learn about nature, the more power I can command.

Language - I have studied Latin, Greek, Italian, and French at the university and am currently studying Spanish. I have a very basic level of competence in them since I have so many other subjects to study but I am practicing to become fluent in Spanish and may, at some point in time, become fluent in other languages. I like to compare/contrast them and I think that Spanish and Italian are acoustically beautiful. It is my opinion that language is the connective glue that can integrate art and science, just as math is the language of expression for the technologies. Language is critically important to my life.

Self defense - I lift weights regularly and have a plan for my health. I train myself to be able to respond appropriately when attacked. I protect my home, finances, and personal information from attack. I am invigorated by confrontation but have also learned to choose my fights wisely.

Hiking/Camping - I began hiking as a teenager and fell in love with it. I especially like hiking in the Rocky Mountain/Four Corners area. I like the peace and quiet, the physical exertion, animals and landscape, and cooking by campfire.

Cooking - I have no formal training in cooking but have cooked professionaly, by learning on the job and with cookbooks. Spanish and Italian foods are my favorite. I especially like very spicy food and raw vegetables.


#305393 - 02/10/08 06:41 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Zezb]
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One note?? Sounds like an entire aria to me! Don't underestimate yourself dear.

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#305533 - 02/10/08 05:12 PM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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My primary interests are:

(1)Animal Rights, mixing a lot of philosophy (for this I'm very into Darwinian ideas but I tend to move beyond them wherever it takes me) and anthropology (currently studying species like the Genus Homo, Australopithicine,Homo Erectus, etc.) in the effort to combat the ridiculous issue that man is not some 'highly evolved entity of light', but another flesh and blood animal, so yes I guess you could say I'm very obsessed with the study of the 7th Satanic Statement. I'm also an active member in many animal rights organizations but before anyone thinks too hard about it; yes, I'm a meat-eating member of Peta!

(2)Branching off from the above, I'm also incredibly interested and devoted to the use of Lex Talionis in regards to animal abuse/murder, as well as typical circumstances. I truly believe society needs something like a Code of Hammurabi, there's too much human vermin getting away with vicious, not to mention irresponsible, actions.

(3)FILM! I've been making films, ON FILM, for about 9 years now and I'm absolutely dedicated in keeping it that way. I enjoy experimenting with primitive methods used by Melies, and lighting techniques used in a lot of Noir and Horror pieces, and I actually incorporate ritual in many of the short films I do...
And also branching off this fascination with film, would probably come my interest in collecting. I have about 80-90 films on 16mm prints, ranging from Chaplin to Night of the Living Dead, and I like to collect rare VHS (usually old rentals) wherever I can find them, and I think I have about 300 - 350.

(4)Finally I would say another interest of mine is serial murder, and with the several books, etc. I have on the topic, my correspondence with one actually led into a good friendship that remains today. I also wrote a rather in-depth essay/analysis on Panzram a year or so ago that I was thinking of posting on here to share. If I had a 'favorite', he would be it.

I have other interests as well, but that's typically the ones I'm most passionate about.

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#305553 - 02/10/08 07:19 PM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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Reading and writing it. I can tell you, within reason, how most movies and novels will flow and end just by going through the first fourth of them, and I love ruining endings for people I hate. I have made myself very familiar with the mechanics and dynamics of creativity and storytelling. I love symbolism and mythology and recurring themes throughout humanity's greatest tales. I've been working on my own novel for longer than I care to admit. I feel like I've tapped into something and am telling a story that hasn't been told this explicitly before. I would list History as a separate item here, but for me History and Fiction are both part of my mental category of "Story" with History being the craziest and most chaotic story there is.

Human Brains:
How they work, how they came to be, how to use them and how to use my own. How reason and instinct work together and apart. Their general use and misuse. How to twist them.

I have all sorts of other little sub-interests but they all sort of stem from these two obsessions.
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#305755 - 02/11/08 03:11 PM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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For me it goes as such:

- IT-business and software architecture
(It's what I'm doing for a living and I do my best to be good at it)

- Languages
(Languages fascinate me. So far I managed to become fluent in 2 foreign languages, and got a more or less good understanding in 2 other ones. Mandarin Chinese is the next on my list to get fluent with.)

- Good dining / cooking foods myself
(A good dinner at a restaurant is always a pleasure to all senses. Of course the olfactory and tasty senses rule supreme in that particular field, but the overall atmosphere in a particular place, still has a great impact on how perfect a dinner or a business lunch turns out. Preparing food myself is also a pleasure, provided I got enough time to roam the markets for fresh ingredients)

- Photography
(I'm still an amateur when it comes to photography. But I do my best to improve. Catching the fleeting moment is difficult indeed - but then again, it is also a challenge.)

- Eastern Asian culture / art
(Somehow I find myself utterly fascinated in some aspects of the culture and arts of Korea, China and especially Japan.) iu koto desu,


#305982 - 02/12/08 08:33 AM Re: Obsessions & Studies [Re: Svengali]
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My passion, my love. My ever enduring, greater form of escapism! Yet it has grown to encompass the written word in all its forms.
Language, the way people communicate. All of these things.
Truths, as well. At least as far as those found in books. It's everywhere, did you see it? Every book that I have read holds some amount of truth. Or you could say that it's all true. As Hans Christian Andersen had written, “This fable is intended for you.”
I'd be a really great bad guy too if my only line was, “... Rrraagh rah rah raah raagh!”

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