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#32424 - 04/13/04 11:18 AM Re: Destro [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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>>Who is more Satanic than Destro?

Around the ages of 7-9, I was a G.I. Joe FANATIC. It was a big part of a whole military fascination too, including toy guns, the plastic helmet and canteen, camoflague clothing, the small plastic army figures, etc. I collected a lot of the G.I. Joe action figures and toys in its first 80s wave, back when there were only about a dozen action figures. Cobra Commander (with the silver-faced helmet) was only available through a special offer by sending in proof-of-purchase seals. I also bought some issues of the comic book. I wanted to join the fan club (For $5 you'd get personalized dog tags, a web belt, a poster, newsletters and discounts), but my mother insisted it was a waste of money.

There'd be a cut-out 3"x5" file card that would come with each action figure on the back of the package. I would always cut these out and store them in a recipe card box. What I always found intriguing about Cobra was that the higher in rank a person was, the less face they exposed, and the more their file card would read "UNKNOWN" or "CLASSIFIED". Never having been one to destroy his own toys, I'm proud to say that I still have all of these items in decent condition.

When the toy line was in its 2nd year or so, the cartoon show started. I'd come home from school every day in 5th grade and religiously watch the end of Voltron, GI Joe, the Transformers, and The Thundercats, right in a row. Actually, before the running cartoon show, there were two mini-series. I always found the first of these to be more captivating than any other G.I. Joe animation I'd end up seeing. These were finally released on a 2-DVD set last year, which I quickly grabbed. Watching these for the first time in 20 years brought back great memories.

What eventually killed my interest in G.I. Joe was the same thing that killed my interest in Garbage Pail Kids: too much coming out at once. Though that seems to be the death of most toy lines and cartoon shows too. It gets popular, then they place an emphasis on character quantity rather than character quality.
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#32425 - 04/13/04 10:50 PM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: Mason_Rust]
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Harry Potter!!! My son has all the toys, books and movies. If you want to give your kids an intro to magic and Satanism, Harry Potter is a great beginning! There is a good reason why Xtians are going balistic over this...these books and toys are very indepth into the occult. My son is only 9 years old and he has learned to cast spells, identify charms, talismans, herbs, made potions, AND he has composed his first "Book of Shadows"! He did this all without my help! It was so cute having him show me his first grimoire which contained his magic potion recipes and the little drawings of skulls, cats and a lopsided little baphomet on the front! He looks so adorable with his little black cloak and cauldron in hand. I think I may buy him the "invisability" cloak for his birthday! *Laughs* The Satanic Bible will be a breeze to introduce to him very soon! He is a born Satanist!

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#32426 - 04/13/04 11:53 PM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: Carkosa]
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If he's taking so well to "real" magic, have you introduced him to "fake" magic? Such as card tricks, disappearing coins, etc.? I think I was about that age when I received my first collection of magic tricks from my grandfather.
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#32427 - 04/14/04 12:26 AM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: Mason_Rust]
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If he's taking so well to "real" magic, have you introduced him to "fake" magic? Such as card tricks, disappearing coins, etc.? I think I was about that age when I received my first collection of magic tricks from my grandfather.

Oh definitely! In fact, that is what started it all. He was always interested in magic and I taught him the difference between real magic and stage magic. But I'm not really good when it comes to learning parlor tricks! My fiance took up stage magic as a hobby for himself and to teach my son. It's MY job to teach him the *real* magic! Now as for Harry Potter...that is as real to him as a Satanic ritual and it's application is as real to us! He already learned the principle of causing change in occordance to his will. One day I was feeling terribly ill with stomach upset and he made me one of his little "potions"...and I kid you not, I actually felt better! His love and concern for me was poured into what he was doing to try and make me feel better! It was nothing but water, sugar and food coloring and I struggled to drink it for him...but it worked wonders! Coincidence?

#32428 - 04/14/04 06:37 AM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: Carkosa]
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This was THE toy to me when I was a boy. The buzz that surrounded this movie was like something akin to an urban legend, and when another boy I went to school with brought one to show, and tell it was made clear to us.
I couldn't believe the fear that this thing inspired.

The commercials of it on tv only showed you some kind of weird egg, and when he held this thing up, and pulled the lever that shot the mouth out of the doll, it made everyone in Mrs. Stull's 3rd grade class jump, I was hooked.
I never got my hands on one of these, but I noted well the look of revulsion on the faces of my classmates as they witnessed the sinister symbol of man's fragility, and of the boundless terror-filled possibilities of the cosmos.

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#32429 - 04/14/04 06:40 AM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: RomanLions]
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That is cool.
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#32430 - 04/14/04 07:56 AM Re: Serpentor [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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Also, while it got a little cheesy...the whole thing where they recombined the DNA of the greatest tyrants and military geniuses of all time...from Ghengis Kahn to Caesar to Napoleon... to create the ultimate supervillian, Serpentor, was also pretty damn Satanic.

No surprise that he was my favorite . The series "Serpentor, Arise" was great. I thought he was much better in the comic book (which was better all around than the cartoon in my opinion). They really went crazy though with the whole "Cobra-La" thing in G.I. Joe The Movie.
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#32431 - 04/14/04 09:29 AM Re: Satanic Toys [Re: RomanLions]
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If you haven't heard Tod McFarlane put out an Alien Vs. Predator series.
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