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#314497 - 03/13/08 06:35 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: shaitaankaal]
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Every coin also has a rim. ;\)

#314503 - 03/13/08 07:07 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: verszou]
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Too funny! I might actually try that this weekend ... "I'd like the antichrist before my eggplant parmesian. Which antichrist? Oh, I'll take the one with the prosciutto."
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#314521 - 03/13/08 08:02 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: Grottognosis]
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Oh boy . . .
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#314529 - 03/13/08 08:23 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: shaitaankaal]
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 Originally Posted By: shaitaankaal
Believing in Satanism, does not mean being antichrist but the fact that there is always two sides to a coin.

Some structures, and issues, are polyhedral, with more than two sides.

Day and night always goes hand in hand.

They grade into each other. Hence, 'dawn' and 'dusk.'

I'd shirk from using binary logic to delineate all facets of the philosophy of Satanism. Not every issue is presentable via two sides, and even if an issue only has two sides doesn't mean that they are weighted in equal proportions of merit.
"What a book a Devil's Chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering low and horridly cruel works of nature."-Charles Darwin, letter to Joseph Hooker

"The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference."-Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life

#314545 - 03/13/08 09:30 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: RandomStranger]
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Is it...? Is it..?


#314575 - 03/13/08 11:14 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: Grottognosis]
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 Originally Posted By: Grottognosis

Do they hold a gun to your head since you "have to" ? Is this sort of a mafia thing?

While having never invented a sin, I'm trying to perfect several.

#314594 - 03/14/08 01:29 AM Re: Antichrist [Re: Lust]
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You CANNOT be the antichrist... hell, that's the position I applied for!

It only took zade 56 seconds to get out? Hmmm.
"Churches may close and old shepherds may die, but the herd will always be the herd."
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#314601 - 03/14/08 03:18 AM Re: Antichrist [Re: verszou]
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#314716 - 03/14/08 11:26 AM Re: Antichrist [Re: TheDegenerate]
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 Originally Posted By: Phosis
Is it...? Is it..?


MARDUK XUL V4, I think you'll find.
All Hail Satan, for I shall ever be his mouth in this blessed and righteous Kingdom of the United!

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#314782 - 03/14/08 03:44 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: Organon]
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You are absolutely right but I think as a human being we have a tendency to simplify things for us and therefore look at issues two dimmensional rather multidimmensional. Also, though the issue has two sides it is we who decide which side is heavier.

#314800 - 03/14/08 04:51 PM Third Side Perspective. [Re: shaitaankaal]
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 Originally Posted By: shaitaankaal
You are absolutely right but I think as a human being we have a tendency to simplify things for us and therefore look at issues two dimmensional rather multidimmensional.

Two dimensional is multidimensional.

Also, though the issue has two sides it is we who decide which side is heavier.

One will generally find any issue has at least three sides. Looking for that third side will usually not take long, although it can sometimes be eye-openingly not something considered by the general masses.

#353902 - 10/03/08 11:43 PM Re: Third Side Perspective. [Re: Linguascelesta]
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There is No AntiChrist!!! Marduk Xul is just a fool who is all make belief!!! Don't fall for his nonsense!!! The Antichrist is just a make belief creature for the Masses, The Heritic Satanists/Christian belief System fools who are all messed up on Drugs!!! The Anti Christ Hahah!!! Foolish Nonsense!!!

#353903 - 10/03/08 11:45 PM Re: Antichrist [Re: TheDegenerate]
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Just Smelly Nonsense!!! sick

#353935 - 10/04/08 06:59 AM Re: Third Side Perspective. [Re: MrSinister]
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Are you telling me there is NO ANTI-CHRIST in Satanism!?!

If that's the deal then I'm outta here! I thought the Devil supported the Anti-Christ! The Bible even says so!


#353953 - 10/04/08 09:35 AM Re: Antichrist [Re: Zade]
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