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#309018 - 02/23/08 07:20 PM Am I Truly A Coward???
Mr_Walker696 Offline

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Satanism to me has always been a religion a Philosophy of Individualism, of Choice and of Freedom, You see I'm not by My nature a Violent man I've never had an enemy at least not one I've ever hated enough to want harmed or "destroyed" So lately I've been wondering, If I did have an enemy someone who had wronged me perhaps in the worst of ways, If I "Chose" to show him/her mercy, If I chose to spare them the pain and wrath they were owed for their wrong, Not because its just the "right Thing" not out of Fear of reprisal from a third party or some Story-book character with robes and a beard but because I Chose to show it, Dos that make me a coward?

This question above all has been the one thing (aside from some recent financial hardships) preventing me from registering with the Church, everything else I'm right on board with,

Each As Bad and Herdlike If Taken A Gospel For All situations, In My Opinion

Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!; smite him hip and thigh, for self‐preservation is the highest law!

But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog

If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic.

Bite Me, Stake Me, Kill Me, Fuck Me, What Ever You Do Your Never Going To Forget Me!!!

#309021 - 02/23/08 07:40 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
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I think it makes you a foolish coward. I have seen many people convince themselves, (rather learn self-defense) that cowardice is their nature. These enemies that you claim not to have most likely adore you from afar. Best of luck playing the coward card here, I find most to be masochistic.
�Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.�
Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

#309029 - 02/23/08 08:52 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
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You really need this verified from strangers on the internet? Oh boy.

#309031 - 02/23/08 09:01 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Lust]
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My thoughts exactly!
"A complete education in Satanic philosophy is available at your local video store."
-Magistra Blanche Barton, The Church of Satan

"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior."
-Hippolyte Taine

#309032 - 02/23/08 09:05 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
phoenixrisen Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Mr_Walker696
Satanism to me has always been a religion a Philosophy of Individualism, of Choice and of Freedom...

If you read The Satanic Bible, you will see that Satanism is a religion, for reasons explained within TSB, unless I'm mistaken. I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with the philosophy to a greater or lesser extent, but that doesn't make them Satanists.

To say that it's simply about choice and freedom and leave it at that seems quite misguided to me. If that were the case, there would be no need for such things as the Satanic Statements, the Rules of the Earth or the Nine Satanic Sins. There would be no need for a name. It would simply be 'doing whatever the hell you want'.

Speaking of the Nine Satanic Statements...:

#5: Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.

There you have it. That is what Satan represents. If this is not for you, fine. But if I were in your place, I would not continue to consider myself a Satanist. I don't mean that in a derisive way. Satanism isn't for everyone.
La vie veut vivre.

She's not little, no minion like me--
That's why she ensnared him.

- The Laboratory by Robert Browning

#309033 - 02/23/08 09:10 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
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Quoting Luke and Matthew. So, you're a Christian or something? What kind of answer do you think you're going to get? Do you want us to hold your hand and walk you through this?

Satanism advocates using your own reason and discretion to protect your person and your interests. There is no room for "turning the other cheek" here, but that doesn't mean you have to let every nuisance preoccupy you. Recognizing someone as an "enemy" should depend on the credibility of the threat they offer to your person or interests. Your response should be practical for and proportionate to that threat. If you must be ruthless to stop it, be ruthless. If a soft touch will do, use a soft touch.

Give what you can afford, and give for the right reasons. Be discriminate.

#309034 - 02/23/08 09:42 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
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Who the Hell is Levay?

PS: Get lost.
"Consensus is the absence of leadership." Margaret Thatcher

"I'm fascinated with how primitive the human mind still is. It can be misdirected so easily." John Gaughan

"Success is uncommon. Therefore, not to be enjoyed by the common man." Cal Stoll

#309035 - 02/23/08 10:12 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
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"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#309044 - 02/23/08 11:31 PM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
Damaeon96 Offline

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Your not only a coward...your an idiot.

Violence is in everyone's nature. Someone who says they aren't under ANY circumstance is either a liar or delusional.

"Choosing" to show mercy for fear of the pain and wrath you claim you can inflict is a testament to your own weakness. Your not a predator, your the prey.

Categorizing what Magus Lavey wrote as herdlike is so far outside the context in which it was written that it makes my stomach turn. It leads me to believe that you haven't grasped a single thing written in TSB nor do you identify with it.

It seems your harboring some confusion between two completely different trains of thought. Your question suggests you lean toward the three "major" religions. I'll tell ya what, I will now summarize all three with a single phrase defining each, and you can pick one...

Christianity..."Ignorance is bliss."

Islam.........."Blind arrogance is a way of life."

Judaism........"We were chosen first."

If none of these suit you then I'd suggest looking into the Raelian movement. I'm sure one of there representatives would be glad to take your money and lead you to the spaceship. Happy trails.
And the leaders of the blind said unto me bow for we are the keepers of the word to which I tore away these burdened wings and cried never.

"Here's to hell. May the stay there be as fun as the way there!" - Groucho Marx

#309048 - 02/24/08 12:09 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
Hagen von Tronje Offline

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If you want to lie down like a kicked dog, then do so. But it does indeed make you a coward and a scoundrel, for your injustice is not only to yourself but to all your fellows; it is the cowardly and the weak of spirit that make predation such a profitable business, and had you more spine you might spare others after you from being targeted just as you were.

In short, you're scum. Go away.
"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."

#309049 - 02/24/08 12:51 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
AurEum Offline
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Satanism to me...

This isn't a term paper for school. Nobody asked you to compare and contrast quotes from Satanic and Christian literature. I don't give a damn what Christian literature says. I certainly do not care what anything is to you. By the way, that's where you went wrong, within the first 3 words you typed. There is no "Satanism to me." Magus LaVey (yes, that's right, it's spelled L-A-V-E-Y) defined Satanism.

Since you're so fond of school projects, here's a little exercise...

Fill in the blank
If I don't have the _________ to be vengeful with someone who has wronged me. (a few words that come to mind are: intelligence, confidence, courage, self-respect)

Short answer
I would choose to spare my enemy the wrath that they deserve because ___________. (suggestions: I am an idiot/I am incompetent/I am insecure/I have low self-esteem)

T/F I compare Satanism to right-handed path religions.
T/F I insult existing Satanists by calling them "herdlike."
T/F I have even a slight understanding of the term herd.
T/F I think I know more than Magus LaVey and the hierarchy.
T/F I get to pick & choose what I agree with and am a Satanist.

Decide for yourself if you're a Satanist. However, you do not have the luxury of making that decision by your own standards.
** former username Ealaiontor **

"The truth is I've never fooled anyone. I've let people fool themselves. They didn't bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn't argue with them." - Marilyn Monroe

#309054 - 02/24/08 01:07 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: AurEum]
Jack_Lantern Offline
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Nobody asked you to compare and contrast quotes from Satanic and Christian literature.

It is the nature of a message board that no one asks for anything, things get posted and read. There is plenty to be critical in the original post without pointing out this fact. Other than that you were hilarious.

Edit: Please understand it is not my intent to do any "civilian policing". Feel free to continue to point out the obvious if you like.

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Edit Reason: Clarification
"If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

#309057 - 02/24/08 01:15 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Jack_Lantern]
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People in this world are either for you or against you. There is no such thing as passive enemies. Love this person, or as TSB says, hate him with a whole heart.

#309060 - 02/24/08 01:51 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: Mr_Walker696]
TheNaturalForce Offline

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Am I Truly A Coward???


#309064 - 02/24/08 02:26 AM Re: Am I Truly A Coward??? [Re: TheNaturalForce]
hellbent666 Offline

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By definition's sake you are a coward but who, besides yourself, really cares?

I'm not one for physical violence either but if I'm backed into a corner with no other alternative but to fight then I will. I'm not even passive aggressive I'm just plain ole passive. It does not make you any less of a satanist just because you won't get involved in some stupid bigger dick contest with a known primate. Next time this happens through no fault of your own you should look your aggressor in the eye and tell him he should go paint his cave or chuck a spear at some animal because he is acting like a primitive being.

People that aren't capable of handeling their stress aren't even worth your time anyways. No one is faulting you for kicking them in the balls or shin and running like hell because self preservation is your highest of all instincts and crazy shit has been known to happen in even your basic fist fight. Mass equates force and if your aggressor is some meat head he has the propensity to do some serious damage to you.

A friend of mine in prison got into a fist fight with some idiot and ended up killing him with one punch! He got more time out of the deal so this is an example of when being your typical aggressive male got out of hand. My philosophy is if you can't talk some sense into them then beating some sense into them isn't going to work either, it's kinda like arguing with a fundamentalist xian, you are not getting anything accomplished.

Satanism is all about productivity and honoring your base instincts. But people here will try to civilian police you and tell you that you are less of a satanist because you are not as aggressive as some of these testosterone infested egostistical males are. A healthy ego is one thing but an un-healthy ego is another matter entirely.

But also keep in mind that LaVeys writings are not things to obsess over either. They are merely guidelines. However, if you stray too far from the guidelines then the less satanic you really are. It's really just how you interpret the satanic bible. We are the gods of our own subjective univerese!

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