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#312875 - 03/08/08 01:23 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Old_Pig]
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 Originally Posted By: Tha_Pig
And yes, I'm ambidextrous.

Damn, I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

#312904 - 03/08/08 06:56 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Old_Pig]
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I've just been reading about this in Rupert Sheldrake's "The Sense of Being Stared At." It is suggested that Deja vu experiences might seem familiar because of past dreams, which foreshadowed real events. According to auronautical engineer JW Dunne (who has done a lot of study on the topic), it is a good idea to record your dreams- you might notice a lot of interesting things that you would otherwise forget and realize that the phenomenon actually happens more often than you though. As much as I hate to write down my dreams right after waking, I will try this myself and see if I notice anything interesting.

As for a scientific or logical reason, Sheldrake discusses the "field theory of the extended mind," not only in relation to precognintion, but also telepathy and clairvoyance. If you haven't already read about this, you might want to check it out.

Regarding your other question about similar personal experiences, I have had none myself. I have very vivid dreams every night, but unfortunately, I have never noticed anything telepathic or pregocnitive about them.

#312957 - 03/08/08 11:12 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Old_Pig]
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Time is perceived, in my opinion, through the change of energy.

Energy (science says) cannot be destroyed, it may only change from one form to another.

The idea of time is a human fabrication, just as many other scientific concepts that were created in an effort to explain nature and the universe. What science does is it creates a number for every natural phenomenon. This comes from the measurement of time, length, different parameters. In this measurement process, a set of measured parameters is assigned to a mathematical formula that is then supposed to describe a natural phenomenon. That is science. And the better the agreement between a mathematical formula and the set of values the better the theory.

If you imagine that you define a certain part of the universe. When I say define I mean put certain boundaries around it boundaries that are actually limitations of how much information you are able to observe (or to be aware of). Then in that part of the universe you observe the behavior of energy that is contained within it. You observe that there is a change let's say that you see a green light turn red. Then you wait a little more and you observe that it turned green again. Then you notice that lights change in a periodical fashion. Then you call the period between the green light and the red light an hour. And there you are you are measuring time.

And then you start introducing the concepts of the past (how many times the light has changed in the last 2 hours), of the present (the light is e.g. green now) and the future (it's safe to assume that it's going to change a couple of times in the next 2 hours). The concept of future, in this case, also includes the tool of logic, which is also a human fabrication, a tool used for prediction of parameters of nature.

After this whole story you take a little step back and you see that you have made many measurements, and you've got a ton of papers with numbers written down stacked in a cabinet in your office.

My point is that the human perception of time is under heavy influence of what science says, and my suggestion is that you should seek for an answer elsewhere.

#312959 - 03/08/08 11:26 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Old_Pig]
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Yes, I thought I recalled seeing you work with both hands somewhere, but wasn't sure.

There is no evidential connection- I just think maybe this unique ability might somehow explain the phenomenon you experience (be it supernatural or not).

You are completely a 100% certain that you dreamed the event as it happened later, and there is no chance that when the event happened you merely had a very strong sensation that you've already dreamed it (while you actually haven't)?
Can you actually say, in such a situation, "I know what you're going to say:_____" and be correct? Or is it an afterthought of "I knew you'd say that!"?

The possibility of future-telling via dreams is truly amazing.
I recall it happened to me once, a very long time ago, and it blew my mind away.
Unfortunately though, it never happened to me since.

If you are certain of this ability- well, that's absolutely amazing. And indeed, recording your dreams might be a huge asset.
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#313117 - 03/08/08 10:26 PM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Old_Pig]
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There is a movie called "Waking Life" that may interest you!
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#313645 - 03/10/08 06:07 PM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Enchantress]
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Here is my question: Do we dream the future, or do dreams have the potential to shape the future?

I would say possibly both, I have had dreams similar to what The Pig has mentioned. And I think that is unlikely that my dream would of influenced reality, however I have found that sometimes my thoughts may have.

Of course I can't jump to any conclusions (based upon information that isn't solid), and of course I certainly wouldn't attribute this to any deity as some people who have had similar experiences do.

I have experimented with "lucid dreams" but I didn't get much results.

This may be of interest to you:
Hacking your brain: The projection of consciousness

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#313995 - 03/12/08 01:07 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Morganti]
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Reality is subjective. Nothing is impossible. The point really being that we as humanity probably have a lot more potential and power than we actually credit to ourselves.

For instance it has been found that Deja vu is nothing more than the minds conceptualization of two similar places and times. So you go somewhere to see someone or do something and your subconscious mind, using places and faces from as long as 50 years ago, will remedy a picture of that memory using new information. Making you feel and in some cases believe you have seen this one event in time before. When in reality you haven't.

#314078 - 03/12/08 10:29 AM Re: Unexplainable dreams. [Re: Charlie D]
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Nothing is impossible.

Can you prove this?

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