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#323129 - 04/23/08 07:29 AM A favor from all of you
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Hello all,

I have a new goal. I want to get Satanism Today into the top 100 of all of the podcasts on the Podomatic website. Podomatic features thousands and thousands of podcasts from all over the world, including many that are put on by commercial radio stations.

The way to get Satanism Today into the top 100 is to get the number of visits to up into the stratosphere. So, in your spare time, if you could kindly visit the Podomatic site, I would greatly appreciate it!
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#323161 - 04/23/08 09:01 AM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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I attemped to view it at work and I was blocked. I will set that site as my homepage on both my home machines, that should help a little.
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#323164 - 04/23/08 09:09 AM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
verszou Offline

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One down 9999 to go smile

I see your title has changed (or have I not been paying attention?) congratulations on that.
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#323173 - 04/23/08 10:08 AM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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Done. I now have your interview with Reverend Malebranche to ease my commute home this evening.

#323199 - 04/23/08 12:08 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Doogie]
illcree Offline

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Done. Great show with Reverend Malebranche.
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#323249 - 04/23/08 05:35 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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No problem!

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#323253 - 04/23/08 06:31 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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Happy to help!
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#323256 - 04/23/08 06:47 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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I will post a blog and some bulletins for you on MySpace. I tend to get a fairly decent response from that venue, so I will do what I can Magister. Let's get this ball rolling!

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#323257 - 04/23/08 06:47 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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Sorry, no time to spare!

Just kidding! laugh

#323261 - 04/23/08 07:06 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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#323285 - 04/23/08 08:22 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
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I have bookmarked it!! And to be honest this is the first time I have ever got a chance to listen. I must say I enjoyed it!
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#323393 - 04/24/08 09:48 AM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
Unknown Offline

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You have my support Magister!

#323561 - 04/24/08 08:49 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
DCLXVI Offline

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Done, Magister! I don't have an ipod, but I can listen to Satanism Today while I'm online. Right now, I'm listening to the April 1 episode.

(An aside, if you might know, I have an "Upstage" Sprint phone. Capable of loading mp3s. Can I copy the programs and load them to my Upstage?)
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#323565 - 04/24/08 08:58 PM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Magister_Harris]
Sidewinder1313 Offline

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Not a problem Magister Harris! I am going to have to get used to the new title! Congrats!~~~~~~~~Rob
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#323631 - 04/25/08 03:00 AM Re: A favor from all of you [Re: Unknown]
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It is done. smile

And congratulations on your promotion Magister.
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