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#289905 - 12/11/07 11:50 AM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: Frksgoddess]
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My question was very valid too and was not intended to bait him in the slightest, I am not responsible for bloodrain's reaction to a simple question.

It was also very relevant to the topic, I pronounce the keys very differently from anyone else but retain the rhythm thats important as detailed in The Satanic Bible as I am sure you are aware.

Thank you for your reply.
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#290111 - 12/12/07 07:54 AM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: Frksgoddess]
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I was directed to
for pronunciation of the Enochian Keys.

Anton LaVey, says, 'Of all the questions asked pertaining to the contents of The Satanic Bible, the most frequent is concerning the pronunciation of the Enochian Keys. I wish to stress the fact, before even dealing with the recommended pronunciation, that the importance should be placed upon the rhythmic and sequential delivery of the words, rather than a scholarly attempt to pronounce them properly.'

Moon Shadow
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#290401 - 12/13/07 12:40 PM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: Frksgoddess]
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Thanks everyone for your help and patience! It'll be a while before i even need to use the Enochian Keys but as i was finishing up TSB a week or so ago it was the only section that i had trouble with so naturally i saw an opportunity to solve that problem when i came across this particular forum. I finished The Satanic Witch yesterday and i'll continue searching online for tidbits of info until i decide what book to read next, in the mean time your patience is appreciated!

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#292376 - 12/21/07 04:23 PM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: Moon Shadow]
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The use of the Enochian keys in Satanic rituals is a mighty symbolism too, and this is the best "affront" to all this white-light mystics forever. This is something important to know, as this represent the bedrock too :

Take the Kabala for example or any roots from practices based on beliefs*, their principle has always been this way :

- working "into the light" in order to gain a so called knowledge, and as God rules on earth and hell, the initiate will also be able to command the demons by using the protection of light > here, you can notice their belief in entities, and also that they are not aware about the balance of nature ( the balance is everything ) which is the key of success or not. To them it is to ask anything, to have it, and to pay a price for the "service" .

So they protect themselves, they call the "72 djins" or whatever, they pronounce the keys but 'will be safe'...

The Satanic ritual is the hammer crushing this hypocrisy and fantasies. You invoke a force, you are in tune with it, you pronounce the words without drawing a ridiculous white circle around you, as you don't need to protect yourself from a side of the nature.

*(belief):the word used above is certainly not to attract the theorists of fortune, daring to speak about the Satanic rituals as a "punching bag" in order to feel better and that's it, and by this, daring to speak about magic used in the Satanic Bible as beliefs.
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#292435 - 12/21/07 09:39 PM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: BloodRain]
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 Originally Posted By: BloodRain
is there essays or books available that have the phonetic pronunciation of the Enochian Keys? I'm fascinated by them but fear i'll butcher the hell out of them if i try simply reading aloud.

The description is in German. But the title is English, so I guess you can find it in the States, too.

Scroll down to "Hoerprobe".
Sure you'll recognize the 18th Key.

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#309517 - 02/25/08 02:10 PM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: SaShArT]
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[Dumb video promoting devil worship removed by moderator.]

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#309523 - 02/25/08 02:39 PM Re: The Enochian Keys [Re: Darkf00l]
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Post modern Satanist? Uh yeah, something like that.

Another perfect example of why people shouldn't film themselves when they're under the influence.
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