Yes, it's true!

Satanism Today airs tonight (Sunday) at 9pm eastern time! go to the Satanism Today website for the listen link, as well as the link to the chat room!

On tonight's show, Reverend Harris will be discussing the Elliot Spitzer scandal, as well as the list of "new sins" as outlined by the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. We will also beat the proverbial "dead horse" regarding morons using Satanism as an excuse to engage in illegal behavior (yes, you druggie morons, we mean you!)

And for you folks that can't listen to the live show, the podcast will be up within 48 hours of the show's live airing!

And while I'm being a shameless promotion whore, don't forget to listen the the Conte & Kenny Show's "No Comics Laughing" contest this Monday at 7pm on Cringe Humor Radio. Why should you listen? Because I'M going to be the guest judge. So, tune in to see who can make me laugh... and because Joe, Kenny, Bob and James are nice boys that are good to their mothers.

So, to recap:

Tune in to Satanism Today live tonight (Sunday) at 9pm eastern time at!

Tune in tomorrow (Monday) to hear me on the Conte and Kenny Show at 7 pm eastern time on Cringe Humor Radio!

Hail the Citizens of the Infernal Empire!
Hail Satan!
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