This is nice, finally a forum for likeminded people!

Well, I never believed in religion, never felt that some imaginary bigbrother was watching out for me, then some years ago, I picked up TSB out of.. well, I had been told from a friend that knew me well, that I would like it! Took me almost no time to read it, I consumed the wisdom, and its just like some people say, I felt it was a book describing myself and my beliefs! and too this day, and most likely till the day I die, I send my thanks to Anton Lavey for showing me (what I believe is) the true meaning of life!

That was the start of it all, I have learned alot about life after reading it, and is still gaining streangth from it!

Im hoping/looking forward to talking to others that share my wiews on life and the world we live in, and hope it will be beneficial for all!

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