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#311506 - 03/03/08 09:06 AM Reunited!
C.F. Kane Offline

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I saw this, got all gooey inside, and thought of Doktor LaVey. \:\)

I thought you all would like to see it.
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#311565 - 03/03/08 11:42 AM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Phineas Offline
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Very nice, and thank you.
"Consensus is the absence of leadership." Margaret Thatcher

"I'm fascinated with how primitive the human mind still is. It can be misdirected so easily." John Gaughan

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#311567 - 03/03/08 11:47 AM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
FalloutGod Offline
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That's adorable.

#311570 - 03/03/08 12:05 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
HellofallHells Offline
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That was great. Beautiful animal.
Hell of All Hells

#311573 - 03/03/08 12:14 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Callier Offline

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Awwwwww. \:\)

#311580 - 03/03/08 12:54 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Giovanni Offline

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Nice video!

I always love seeing video's like this.

#311581 - 03/03/08 01:02 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Mr Avarice Offline

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I remember when I first saw this clip and I remember how much it made me sob.

Thank you, THANK YOU for allowing me to do so again!

#311596 - 03/03/08 01:59 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Direktor Offline
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Wonderful video! More proof that man is 'just another animal'...

Thank you for sharing this,
I'm gonna spend some time with my cats now.
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#311608 - 03/03/08 02:36 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: Direktor]
Mister_Six Offline
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That's some cute shit!

I've always been a firm believer that animals and children are great judges of character.

I would've been terrified of that big ole' kitty!

#311610 - 03/03/08 02:43 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
John.Doe Offline

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Thank you for the link!

As much as I like the video, the audio comment is disturbing at best.

#311651 - 03/03/08 05:08 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
leonor Offline

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There're some truly awsome situations.

Time does not imply evolution. Very true. We are stepping back. One generates haunting monsters that generate haunting monsters on an endless spiral of misunderstanding, unsolved needs, moral amulets eradicating both the sickness and the cure.
I see a bunch of men raging at the void, haunted by their own inventions. Absurd. Totally absurd.

#311682 - 03/03/08 06:52 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
Ygraine Offline

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A justification for youtube at last!

Magistra, Church of Satan/
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#311711 - 03/03/08 08:08 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: Ygraine]
phoenixrisen Offline

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That's the most touching thing I've seen in a long time.

Thank you for sharing this.
La vie veut vivre.

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That's why she ensnared him.

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#311764 - 03/03/08 10:14 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: C.F. Kane]
AurEum Offline
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That was beautiful! Thanks for posting it.
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#312385 - 03/05/08 08:17 PM Re: Reunited! [Re: AurEum]
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I take it I'm the only one who just got a page full of scripts?

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