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#305604 - 02/11/08 04:44 AM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: Malakuma]
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Malakuma. Wonderful reply. Thank you :-)
To the Moderators first I'm working on my introduction now. Trying to guess from reading the others whether a longer one or a digest is most suitable.
In high school, I knew people who declared themselves atheist having no completed education concerning the matter. Wow, that offers a lot of insight into my question. Thank you for being so bright.
As to whichever of the CoS Leaders is a dropout and an atheist, perfect :-) I guess it's more of an emotional decision than a researched one.
Alike to actually having a religion, to where you dont have much knowledge about the matter, only that for that moment you know the basics to be true.
Pardon the poor connection between atheists and religionists. I understand that was a very weak point. But it helped me some.
Thank you again Malakuma.

#305706 - 02/11/08 11:56 AM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: devilsadvocate]
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#305714 - 02/11/08 12:30 PM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: tekku]
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Yeah. I don't think too many people are interested.

#305715 - 02/11/08 12:30 PM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: devilsadvocate]
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In my dumb shit question, that is.

#305862 - 02/11/08 07:59 PM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: devilsadvocate]
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I dropped out of high school as well. I also graduated a year early with a diploma and went on to college. Oddly enough that has nothing to do with my take on creationism.
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#306078 - 02/12/08 02:16 PM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: devilsadvocate]
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 Originally Posted By: devilsadvocate
i understand that in satanism, satan is only a force of nature... but is it viewed that this force has a mind? or is satanism atheistic?

You've got some reading to do.

 Originally Posted By: devilsadvocate
also lavey dropped out of high school. i take it that he has no formal education concerning evolution and natural universe. NOT ripping on him, as i'm an atheist myself.

He wasn't a biologist, if that's what you mean. Of course you don't need a degree in biology to be a keen observer and understand human nature. Regardless, what does this have to do with atheism? There are plenty of theists who accept evolution, not to mention atheists who deny evolution (go research the Raelian Movement).

But what was his take on things? Concerning creation of and nature of the universe?

Ultimately irrelevant. See The Satanic Bible.
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#306087 - 02/12/08 02:57 PM In this very forum... [Re: devilsadvocate]
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#306406 - 02/13/08 11:06 AM Re: In this very forum... [Re: Nemo]
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I'm highly educated, but the only thing that made me an athiest was experience. Books had nothing to do with it.
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#307208 - 02/16/08 12:53 AM Re: In this very forum... [Re: inverted]
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I think that there is no need to be in school to get an intelligence superior to the other school but sometimes if it is a good tool but not if necessary for the intellectual development.

The individual can learn from what they see, read, touch, or hear without resorting to a school but as any mention sometimes it is necessary to improve certain personal skills that were hidden or that were already but we had not been aware of them

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#307231 - 02/16/08 02:43 AM Re: In this very forum... [Re: eduardogallegos]
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We are living in a time where there is no longer any excuse for being uninformed. For all the crap of it, the internet is still a mighty step ahead in making information of all kinds accessible to any- and everybody.

What would take you a lifetime to gather only 50 years ago can now be accessed within an afternoon of informed and directed search. We can only speculate about what this will mean in the long run.

#307252 - 02/16/08 04:30 AM Re: divinity in satanism [Re: devilsadvocate]
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You're quite welcome.

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